Fruity Beauty: 3 fruits inspiring the beauty industry in 2020 (Part 2)

December 17, 2019
4 min read

Fruits are a natural and delicious way to deliver skincare benefits, with their hydrating, antioxidant and brightening properties. Previously, we looked at three fruits that made inroads in the beauty industry in the past year. Here, using Mintel’s Global New Products Database (GNPD), we have selected three less obvious, but fascinating, fruity ingredients that we expect to become more popular in the years to come.

The next big thing in haircare: Persimmon

Rich in carotenoid antioxidants and vitamins A and C, persimmon is a more popular extract in the Asia Pacific BPC market, with 88% of new products using this ingredient over the last 5 years launched in this region – according to GNPD. Predominantly popular in Japan, persimmon tannins are a common ingredient in shampoos and body cleansers for their ability to neutralise odours. The fruit also shows an interesting potential in hair care; between June 2014 and May 2018, the majority of new product launches containing persimmon fruit extract were in the skincare category, but in the last year the lead was taken by hair care products, with more launches in this category than in skincare.

TRUHAIR by Chelsea Scott Frothy Moisturizing Micro-Bubble Exfoliating Shampoo (USA)

This shampoo utilises amino acids, green caffeine and patented vitalising capsules with persimmon extract to restore scalp health and boost hair growth by regenerating the follicle cells.

Pure Beauty Volumising & Scalp Care Treatment Shampoo (Malaysia)

This rebalancing formula offers scalp care properties with a combination of persimmon, carob and camellia leaf to offer protection and create a volumising effect.

The anti-pollution hero: Mangosteen

Also known as the “queen of fruits”, the national fruit of Thailand is prized for its unique antioxidant profile, rich in xanthones with anti-inflammatory and anti-ageing properties. These make it a resourceful skincare ingredient for modern day beauty routines, with most
new mangosteen-enriched facial skincare launches offering antioxidant claims and providing environmental protection. With GNPD showing that antioxidant claims in skincare increased by almost 10% in the last three years, mangosteen has the potential to elevate new launches in this category with a botanical alternative for environmental defence.

Éminence Organic Skin Care Mangosteen Lactic Daily Resurfacing Concentrate (USA)

Designed to target dull and tired looking complexions, this formula uses mangosteen extract to help protect skin from drying environmental stressors while promoting natural radiance.

Coola Full Spectrum 360° Sun Silk Drops SPF 30 (USA)

The serum offers twofold outdoor environmental and indoor digital protection against sun exposure, external elements and blue light. The LightWaves Defense technology, based on Indian jasmine and antioxidant mangosteen, is said to diminish potential damage caused by infra-red and High Energy Visible Light, thus keeping skin radiant and younger looking.

The natural brightener: Calamansi

Also known as calamondin or Philippine lime, calamansi is a mandarin/kumquat hybrid native to South-East Asia, where it is recognised for its health and beauty benefits that range from immunity-boosting, antibacterial, detoxification, blood sugar control, and cholesterol management to skin lightening. Thanks to its distinctive appealing flavour, it was also tipped by Lotte Confectionery through the use of AI as the next trend in chocolate and bakery, and has been used in functional beverages for added health benefits. More common in countries with a strong focus on skin whitening, such as South Korea, the Philippines and Nigeria, its natural lightening abilities can be used in skincare and soap & bath products to tackle hyperpigmentation and dullness. Given that a quarter of new skincare launches in the last three years offer brightening claims, and nearly 9% whitening benefits, the appeal of calamansi in this category can be that of a safer alternative to harsh lightening chemicals.

Papa Recipe Kalamansi Brightening Cream (South Korea)

The formula is made with over 70% calamansi fruit extract to offer a high dose of vitamin C for a whitening effect that creates a brighter, more vibrant complexion, tackling dark spots and acne scarring.

Bio-Oil Whitening Herbal Soap SPF 7 (Nigeria)

This soap is designed to address scars, stretch marks, uneven skin tone, ageing and dehydrated skin, thanks to a formula enriched with calamansi extract that helps clean, exfoliate and preserve skin’s natural balance, while promising visible whitening effects in seven days.

Irina Ene
Irina Ene

With over five years of experience in global new product launches from mass market to prestige, Irina provides the direction for our research coordinators in covering all the beauty categories.

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