Mintel in the Media – The latest highlights, 1st September 2016

September 1, 2016
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Mintel in the Media is a review of recent coverage, bringing together a selection of the most high profile press stories showcasing Mintel data and analysis from around the world. Highlights include:


The Guardian Why young people have stopped drinking tea Mintel researcher Richard Caines says young people are less likely to be loyal to a mug of builder’s, and want to try new products – which, he says, also explains the rise in fruit tea sales.

Metro Young people go cold on traditional cuppa Only 16 per cent of those aged between 25 and 34 drink five sups a day compared with a third of older people, research by Mintel found.

The Telegraph Traditional tea sales drop as the young turn to herbal brews Young people are shunning the traditional cup of tea in favour of more specialist drinks according to new market research from consumer analysts Mintel.

The Grocer Fruit tea habit costing Brits more as prices rise in mults British millennials are shunning traditional cuppas in favour of fruit and herbal teas, says Mintel research.

Retail Week Data: Parents up their back-to-school spend as tech purchases rise Research from Mintel shows that parents are spending more on back-to-school purchases in the search for better value goods.

Cosmetics Design Europe Mintel: exclusive expert view on Brexit and beauty Mintel’s senior personal care analyst, Roshida Khanom, has given Cosmetics Design her view on the likely trends for the industry in the face of the change, in light of past consumer behaviours and the immediate impact of the vote seen so far.

Marketing Week Can Coca-Cola rely on a boost from marketing or must it accept its vulnerability? “The fact that the Government announced plans for a tax on select sugary soft drinks has impacted the carbonated soft drinks market in the UK. The tax drew attention, again, to the sugar content of various drinks, including carbonated soft drinks, which is likely to have dampened demand,” says Kiti Soininen, head of UK food, drink and foodservice research at Mintel.

The Daily Telegraph Online shopping now nation’s favourite way to spend Nick Carroll, a retail analyst from Mintel, said: “Online-only shops are on the rise for a number of reasons including smartphone use and greater investment in the returns process.

Financial Times UK cinemas go upmarket with menus and loungers “Premium and super-premium has long been seen as the holy grail in terms of increasing revenues for cinema operators, but no one has really made it work yet,” said Michael Oliver, leisure analyst at Mintel.

The Independent Natural makeup and skincare: The rise of organic beauty products The trend is strong and more and more consumers are turning to it; overall, beauty products from Mintel Natural and Organic Toiletries are reporting a 24 per cent compound annual sales growth rate over the past four years – significantly outpacing the 2.7 per cent growth for the total beauty category.

The Times Patients left with ruined teeth as cosmetic dentists get rich quick Spending on cosmetic dental treatment, which is unavailable through the NHS, has increased by 37 per cent from £1.75 billion in 2012 to £2.4 billion so far in 2016 and now accounts for a quarter of the industry’s expenditure — up from 21 per cent in 2012, according to a report published by Mintel last month.

The Economist Down but not out Although tour operators were hit hard by the advent of LCCs in 1990s—which encouraged people to book their own flights and hotels—the market for packaged trips in Europe is expanding again. It may rise more than 10% by 2020 forecasts Mintel, a market-research firm.

The Guardian Tui profit forecast holds as bookings rise Analysts at Mintel had predicted more growth in independent city breaks rather than package holidays this year, but Fergal McGivney, travel analyst for the market research firm, says any recession might alter the outlook.

City A.M. Cheers: Bellfield Brewery, the UK’s first dedicated gluten-free craft microbrewery, has secured distribution across the UK Research group Mintel said earlier this year the sales of free-from foods are forecast to grow 13 per cent to reach £531m in 2016, up from an estimated £470m in 2015.

Financial Times Tesco to offer 3-hour online order collection Online orders account for about 10 per cent of UK grocery spending, one of the highest adoption rates in the world and are expected to reach £15bn by 2020 according to research group Mintel.


The Washington Post The surprising reason many Americans are skipping the bar of soap It may not be all bad news for bar soap. More than 60 percent of consumers said they might consider buying “premium” varieties of the item, which could help companies reclaim lost business, according to Margie Nanninga, a beauty analyst for Mintel.

Chicago Tribune Sales of bar soap down as consumers turn to liquids “A broader variety of scents can help bar soap brands tap into the success of aromatherapy claims, positioning lemon as an energizing scent or amber as a relaxing fragrance,” said Margie Nanninga, a beauty analyst for Mintel, adding that brands may also begin offering bar soap in “a greater variety of shapes.”

