Tapping into convenience and inclusive beauty needs in India

July 24, 2020
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Twenty Beauty, a start-up makeup brand, has installed first-of-their-kind beauty vending machines at convenient locations such as airports, metro stations and shopping malls, aiming to buck the e-commerce trend by providing quality and inclusive products in convenient physical locations.

Founded by two sisters based in India, the makeup brand is targeted at Gen Z and designed to look good on every skin colour and type. The products contain skin-friendly ingredients and are marketed as tools of confidence and self-expression. Mintel research found that, when purchasing beauty and personal care products, ‘making me feel confident’ is an important attribute to 42% of Indian consumers.

Mintel Trend ‘Cool Vending’ highlights how consumer expectations about what, when and where they can buy have changed vending machines forever. In a beauty market dominated by e-commerce sites offering convenience and variety, Twenty Beauty is attempting to shift the trend back to physical purchase of beauty products.

The installation of makeup vending machines can help to eliminate time or geographical boundaries as they operate around the clock, and do away with the waiting time associated with the delivery of online orders and are placed at various approachable locations.

As beauty trends shift away from unrealistic and unattainable standards, Twenty Beauty’s aim of positioning makeup as a tool of confidence, culture and inclusivity for women of all colours and skin types will likely resonate with beauty consumers looking for better representation.

In a recent move, Hindustan Unilever reiterated its commitment to a more inclusive vision of beauty by dropping the word “fair” from its “Fair & Lovely” range of products. India’s obsession with fair skin and persistent bias against darker faces has been the standard narrative for brand communications until recently. This indicates how the narrative is now evolving away from terms like “skin brightening/ whitening” and in the direction of health.

What we think

As Gen Z becomes a dominant consumer group, brands will increasingly need to incorporate inclusivity and broader representation into their offerings. Mintel Trend Driver ‘Identity’ highlights how younger consumers are leading the charge in redefining identity norms. Successful brands will recognise this broad spectrum and respond with more inclusive images and messaging that speaks to the authenticity consumers seek. Consumers will constantly redefine value through their needs for freedom, convenience and self-expression. Companies and brands highlighting their purposefulness, ethics and moral business philosophy will rise to the top—even better if those values can be delivered in a way that conveniently fits within the lifestyle and habits of Gen Z.

Elysha Young
Elysha Young

Elysha manages the Asia Pacific Mintel Trends team made up of expert analysts and trend spotters. She currently oversees content for Mintel Trends as well as client servicing for the region.

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