Mintel in the Media – This week's highlights, 11 December 2015

December 11, 2015
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Mintel in the Media is a review of the past week, bringing together a selection of the most high profile press stories showcasing Mintel’s data and analysis from around the world. Highlights from the past week include:


Times Online It’s hard cheese for cheddar as shoppers go crackers for brie While British cheeses are being consumed with hearty abandon in New York, Madrid and even Paris, UK cheese lovers are less excited by their native varieties, according to Mintel, the market research company.

The Times It’s hard cheese for cheddar as shoppers go crackers for brie While British cheeses are being consumed with hearty abandon in New York, Madrid and even Paris, UK cheese lovers are less excited by their native varieties, according to Mintel, the market research company.

BBC Radio 5 Live UK cheddar cheese sales down, says Mintel Richard Ford discusses the declining sales of cheddar in the UK.

BBC Scotland UK cheddar cheese sales down, says Mintel Richard Ford discusses the declining sales of cheddar in the UK.

The Grocer Cheddar cheese consumption falls by five percentage points Volume sales are down 3% over the past two years, says Mintel.

Express Cheddar our best seller but it’s continental we want demand on our cheese boards The humble cheddar still remains a staple for cooking with seven in 10, but when it comes to getting the crackers out, just an eighth of Brits think it is good enough to grace the cheese board.

Daily Mail It’s vile, damp, tasteless, oversalted gunk! So why are we ditching glorious Cheddar for foul feta, asks SARAH VINE The proportion of British families who bought Cheddar in the three months to July was 82 per cent, down from 87 per cent last year.

The Sun We’re off cheddar More than a third prefer continental rivals such as brie of camembert, market researhcers Mintel found.

The Telegraph Is gluten intolerance a ‘fad’? Not if you have coeliac disease The craze for gluten free products has taken the UK by storm, with a recent study by Mintel suggesting 15% of households avoid it.

Metro Is Tofurky the ultimate meatless roast for the vegans in your life this Christmas? *The Vegan Society estimates based on consumer and Google trends, Mintel reports and Vegan Pledges.

Bloomberg Business Britain May Just Sleep In on Black Friday Traditionalists argue that the Brits shouldn’t bother with the American import in the first place. After all, they don’t even celebrate Thanksgiving. “Black Friday is completely illogical in the U.K.,” says Richard Perks, an analyst with market researcher Mintel. “It’s pretty pointless.”

Metro How much will Brits spend during Black Friday 2015? ‘What happened last year was that people bought the bargains and didn’t really buy anything else,’ Richard Perks, director of retail research at marketing intelligence agency Mintel tells

The Grocer 10 things you need to know about… Cakes & Biscuits We’ve scoured the globe, with the help of MIntel, to find the most innovative launches in cakes & biscuits from sprouted cookies to floral cakes.

BBC BBC London Richard Perks discusses the impact of Black Friday on UK retailers.

The Times You’ve got the beard … now get the bun According to the research company Mintel, sales of male haircare products grew by 2 per cent last year, despite the number of products on the shelves falling.

The Daily Telegraph Sales to last until Christmas Neil Mason, head of European retail research at Mintel, said: “It is essentially about spreading the load, spreading the discounts over a longer period.”

The Sunday Times You need to think very caerphilly This is all from a new report by the market analyst Mintel, which also asked British people if they liked the idea of cheese-flavoured mayonnaise.

Morning Advertiser Mintel’s Chris Wisson on how multiple site operators can boost footfall and spend What key trends have Mintel seen in pub visiting habits?

Daily Mirror We’re getting browned off with fake tan Demand for salon spray tans has also dipped, from 10% to 7%, according to consumer analysts Mintel.

Daily Mail Fake tan sales fading as Britons go for paler look The proportion of adults using self-tanning products is down from 17 per cent to 13 per cent in the past year, according to analysts Mintel.

The Sun FAKE TAN CRAZE BEYOND THE PALE London and the West Mids are most bronzed, while the East Mids and East Anglia like staying pale best, market analysts Mintel said.

