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December 23, 2011


Pitching to the Dogs

In Germany, Nestle Purina has created a television commercial targeting dogs.


Born in the USA

Growing numbers among Hispanics are due to births, not immigration.


Holy Smoke

A company in Alabama will turn your cremated remains into ammunition.


The Ultimate Bonus

A business in South Carolina is offering its staff $50,000 if they remain at the company for five years.



Long-distance walking is flourishing as a social activity in Guangzhou China.

green curtain

Green Curtain

Climbing plants have become the hit new home insulation kits in Japan.


Designer Dairy

Makers of Manolo Blahnik luxury shoes have unveiled a line of premium dairy products.

mobile phones

We’re Outnumbered

The number of wireless subscriber connections has officially surpassed the US population.


Blood Sport

A handful of companies are launching DNA tests designed to determine which sports a child is most likely to excel at.


Worth Your Weight

Banks in South Korea are encouraging their customers to exercise by offering financial incentives.


Expert blog:

Just as the US economy starts to regain its footing, Europe finds itself on the brink of financial crisis. What does this mean for consumer confidence?

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