Can juice break into the evening occasion?

February 7, 2018
4 min read

The US juice market is facing stagnation due to concerns over sugar content and consumers drinking other beverage types (eg RTD coffee, bottled water and hybrid drinks). Specifically, sales of traditional juices such as 100% orange juice are falling fast. However, the juice drinks that are performing well tend to satisfy more unique occasions than traditional juice such as lemonade, coconut water and sparkling juice hybrid drinks. As such, juice brands need to identify new occasions to satisfy and the evening occasion may be a whitespace opportunity.

Consumers may not associate juice as an evening beverage, but juice brands can position themselves as a night time drink by focusing on some key consumer trends. According to the Mintel Trend ‘Slow It All Down,’ the fast-paced world consumers live in is leading to an uptick in products/experiences focused on relaxation. There has been a strong growth in herbal teas with relaxing or sleep enhancing claims, and juice drinks have an opportunity to also make such claims. For example, juices made with adaptogens (stress reducing compounds found in ingredients such as ashwagandha, holy basil and maca) can be marketed as a way to de-stress before bed.

Digestion/gut health is also a claim many juice brands now highlight, however, very few market their products for night time consumption. These products can be marketed as a type of digestif, a non-alcoholic after dinner drink. Less sweet juices with ingredients that promote digestive health like ginger, probiotics and fennel could appeal to health-conscious consumers who want a non-alcoholic nightcap and the 31% of iGens who are interested in juice with added probiotics, according to Mintel’s research on the US juice market.

Deluxe Honeydrop

Deluxe Honeydrop Cold Pressed Cayenne Lemonade, USA

Deluxe Honeydrop Cold Pressed Cayenne Lemonade is made with 100% raw US honey, 14% cold-squeezed lemon juice and a hint of organic cayenne pepper. The juice claims to “cleanse a greasy meal after last night’s bender, power through spin class or even before bed for a better night’s sleep.”

Cherry Good

Cherry Good Night Soothing Cherry Juice Drink with Chamomile Extract, UK

Cherry Good Night Soothing Cherry Juice Drink with Chamomile Extract is described as the natural way to aid a good night’s sleep and claims to be the perfect night cap. It is described as the mellow juice obtained straight from pure cherries, helping to relax and unwind, and contains chamomile’s daisy like flowers which have long been valued for their calming properties.

Red Jacket

Red Jacket Tart Cherry Stomp 100% Artisanal Nectar, USA

Red Jacket Tart Cherry Stomp 100% Artisanal Nectar is made with tart cherries which contain melatonin, a natural substance that contributes to a naturally balanced sleep-wake cycle, as well as anthocyanins which give the cherries their rich deep hue and are an anti-inflammatory power house.


WTRMLN GNGR Cold Pressed Juiced Watermelon with Lemon and Ginger Blend, USA

WTRMLN GNGR Cold Pressured Juiced Watermelon with Lemon and Ginger Blend is said to hydrate, rejuvenate and provide electrolytes, and can be used throughout the day, including during a workout or as an evening mixer.


Asya Basil Seed Drink with Cocktail Flavour, UK

Asya Basil Seed Drink with Cocktail Flavour claims to relieve stress, aid in digestion, help with weight loss, treat colds and cure respiratory disorder.


Jayeonone O’Cleanse Red Cleanse Juice, South Korea

Jayeonone O’Cleanse Red Cleanse Juice is described as an evening cleanse juice that claims to help relax the body.

My Way

My Way Fresh Juices Avocado, Coconut Water, Whey Protein and Chia Seed Juice, Brazil

My Way Fresh Juices Suco Provocado Misto de Abacate, Água de Coco, Whey Protein e Semente de Chia (Avocado, Coconut Water, Whey Protein and Chia Seed Juice) is formulated to guarantee optimal muscle repair and is recommended to be consumed before sleep.


Myanmar Noni Cola Natural Health Drink, Myanmar

Myanmar Noni Cola Natural Health Drink claims to be effective in promoting sound sleep, normalizing blood pressure, reducing stress and strain, boosting the immune system and reducing cholesterol.

What we think

While evening juices are inspiring product innovation around the world, its still a niche opportunity in the US. The average US consumer has no idea what an adaptogen is, most consumers don’t drink digestifs and right now, very few products make these evening claims. However, brands such as Califa Farms, GT’s Kombucha and REBBL are launching drinks with stress-reducing claims. If more brands play into this stress-free space it will likely create more demand among consumers, creating more space for juice brands to play in. With the juice market struggling, brands must look for any and all occasions/dayparts for growth.

Caleb Bryant
Caleb Bryant

Caleb Bryant is Associate Director, Food & Drink at Mintel, specializing in changing consumer attitudes, industry news and beverage trends.

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