Guest Post: Making the most of your workplace

October 25, 2011
2 min read

welcome to pilgrim street

I-pads, I-phones, cloud, virtualisation… all technologies that are set to revolutionise office work and the office. No longer is there a need to be chained to the desk, battling to do cerebral tasks in noisy distracting places. You can lift yourself up and find the best place to work, call, conference call, video call or meet. The best tools and place for the job!

So it was so refreshing to work with Peter Haigh and his team to create the new Mintel office at Pilgrim Street with an ‘I-pad’ world in mind. Very quickly the team understood that what seemed like a bog standard office move could be used to radically inspire Mintel’s people and create a social organisation where people know each other and share knowledge and information… vital to Mintel’s continued success.

The blend of exciting design, coupled with ‘Agile Working’ and the desire for greater sociability and a barrierless organisation has created what I consider to be one of the coolest and most effective workplaces in London. Well done Mintel!

Workplace Week is a week-long showcase of workplace innovation taking place in the UK between the 7th and 11th November 2011 in aid of the BBC’s “Children in Need” Charity. Read more on and follow all the latest news via the Workplace Week Twitterfeed.

Andrew Mawson BSc (Hons).

Andrew is AWA’s Managing Director. He is regarded as a leading specialist on Workplace Strategy and Management and has led a Change Programmes for major organisations to improve the strategic performance of the workplace. Recent projects have been with, Royal Bank of Scotland, The Home Office, Nationwide Building Society, ASDA, RBS, Mintel and Ernst & Young. He is a regular speaker and writer on the subject of the evolution of work, workplace management and business strategy.

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