5 soups Aussies are buying this winter and why

June 26, 2019
5 min read

It’s chilly days ahead for Australia as winter looms, and for some, this means trips to the supermarket to stock up on soups to stay warm. Using Mintel Purchase Intelligence, we’ve identified some of the soup launches with the highest purchase intent among Australian consumers, including why they want to buy them.

Popular veggies for a quick and easy snack

Continental Cup a Soup Creamy Cauliflower with Aged Cheddar and Chives, AUD 2.40

58% of Australians say they will definitely or likely purchase this soup mix from Continental, making it the top performer in the dry soup category so far this year, according to Mintel Purchase Intelligence. This product is made with 100% sustainably grown cauliflowers and is free from artificial colours, flavours and MSG. Cauliflower has been gaining popularity as a vegetable alternative to carbohydrates, and this familiarity may be enticing Aussies to try it in a soup. Meanwhile, this soup scores high on the attributes tasty, quality and trustworthy brand. Retailing in a pack of four sachets, Aussies are likely to stock up on this item for a quick snack at work or home.

What do consumers have to say?

Cost effective flavouring for soups, dips and meals

Coles French Onion Soup Mix, AUD 0.45

This product is a vegetarian soup mix which contains no added MSG, artificial colours and flavours. 57% of Australians say that they will definitely or likely purchase it, making it a product with one of the highest purchase intent scores from the dry soups category—primarily driven by its good value as agreed by 62% of Australians. The fact that it is so well-priced makes it a commonly used flavouring for dips and casseroles, aside from just a soup on its own. In addition, this private-label soup mix scores high on the attribute trustworthy brand.

What do consumers have to say?
“I often buy french onion soup mix to add into other cooking and this is a good price by a well known brand.”
— Female, South Australia, 35-54

Australian-made icon adds organic to its range

Rosella Organic Condensed Tomato Soup, AUD 2.50

Mintel research reveals that three in 10 urban Australians are influenced to buy one everyday product over another if it comes from a local source. Further to the point, 53% of Australians say that they will definitely or likely purchase this organic soup product from Rosella. This product is said to be made from at least 90% of Australian ingredients with Australian grown vine-ripened tomatoes and features the Australian Certified Organic logo on-pack. Canned soups are not typically seen as unique, and indeed, this soup underperforms on the unique attribute against the overall wet soup category. That said, canned soups are still seen as a cost-effective solution to a quick meal. This product scores high on quality and naturalness, and is also perceived by Aussies as being healthy. The iconic Rosella brand also resonates strongly with Australian consumers, receiving a trustworthy brand score of 69% on Mintel Purchase Intelligence.

What do consumers have to say?
“Great idea with organic finally coming to cans.”
— Male, New South Wales, 35-54

Internationally-inspired soup in a ready-to-eat container

La Zuppa Miso Soup with Mushroom & Noodles, AUD 3.50

Mintel Purchase Intelligence shows that 43% of Australians say they will definitely or likely buy this product which is described as an all-natural ‘soup in a bowl’ featuring a rich broth with vegetables and added goodness of edamame and spinach. Containing just 77 calories per serving, it is said to provide a meal in minutes, is 99% fat-free and completely free from gluten, dairy and preservatives. Aside from the convenience it offers, Aussies perceive this as a unique, premium soup that is both natural and healthy. This soup product may also resonate with the proportion of Australian ‘foodies’ who are looking for authentic, internationally inspired fare like Japanese Miso.

What do consumers have to say?

Dry soups promote real ingredients

Hart & Soul All Natural Laksa Noodle Soup, AUD 4.00

46% of Aussies say they will definitely or likely purchase Hart & Soul’s All Natural Laksa Noodle Soup which is made with a spiced coconut base and contains tofu and rice noodles. Tasty is one of the top purchase drivers for Australia’s dry soup category, and 55% of Aussies rate this Laksa soup as tasty. Its high score on tastiness is likely due to its Southeast Asian-inspired flavour which is well established Down Under. The overt statement that it contains real ingredients, and is not only made of powder, is a unique call-out in the dry soups category and consumers may connect ‘real ingredients’ to a high tasty score. The product is said to be vegan, contains no gluten, dairy, GMO, artificial colours, flavours and preservatives, making it appealing to Aussies despite its heftier price tag for a dry soup product.

What do consumers have to say?
“I love laksa, and natural products are better than powdered.”
— Male, Queensland, 35-54

Megan Stanton
Megan Stanton

Megan is an Associate Director for Purchase Intelligence and Mintel Food & Drink based in the Sydney office. She specialises in the application of Mintel’s Purchase Intelligence tool and reports on the global snacks industry.

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