7 innovative products tapping into Germany’s vegan chocolate revolution

August 26, 2020
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Many consumers seek comfort in these unprecedented times, and what could be more soothing than chocolate? Indeed, as Mintel’s latest Germany Report on chocolate confectionery reveals, over 3 in 10 German consumers eat chocolate to relax and unwind. And while vegan chocolate remains relatively niche in the German market, the growing demand from younger consumers for plant-based food is also set to spur innovative new product development in this segment.

Recent launches by mainstream brands Ritter Sport and Katjes could boost this development. In order to generate widespread interest in their products and to compete with dairy-based chocolate, brands have to deliver more than just dark and plain varieties though.

This article showcases the latest vegan chocolate innovations in Germany, tapping into interesting ingredients, textures, flavours, health credentials and formats.

1. Big brands tapping into vegan nut-protein varieties

Ritter Sports

Ritter Sport Halbbitter-Schokolade Mandel Quinoa (Dark Chocolate with Almonds & Quinoa) has been repackaged with a new look. The product is suitable for vegans and comprises bitter-sweet chocolate with a minimum 50% cocoa content with whole almonds, hazelnut mass and quinoa crisps. It retails in a 100g practical knick-pack bearing the V-Label seal from the European Vegetarian Union and the Unser Kakao (Our Cocoa) logo.

2. Veggies meet chocolate

Georgia Ramon Vegane Kokos-Choci & Rote Bete (Beetroot & Coconut Vegan Chocolate) is an organic bean-to-bar product made of coconut flour, air-dried beetroot juice powder and refined with roasted coconut chips. The chocolate contains min. 42% cocoa from the Dominican Republic.
Georgia Ramon

3. Ethical all-rounder

Playin Choc ToyChoc Box consists of organic creamy, vegan chocolate and a surprise toy. The product is free from potential allergens such as dairy, soy, gluten and refined sugar, is described as environmentally responsible and uses only recycled, recyclable and compostable materials. It retails in a plastic-free pack containing two chocolates wrapped in 100% plant based and home compostable film, an eco-friendly toy to collect and assemble, and an educational fun facts card made from 100% recycled and recyclable card and paper. The manufacturer states to support five charities from the sale of its products.


4. Indulgent flavours turned vegan

Katjes Chocjes Vegane Choc mit Haferdrink! Sea Caramel (Sea Caramel Vegan Chocolate with Oat Drink) comprises chocolate made with UTZ certified cocoa, with hydrolysed oat powder, caramel flakes and sea salt. Thanks to its use of oat milk, it is said to be eco-friendlier than other variants using soy or nut milks. The salted caramel variant was launched together with four other indulgent flavours early in 2020, including cookies and orange crisp.


5. Protein-packed post-workout treat

Raccoon Bio Protein Choc Erdnuss Meersalz (Organic Protein Chocolate with Peanuts & Sea Salt) is a fair-trade, 100% natural product with soya protein. It is described as an organic and vegan friendly chocolate bar with 22% protein and sweetened with coconut blossom sugar. It provides energy, and contains only natural ingredients without industrial sugar. According to the manufacturer, the product marries functional benefits with indulgent flavours, providing a better-for-you version for athletes and health-oriented consumers alike.


6. Vegan chocolate with crunch

Veganz Waffel-Crunch mit Knusprigen Waffelstückchen (Wafer Crunch with Crunchy Wafer Bits Chocolate) features couverture chocolate with rice syrup powder and wafer pieces, adding an interesting crunchy texture. It retails in an 80g eco pack, the inner foil is made with compostable material and the pack is printed with mineral oil-free ink.


7. New international flavours entering the category

Casa Kakau Bulgarian Rose Water and Cardamom Craft Chocolate is said to be made according to an original family recipe of bean-to-bar chocolate, hand-crafted from selected single origin cocoa beans. This vegan chocolate has been stone ground and matured, following the old traditional ways of chocolate making. This so-called pure chocolate has been added with the world’s famous Bulgarian rose water and cardamom seeds, also known as pearls of the Orient.

Casa Kakau

Hanna Mansour
Hanna Mansour

Hanna is Food and Drink Analyst at Mintel Germany, analysing the latest trends in the German food and drink sector.

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