The Daily Telegraph Meantime finds itself out in the cold following mega-brew deal “There is no issue with competition here in the UK – and even if there was, Mantime’s volumes are so small it would make no difference.” – Jonny Forsyth, senior global drinks analyst, Mintel.

The Times Demand for fake tans starts to fade Research by Mintel found that women were almost twice as likely as men to self-tan but usage falls with age, from more than a fifth of those aged 16-34 to a tenth of those aged 35-44.

The Grocer Cheddar in decline as habits change Mintel’s annual cheese report found 82% of UK consumers bought Cheddar in the three months to July 2015, down from 87% last year.

Financial Times His master’s toys “People are increasingly treating their dogs as humans, [in turn] driving demand for added-value items,” says Mintel’s senior market analyst Jane Westgarth.


Chicago Tribune ‘Tis the season for package-delivery startups to show their stuff Delivery options are a natural step for consumers who want convenience and flexibility while shopping, said Stacy Glasgow, consumer trends consultant at market research company Mintel.

CNBC Meal kit deliveries poised for growth About 1 percent of adults in the United States have used one of these delivery services, according to research firm Mintel. Users are mainly adults ages 18 to 44, and are most popular among households with annual incomes of more than $75,000, because they often cost more than groceries and some restaurant take-out options, said Mintel Global Food and Drink Analyst Jenny Zegler.

Associated Press In the land of Scrooge, Britons have a soft spot for the Christmas commercial “These adverts are giving retailers a voice — the way rock stars used to have,” said Richard Cope, senior trends analyst at market research firm Mintel.

Bloomberg Nestle to Lose Single-Serve Coffee Crown as Reimanns Snag Keurig “Nestle is starting to realize they need to change their mindset,” said Jonny Forsyth, a beverage industry analyst at Mintel Group.

Fox Business $1 Billion for This Tiny Craft Brewer. What Does It Mean for Boston Beer? Sure, the brewer is seeing tremendous growth these days, but the market researchers at Mintel say despite expected dollar sales growth of 22% for 2015 for craft beer, the rate will slow through 2020 because of “an expanding range of alcohol options.”

MediaPost Mintel Breaks Down Four Key Beauty Trends For 2016 Mintel is out with its predictions for the year ahead in the global beauty business, proving once again that the industry is determined to build relevance with consumers.

Marketwatch Why Americans are done with ‘diets’ More than 90% of people said they believe it’s better to eat a well-balanced diet than to use diet products in a 2015 survey of 2,000 Internet users by market research company Mintel.

Bloomberg Enjoy Life Foods Expands Digital and Mobile Technologies as Millennials Drive Free-From Category The integrations follow Enjoy Life’s recent leadership expansion to bolster aggressive growth across North America, further strengthening the demand for Free-From from the 84 percent of Americans buying Free-From foods because they believe them to be more natural or less processed, according to Mintel.

Quirk’s Marketing Research Review Trade Talk: Consumers seek a dialogue rather than a monologue One that piqued my interest was a report from researcher Mintel that drew on commentary from two of its consumer trends consultants, Stacy Glasgow and Jenny Zegler, to sketch out key North America consumer trends for 2016 that will impact both consumers and brands.

Food Business News Gluten-free growing despite changing perceptions Nearly half of Americans consider gluten-free diets to be a fad, but 67% more consumers are eating gluten-free foods than two years ago, according to research from Mintel.

Packaging Digest Fresh perspectives on produce packaging The majority of consumers who buy local food, according to Mintel’s report Locavore: Attitudes toward Locally-sourced Foods, do so for product freshness and support of the local economy.

Consumer Reports Making The World Safe FROM SUPERBUGS But consumers don’t always know what they’re buying in their quest for no-antibiotic meat. “We also see quite a bit of confusion about what claims mean,” says Julia Gallo-Torres, a senior analyst at Mintel.

