The rise of jelly textures in beauty

October 21, 2019

Beauty launches are using gels and jelly textures to add an element of playfulness and sensory satisfaction to products, providing a more enjoyable and exciting experience for users. Besides the fun element, product texture can also boost the benefits of the formula: gel textures, for example, can enhance cooling and hydrating claims for multiple categories.

Brands have ample opportunities for innovation using gel, jelly, slime or mochi textures to add lightness, bounciness and slip to product formulas, as well as reinventing product application.

Using Mintel Global New Products Database (GNPD), we have selected 7 innovative products across beauty and personal care playing with jelly textures.

Boscia Charcoal Jelly Ball Cleanser (USA)

Jelly balls help create a fun and playful experience for the younger and more curious consumer interested in exploring novel cleansing formats. This face cleanser contains activated black bamboo charcoal, known as the ‘Black Diamond of Asia’, which has long been revered for its purifying, healing and anti-bacterial benefits.

Aqulabo. Mask Boosting Jelly Mist (South Korea)

This gel-to-liquid mist can be used in-between skincare steps or right before applying a face mask, as it boosts absorption and effectiveness of subsequent skincare products. It also claims to adjust pH balance and strengthen skin barrier with an amino acid complex and Schisandra chinensis (magnolia berry) extract.

Givenchy Highlighter Mémoire de Forme (France)

Recent makeup trends have focused on achieving a dewy, ‘glass skin’ look, driving the rising popularity of multi-sensorial textures such as gloss and jelly. This rosy highlighter applies like a jelly but sets like a luminous powder that sets on the skin and does not slip.

Shiseido Waso Silky Smooth Mochi Mask (Japan)

Mochi, the traditional chewy Japanese rice cake, has inspired the latest texture trend in beauty. This face mask allows the user to mix the liquid and powder substances in the provided cup to create their preferred texture, consistency and size. The warming sensation on the skin and the texture similar to freshly pounded mochi are said to relax skin and mind.

Essence My Beauty Nail Ritual Moisturizing Nail & Cuticle Jelly Mask (Germany)

Besides facial skincare, jelly mask textures add convenience and playfulness to other skincare sub-categories. This nail and cuticle mask features sweet almond oil and a peach scent, claiming to leave nails feeling soft and moisturised.

Monvely Monster Spongemon Soft Chewy Shower Jelly Calamansi (South Korea)

Designed for children, this shower jelly provides a unique shower experience. The texture, described as bouncy, soft and ‘chewy’, can be applied directly out of the pack onto wet skin to create a rich lather. The formulas are also enriched with AHA and BHA to remove sebum and dead skin cells, while calamansi and green tea extracts contribute to creating a smoothing effect.

Ellis Brooklyn Hydraparfum (USA)

This scent is made with pure fragrance oil particles infused in a hyaluronic acid water-based gel. The vegan formula uses the hydrating virtues of sodium hyaluronate for a longer-lasting fragrance, while the exclusion of alcohol creates more subtle fragrance notes. Given the increasing consumer dissatisfaction with scents that are either too strong, don’t last long enough or can cause allergic reactions, the fragrance category should embrace new and innovative delivery systems to overcome these concerns.

Irina Ene
Irina Ene

With over five years of experience in global new product launches from mass market to prestige, Irina provides the direction for our research coordinators in covering all the beauty categories.

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