Mintel becomes MRS International Affiliate Partner

June 30, 2021
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Mintel is one of the first organisations to join the Market Research Society (MRS) International Affiliate Programme, a cross-border mark of research excellence and best practice, joining other organisations such as Unilever and the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) in doing so.

The MRS is the world’s leading research association. As a member, Mintel is regulated by the MRS Code of Conduct and is committed to ensuring the research we produce is of the highest standard of excellence – both professionally and ethically.

Why did we join?

As Mintel expands into an ever-increasing number of markets in the midst of an uncertain time for everyone globally, we want to provide our clients with certainty in terms of quality, trust and expertise. By becoming one of the first MRS International Affiliate Partners, we will benefit from the MRS’ global network of research regulators, its knowledge bank and training opportunities for our insight teams around the world enabling us to continue to produce the highest quality consumer research.

How will our clients benefit?

Mintel’s clients in EMEA have long-since benefited from the extensive training and thought leadership the MRS has offered our UK-based analyst team. Now with the expansion of the agreement to Mintel’s operations around the world, Mintel’s global clients can be assured that the presence of the international mark of excellence logo demonstrates a greater degree of localised knowledge for both our consumer research and regulations in their market.

How does this set us apart from our competitors?

We’ve been a company partner for a number of years, participating in MRS conferences/webinars, training and personal development programmes and using its extensive knowledge base to inform our research. This has been one part of our strategy to provide market-leading consumer research, helping our analysts and analytics teams truly understand what consumers want and why.

This newly-expanded global partnership with the MRS is a statement of our commitment to our unique approach to research – that we prioritise quality in our research, and it’s a clear differentiator compared to many of our competitors.

Mark Brechin
Mark Brechin

Senior Vice President, Consumer Research & Data Analytics, Mintel

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