Associated Press Planet Smoothie Franchise Surpasses 100-Store Mark in 2015 Based on findings from research firm Mintel Intelligence Group, the franchise is part of a $2.4 billion industry in America alone.

Beauty Store Business Four Beauty Trends With Global Impact by 2025 Looking ahead to 2025, Mintel Beauty and Personal Care has announced four key trends set to impact global beauty markets over the next decade, including implications for both consumers and brands.

QSR Magazine Half of American Consumers Say Gluten Free is a ‘Fad’ New research from Mintel reveals that nearly half (47 percent) of consumers agree that gluten-free diets are a fad, compared to 31 percent in 2013.


Lebensmittel Praxis Verbraucher will zuckerreduzierte Lebensmittel Die Ergebnisse einer neuen Untersuchung des Marktforschungsunternehmens Mintel belegen, dass die Mehrheit der europäischen Verbraucher ihren Zuckerkonsum einschränken wollen.

Versicherungsbote 3 Marketing-Tipps für Vermittler von Versicherungen Laut einem Bericht von Mintel, bevorzugen 59 Prozent der Millennials mit ihren Finanzinstitutionen über E-Mail in Kontakt zu treten.

FoodService Europe & Middle East Trends 2016: Top global food & drink trends – compiled by Mintel Darüber hinaus in dieser Ausgabe: Ein spannender Blick auf die globalen Top Food & Drink Trends 2016, klug destilliert von Mintel, einer der führenden Market Intelligence Agenturen weltweit.

Bakery and Snacks Nissin buys Jinmailang out of Chinese noodle joint-venture Li Yujing, a senior analyst at Mintel, told ChinaDaily that the country’s instant noodle market had dropped in value over the past two years as consumers have become more health conscious.

Food & Drink Europe Organic supplements: The future or a niche within a niche? According to a Mintel report published in October, buying organic for the millennial generation — defined largely as those born between the early 1980s and early 2000s — was about identity and values. Sommes-nous vraiment tous intolérants au gluten? Et de citer ce rapport de Mintel (2013) qui fait apparaître que 65% des Américains déclarent consommer des produits sans gluten parce qu’ils les pensent plus sains, et 27 % pour perdre du poids.

Cosmetics Design Europe Are Brits giving up on fake tan to opt for a more natural look? According to market researcher Mintel, usage of self-tanning products has witnessed a sharp decline in the past year with just over one in ten Brits having used self-tan products, compared to 17% in the previous year.

Bakery and Snacks Put the fun back into bakery’ with seasonal offerings and on-the-go formats, says Mintel Innovation – particularly around major food trends such as naturalness and snacking – could help drive the performance of savory and sweet bakery, Mintel food & drink research manager Chris Brockman said in a presentation at the Food Ingredients Europe (FIE) show in Paris this week.

Bakery and Snacks Daregal claims its new liquid bread flavorings taste fresher than dried herbs In a presentation at FIE, Mintel analyst Chris Brockman suggested flavored products were a potential growth opportunity for the industry. He cited Mintel research that found a quarter of UK consumers said they were interested in flavored bread, a figure that rose to 35% in France and 38% in Germany.

Gastronomía & Cía Los consumidores europeos están reduciendo el consumo de azúcar Según una nueva investigación de Mintel que ha sido presentada en el Fi Europe de Francia, los consumidores europeos están reduciendo el consumo de azúcar de forma acelerada, algo que forzosamente debe obligar a las empresas alimentarias a innovar y reformular sus alimentos y bebidas si quieren mantener la cuota de mercado.

Allgemeine Hotel- und Gastronomiezeitung Verbraucher wollen weniger Zucker Da die Verbraucher von heute vermehrt auf ihren Zuckerkonsum achten, nimmt das Interesse an sauren Geschmäckern in allen Kategorien zu“, sagt Chris Brockman, Food and Drink Research Manager, EMEA bei der Marktforschungsagentur Mintel, die zum Thema eine Studie erstellt hat. España MakeUp Sao Paulo: Brasil prepara una de las ferias de belleza más importantes del mundo La firma de investigación Mintel predice un crecimiento del 10,2% entre 2015 y 2019. Rośnie popularność owocowo-warzywnych musów i przekąsek w saszetkach Z badania Mintel wynika, że czterech na dziesięciu konsumentów w Polsce, twierdzi, że mniejsze opakowanie zdrowej przekąski mogłoby prowadzić do częstszego jej spożywania.

