Opportunities for brands to help Indian consumers de-stress

January 26, 2021
3 min read

Stress as a health parameter is increasingly being recognised by Indian consumers and is becoming part of wider conversations around healthy living.

As the ongoing crisis raises consumer stress levels, and mental wellbeing is now an important issue, consumers are seeking more de-stress products to help them cope. Mintel’s latest research on managing stress highlights that 9 out of 10 Indians are facing some kind of stress and over a quarter agree that their stress levels grew in the last twelve months. However, the availability of products that cater to stress management in India is still a niche

Here, we highlight recent, key product launches and initiatives that are helping consumers de-stress.

Leveraging technology for wellbeing

Brands have an opportunity to promote technologies like fitness apps, AI speakers, smart lights, and automated room fresheners as aids to help people relax and cope with stress. Further, brands can promote holistic wellbeing by encouraging consumers to exercise and meditate as effective ways to battle stress and to help people fit these de-stressing activities into their routines.

Source: healthifyme.com
HealthifyMe, a health and fitness app, goes beyond physical fitness to offer meditation classes for mental health.

Relaxing food and drink products

Mintel research highlights that over two in five Indian consumers aged 35-44 are interested in stress-relieving foods. Brands can offer de-stressing foods that are convenient for consumers, especially elders, to easily incorporate into their daily routines using functional claims like calming and energising in categories like snacks, beverages and sweets.

TreeSome Soothe Infusion Tea, India
This product is said to help detox by cleansing pollutants and toxins that the body is exposed to on a daily basis from within and helps with relaxation by reducing stress as well as helping to improve metabolism and lose weight. 

Vitafive Melatonin for Sleep Gummy Vitamins, USA
This vegetarian, gluten-free dietary supplement is claimed to offer extra strength and is infused with a natural hormone that helps one to fall asleep and also keeps one in a deep sleep throughout the night.

Grooming products aiding stress reduction

Potential exists for the personal grooming sector to play up claims like de-stressing and relaxing in products such as face masks, body oils and shower gels. Companies can look to innovate around fragrances that have relaxing properties to help people release their worries, especially for target groups like homemakers, older adults, full-time employed professionals and students.

Sanoflore Olea Therapia Nourishing & De-Stressing Fresh Body Oil, France
The body oil is said to deeply nourish the skin and act on sleep, fatigue and stress. It is formulated with a complex of six therapeutic organic essential oils to soothe the mind and reduce signs of stress.

Spa Ceylon Ayurveda Winter Wellness Hydrating Balm, Sri Lanka
The balm is described as a 100% natural, rich buttery Ayurveda formula enriched with herbal oils, fruit butter and vegan waxes for winter hydration, nourishment, conditioning, softening and smoothing. It promotes overall well being for the body, mind and soul. The balm is said to be calming, de-stressing and warming and can be applied onto body, scalp, hair and lips.

For more exclusive insight on the Indian consumer landscape, and to discover the latest trends and innovations to shake up the marketplace, reach us at infoindia@mintel.com or log on to Mintel Reports India.

Nidhi Sinha
Nidhi Sinha

Nidhi leads India’s research team and specialises in analysing and providing insights to better understand the Indian marketplace and consumer behaviour.

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