Wall Street Journal Men, It’s OK to Enjoy Shaving Now Men are becoming more sensitive—at least when it comes to how their skin feels during a shave. More men rank shaving creams and aftershave products that reduce irritation or soothe the skin as just as important to them as products that promise a close shave, according to a Mintel study released last year (also appeared in print on the front page of the Personal Journal Aug. 4).

Crain’s Chicago Will Brazilians take to mac ‘n’ cheese? Kraft looks overseas for growth While the company’s international strategy alone isn’t likely to be enough to reverse those trends in the short term, leveraging Heinz’s international infrastructure and in-market expertise to sell Kraft’s time-tested products “feels like it’s an obvious and expected decision,” says Lynn Dornblaser, director of innovation and insight at market research firm Mintel.

Forbes Brands That Understand The Stress Of Back To School Will Win When shopping for back to school, parents are looking for the easiest, cost-friendly ways to shop. Convenience is huge for parents. “Today shoppers are expected to get products through the most convenient means without paying more” – 2016 Mintel Shopping Report.

National Public Radio A Swimmer’s ‘Period’ Comment Breaks Taboos In Sports — And In China A Los Angeles Times article published in March reported that Chinese manufacturers made 85 billion sanitary napkins last year but not a single tampon — and that tampons “made up just 2.5 percent of the $7.6 billion sanitary pad market,” according to the research firm Mintel.

Adweek Magazine How Wine in a Can and ‘Brosé’ Are Helping Marketers Appeal to Millennials Compared with older generations, millennials are more likely to drink wine at least once a week, noted Beth Bloom, senior food and drink analyst at Mintel. “Forty-nine percent of millennials say the wine they drink says a lot about them, compared to 36 percent of the general population,” she said.

CNBC No, we haven’t reached peak pumpkin…yet “A key reason pumpkin remains popular year over year, is the fact that it remains a truly seasonal ingredient,” Diana Kelter, a foodservice analyst at Mintel, told CNBC. “Other classic fall ingredients, such as sweet potatoes and apples, have become common staples throughout the year, but pumpkin is consistently reserved for the fall which keeps the demand for it high.”

Wall Street Journal Chinese Head to the Web to Buy Imported Baby Formula The rise of retail internet platforms is allowing parents from smaller cities in China, who previously had limited access to foreign formula markets, to buy offshore products, said Yujing Li, a senior analyst at Mintel Reports in China. That has lifted market penetration of foreign products.

American Marketing Association The Future of Cash: Should Marketers Plan for Mobile Payments? An additional 18% of consumers would use mobile payments if more stores accepted it, Mintel reports. In all, 28% say they believe the technology is the “payment method of the future.” Bryant Harland, senior technology analyst at Mintel, says services such as Apple Pay, Android Pay and Samsung Pay have led to greater adoption of the technology in the past year.

CNBC Credit cards gaining steam (again) Last year, lenders sent out just over 4 billion card offers in the mail, according to research from Mintel Comperemedia. Offers peaked at 6 billion in 2005 and hit a post-recession low of 1.8 billion in 2009.

MarketWatch When millennials fly, they don’t want to say hi Half of Americans try to avoid airline personnel by using electronic and online alternatives, and Millennials (61%) are the most likely to favor this approach, according to new research from Mintel.


中国食品商务网 食品巨头“跨界”为哪般? 独立市场研究咨询公司英敏特报告显示,2014年中国冰淇淋消费额达到114亿美元(约合708亿元),消费了全球三分之一的冰淇淋,超越美国成为全球最大市场,且未来年增长速度在10%左右。在巨大市场潜力的感召下,中外乳企都在加码冰淇淋市场。

企媒在线 彩妆美容APP为发展重点 全球领先的独立市场研究咨询公司Mintel发现,45%的美容消费者更倾向于在手机搜索产品信息,而不是向销售助理寻求帮助。这将促使一个问题,品牌们是否会投资更多的金钱到技术领域上,而不是店铺设施的支持。

好奇心日报 能量棒挺受欢迎,号称食物终结者的Soylent也加入了进来 Mintel 的报告发现,那些含有全麦成分,并提供更多蛋白质、纤维以及更低糖分和脂肪的能量棒在市场上获得了更多的欢迎。

