3 things Indian consumers are looking for in 2021

December 24, 2020
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The unprecedented events of 2020 have resulted in a shift in Indian consumers’ ambitions, including a desire for a better, more balanced quality of life, with a focus on health, safety and more family time – all within a more sustainable environment.

Here we look at the top three things that Indian consumers look forward to in 2021:

Work-life balance

Mintel research highlights that for three in four Indian consumers, having a better work-life balance is an important goal. Mintel Trend Driver ‘Experience’ highlights how consumers are seeking experiences and more multi-sensory stimulation in products and services.

This presents an opportunity for brands to help people de-stress and focus on things beyond their work. Offer products that fit in with consumer schedules such as online fitness classes or a rejuvenating snack to help them.

High ambitions

According to Mintel research, for over half of Indian consumers, owning a business is an important goal, followed by reducing or paying off loans and owning a house. To help achieve these goals, brands can partner with consumers by offering financial help through loans and easy payment options. Brands can also cater to these desires by promoting appliances and gadgets that tap into consumers’ sense of accomplishment.

Health and stability

Healthy living is a top goal for Indian consumers. Over four in five Indians think living a healthier lifestyle is important, and a third want to achieve financial stability and be protected against health threats. This is an indicator that consumers’ worries are driven by current developments, and they have expectations of better health, as well as stability.

Brands need to address the key concerns echoed by consumers by focussing on the safety steps taken by brands in the manufacturing, packaging and distribution process to allay fears. Brands can promote product value, safety and health benefits to appeal to Indians’ budgets and health concerns.

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Nidhi Sinha
Nidhi Sinha

Nidhi leads India’s research team and specialises in analysing and providing insights to better understand the Indian marketplace and consumer behaviour.

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