中外管理 传e袋洗北京总部裁员60%,O2O产品出路在哪里? 英敏特发布的《中国2016消费者趋势》显示,“懒人们”(消费者)对上门到家的专业服务有强烈的兴趣和忠诚度,近一半中国人在网上预订上门服务(例如洗衣、家庭清洁、按摩等),八成使用过上门服务的人表示以后会再次使用。依托于强劲的需求端,一批又一批O2O到家平台纷纷涌现,这种懒人有需求,他人提供服务的模式构成了“懒人经济”的基石。所以说,像e袋洗这种O2O到家产品的目标人群应该集中在“懒人”们身上。

世界服装鞋帽网 运动鞋服市场达70亿英镑 运动风成为主潮流 根据Mintel的最新报告显示,时尚趋势是推动这一市场增长的一大原因,50%的英国消费者在过去12个月出于“非运动用途”的目的而购买了运动鞋服和设备。

扬子晚报网 为安全不惧新关税政策,国人网购洋奶粉持续增长 中国英敏特公司的资深分析师李宇静说,而这就提高了外国产品的市场渗透率。但是平台销售产品的可靠性和货品的真实性,一直是家长更加担心的问题。

界面 常温酸奶迎来跳跃式增长 根据市场研究公司英敏特(Mintel)的数据,希腊酸奶2014年占据超过40%的美国酸奶市场,这个市场价值74亿美元(约合人民币495亿元)。

好奇心日报 柠檬汁咖啡,可能会成为新的流行饮品 虽然跟意式咖啡比冰滴咖啡还不够普及,但是它增长迅猛:根据 Mintel 的数据,在 2010 ~ 2015 年间,Cold Brew 的增长幅度达到了 338.9%。根据美国咖啡协会的调查,15% 的消费者尝试过冰滴咖啡,已经超过了另外两种咖啡——氮气咖啡和 Flat White,喝过的人分别为 10% 和 8%。如果算上零售的即饮 Cold Brew 咖啡,这个品类在美国的市场数额大概在 20 亿美元

服装鞋帽网 中国消费者的品味和购物习惯正在发生变化 根据研究公司英敏特的(Mintel)的估算,2010年至2015年期间跨境网上购物的年复合增长率达到63%。


Portalspoż Konsumencka potrzeba relaksu szansą dla producentów żywności i napojów Analitycy firmy Mintel wskazują, że współcześni konsumenci coraz częściej poszukują okazji do relaksu i odpoczynku. Marketingbegriff, der funktioniert Egal ob Maca-Pulver, Chia oder Goji, der Markt mit Superfood boomt. So stieg laut einer Untersuchung des Marktforschungsunternehmens Mintel die Anzahl der eingeführten Lebensmittel- und Getränkeprodukte zwischen 2011 und 2015 weltweit um 202 Prozent.

Lebensmittel Zeitung Monster kommt jetzt aus Karlsruhe Nachdem Red Bull mit seiner Aldi-Listung eine Flanke aufgerissen hat, gewinnen die Verfolger Rockstar und Monster weitere Anteile an einem Markt, der weltweit im Höhenflug ist. Laut einer Mintel-Untersuchung stieg der globale Absatz 2015 um 10 Prozent.

Lebensmittel Praxis Eigenmarken bei Deutschen besonders beliebt Laut einer Untersuchung von Mintel geben rund 46 Prozent der Deutschen an, dass sie bei Lebensmitteln und Getränken keinen Qualitätsunterschied zwischen Marken- und Eigenmarkenprodukten erkennen.

Lebensmittel Zeitung Deutsche essen und trinken gerne billig Preis ist Trumpf im deutschen Lebensmittelhandel. Handelsmarken punkten bei den Bundesbürgern mit niedrigen Preisen. Einen Qualitätsunterschied zu Markenprodukten sehen fast die Hälfte der Deutschen nicht, wie aus einer Studie der Marktforscher von Mintel hervorgeht. „Frei von“ auf Siegeszug Laut Analyse von Mintel steigen in Österreich, Deutschland und der Schweiz Produkte, die mit „frei von“ gekennzeichnet sind, rapide an.

Le Monde Le nouveau credo du cru Selon Mintel, l’agence mondiale specialisee dans l’etude des marches, si les vegetariens-vegans sont <> crudivores, l’aumentation de la demande est plus forte chez les consommateurs <> a la recherche de produits propres, sans additifs et ayant echappee a l’industrie agro-alimentaire et a la grande distribution.

Süddeutsche Zeitung Großbritannien Von wegen Tea Time: Briten trinken immer weniger Tee Das Marktforschungsinstitut Mintel hat ermittelt, dass der Verkauf von Teebeuteln zwischen 2013 und 2015 in Großbritannien um 14 Prozent zurückgegangen ist. Für dieses Jahr wird bereits ein weiterer Rückgang um fünf Prozent erwartet. Diät-Industrie: Weg mit dem Speck! Dass die Wenigsten noch auf Diät-Produkte beim Abnehmen setzen, bestätigen auch die Zahlen: Nur vier Prozent der Verbraucher haben ein ausgeprägtes Interesse an Light-Produkten. Zwei Drittel interessieren sich laut BVE dagegen überhaupt nicht dafür. Eine Umfrage des Marktforschungsinstituts Mintel kam 2015 zu ähnlichen Ergebnissen.

CASH Magazine Traditionelles Lebensmittel auf neuen Wegen „Aldi und Lidl fassen europaweit immer stärker Fuß, was bei Grundnahrungsmitteln wie etwa Brot zu starkem Preisdruck führt“, so Chris Brockman, Research Manager für den Bereich Lebensmittel und Getränke bei Mintel, der laut eigenen Angaben weltweit führenden Agentur für „Market Intelligence“.

Getränke Zeitung Schöne neue Geschmackswelten Innovationen: Was die Konsumenten von heute morgen trinken wollen – ein Gastbeitrag von Mintel-Expertin Julia Büch.

La Repubblica Trattamenti viso Dopo il sole, una maschera super-idratante Le maschere, insomma, continuano a catturare sempre più consumatrici entrando a far parte della beaytt routine se non quotidiana, certo settimanale. Successo confermato da Mintel che prevede un’ulteriore crescita almeno fino al 2017.

Process Alimentaire Etats-Unis : Les ventes de savon en barre plongent car les jeunes optent pour le lavage des mains avec un savon liquide Les ventes de savon en barre aux États-Unis ont chuté de 2,2% entre 2014 et 2015, même si le marché global pour le bain et la douche a augmenté de 2,7%, a trouvé Mintel.


The Australian Growing Chinese online demand boosts foreign baby formula sales The rise of these internet platforms was allowing parents from smaller cities in China, who previously had limited access to foreign formula markets, to buy offshore products, said Yujing Li, a senior analyst at Mintel Reports in China.

Cosmetics Design Asia Opportunity in Indonesia sparks race for market entry and expansion According to forecasts from leading market research player Mintel, annual percentage gains for beauty and personal care in local currencies are likely to be in the high teens for most categories – making it one of the fastest growth markets in the world.

Food navigator Asia India’s food trends: What’s hot and what’s not These four factors will increasingly offer new opportunities for manufacturers, both domestic and international, but food firms need to do more to communicate these trends on pack, according to Mintel.

Cosmetics Design Asia Why is the Vietnamese cosmetic market dominated by multinationals? According to latest figures from market research company Mintel, the market for beauty and personal care is estimated to be worth $1.78 billion, a figure that should reach $2.35 billion by 2018.

Business Insider Starbucks just solved one of customers’ top complaints About 58% of US adults consume non-dairy milk, and almond milk is the most popular option with 60% of the non-dairy market, according to Mintel Data cited by Starbucks.

Food Navigator Asia Healthy fat’ claims growin as consumer awareness rises On-pack claims for ‘good fat’ are on the rise in Australia and New Zealand as manufacturers begin to tap in to chaging consumer sentiment, says Mintel.

Cosmetics Design Asia Personal care set to remain a separate retail channel in India According to market research company Mintel, there will be double-digit gains across most beauty and personal categories in the course of the next five years, pointing to opportunities across the board.

Business Insider An MIT-trained engineer and hedge fund trader is trying to get men to finally take care of their skin Mavericks is going after a bite of what is estimated to be $4.2 billion dollar market for men’s personal care, market analytics firm Mintel Group told Bloomberg. The fact that so few men are currently using skin care products represents a huge opportunity for growth for the company — provided Mavericks’s simplicity message resonates with them.

Asia Pacific Food Industry The Rise Of Plant-Based Beverages In addition, likely because of almond milk’s great taste and healthful properties, it also tends to be the non-dairy milk of choice among ethnicities with a high propensity for lactose-intolerance (including Asians, Hispanics and African Americans), according to Mintel.

Cosmetics Design Asia India: the market to watch in the next few years Mintel estimates that the market for cosmetics and personal care was worth an estimated $12.7 bn in 2015 and will rise to $13.7 bn by the end of 2016, an annual increase of almost 8.0%.

Food Navigator Asia Chinese plant protein drinks grow as manufacturers look beyond soy Manufacturers in China should be looking at moving past traditional soy-based drinks by incorporating multiple types of plan protein in functional beverages, says Mintel.

Confectionery News Energy Bombs aims to create coffee alternative for US gum consumer However, market analysts Mintel warned that a company may put itself at risk of being sued over caffeinated gum products, citing a number of US lawsuits about the alledged harm from energy drinks.


The Canadian Press How soft-serve ice-cream companies can survive winter and hold onto customers About 90 per cent of Canadians surveyed by market research firm Mintel said they eat ice cream during warm months, according to the company’s most recent report on the frozen treat and other icy novelties in Canada.

The Globe and Mail Ice-cream shops are reinventing soft-serve About 90 per cent of Canadians surveyed by market research firm Mintel said they eat ice cream during warm months, according to the company’s most recent report on the frozen treat and other icy novelties in Canada.

Financial Post More than a seasonal fad: How soft-serve ice-cream companies can survive the winter About 90 per cent of Canadians surveyed by market research firm Mintel said they eat ice cream during warm months, according to the company’s most recent report on the frozen treat and other icy novelties in Canada.

CTV News How soft-serve ice cream companies can survive winter | Lifestyle from CTV News About 90 per cent of Canadians surveyed by market research firm Mintel said they eat ice cream during warm months, according to the company’s most recent report on the frozen treat and other icy novelties in Canada.

Marketing Magazine Understanding ‘misunderstood’ baby boomers (Study) Above all else, Canada’s baby boomers see themselves as responsible, but they don’t feel younger generations are giving them enough due credit, according to a new Mintel report.

The Globe and Mail The Future of Money Will cashless pay kill the ATM? Marketwatch also reports that even back in 2014 – light years ago in the tech world – a U.S. survey by market-research firm Mintel found that 44 per cent of consumers were interested in a mobile app that would let them withdraw cash without a card.

Bakers Journal Starbucks introducing almond milk to stores The Starbucks release cites a Mintel Data report that indicates that more than half (58 per cent) of all U.S. adults consume non-dairy milk, and almond milk is the most popular option with 60 per cent of the non-dairy market.


ANDA – Agência de Notícias de Direitos Animais Conheça os 9 países mais veganos do mundo O país do hambúrguer também se adequou ao veganismo! Nos EUA, os investidores privados estão investindo milhões em startups de alimentação vegana, A empresa global de pesquisa de mercado “Mintel” recentemente descobriu que 36% dos americanos compram alternativas à carne, a exemplo do abacate.

Abras Pequena indústria de fraldas supera crise com itens baratos A desaceleração do crescimento das receitas também é um reflexo da variação cambial e do aumento da inflação brasileira, analisa a especialista da Mintel, Juliana Martins. “Dólar e inflação, somado ao desemprego, devem ser os principais responsáveis por esse movimento do setor”, destacou ela, em nota sobre a pesquisa.

O Nacional Atento à saúde O estudo Alimentação Saudável – Tendências 2015, realizado pela Mintel, fornecedora global de pesquisa de mercado, revelou que 73% dos homens costumam comprar produtos com benefício funcional, em comparação com 68% das mulheres. Para a realização do estudo, foram entrevistadas cerca de 1.500 pessoas, com mais de 16 anos, de todas as regiões do Brasil.

Aditivos Ingredientes No segundo dia da 20ª edição da Food ingredients South America, expositores e palestrantes mostram as principais tendências de consumo de alimentos e bebidas Uma pesquisa feita pela Equilibrium, agência e consultoria com foco na área de saúde e nutrição, com nutricionistas da região Sul e Sudeste do Brasil indica que a categoria não se opõe à recomendação de alimentos práticos e industrializados desde eles conservem propriedades nutricionais. A empresa, que está conduzindo os Innovations Tours na 20ª FiSA, cruzou dados de pesquisas de institutos como a Mintel e Euromonitor com os de uma pesquisa própria, feita com nutricionistas, para chegar às principais tendências para o mercado de alimentos.

O Regional Homens Estão Mais Preocupados com Alimentação Saudável O estudo Alimentação Saudável – Tendências 2015, realizado pela Mintel, fornecedora global de pesquisa de mercado, revelou que 73% dos homens costumam comprar produtos com benefício funcional, em comparação com 68% das mulheres. Para a realização do estudo, foram entrevistadas cerca de 1.500 pessoas, com mais de 16 anos, de todas as regiões do Brasil.

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