BioPress Die Hälfte aller Deutschen reduziert Konsum von Lebensmitteln mit hohem Zuckergehalt Markenhersteller könnten diese Situation ausnutzen, indem sie Produkte mit reduziertem Zuckergehalt anbieten, oder sogar auf ‚zuckerfrei‘ umsteigen“, sagt Chris Brockman, Food and Drink Research Manager, EMEA bei Mintel.

Nice Matin Parfum: la France est le 3e marché mondial Depuis bientot quatre ans, au sein de l’agence Mintel, elle etudie les tendances pour l’industrie de la parfumerie et de la beaute et donne des conferences a travers le monde.

Deutsche Molkereizeitung (DMZ) Herzhafter Käse auf den EInkaufslisten der Deutschen Laut Mintels GNPD (Datenbank weltweiter Produktneueinführungen) ist die Anzahl neuer Produkte im Bereich Hartkäse und Halbhartkäse* mit Werbeversprechen wie „würzig“, „deftig“, „herzhaft“, „intensiver Geschmack“, „ausgeprägt“, „rustikal“ und „pikant“ von 10 % aller Produkteinführungen im Jahr 2012 auf 15 % im Jahr 2015 gestiegen.

Fine Dining Lovers Mintel’s 12 Food and Drink Trends for 2016 The research company Mintel have released their predictions on the food and drinks trends coming in 2016 and there’s some interesting observations.

Cosmetics Design Europe DSM eyes up new anti-ageing complex According to market researcher Mintel, the eye care market has grown by 300% in the last decade driven by increased consumer demand for fast-acting, reliable eye care products, which are the second best-selling product form in the facial skin care market, after face care creams.

Journal Du Textile Londres donne un nouveau QG à sa mode masculine Le cabinet Mintel pevoit que ces ventes devraient atteindre 19 milliards d’€ cette annee.

Confectionery News Gelatine is more than just a texturiser: Rousselot In a roundup of food trends for 2016, Mintel said: “The growing ranks of novel protein sources and potential replacements appeal to the everyday consumer, foreshadowing a profoundly changed marketplace in which what was formerly ‘alternative’ could take over the mainstream.”


The Straits Times China e-commerce firms tapping rural dollar Analyst Philix Liu of market research firm Mintel told The Straits Times that China is likely to see a rising number of rural entrepreneurs, with more graduates and migrants returning to start online businesses.

The Malay Mail Online Beauty business is booming in Brazil ahead of Makeup in Sao Paulo Market research firm Mintel predicts a growth of 10.2 per cent between 2015 and 2019.

Yahoo! India Finance In the land of Scrooge, a soft spot for Christmas ads “These adverts are giving retailers a voice — the way rock stars used to have,” said Richard Cope, senior trends analyst at market research firm Mintel. “They’ve got the public’s attention. It’s an event. … It’s not just an opportunity to hawk your goods. You can use it to set the agenda as well.”


China Daily Nissin snaps ties with instant noodle maker Jinmailang Li Yujing, a senior analyst at Mintel, said China’s instant noodle market has dropped in value over the past two years, as consumers become more health conscious, and that was the most likely reason for Nissin’s shift in strategy, toward selling more of its own products.

Jiemian 【报告】四大影响未来十年的国际美容趋势 包括在家自制护肤品 展望2025年,英敏特(Mintel)美容及个人护理平台近期最新发布了四大或将影响未来十年的国际美容趋势,希望可以带给消费者和品牌商一定借鉴与助益。在将来,人类自身和通过科技产品的协助之间的界限将越加模糊,水将越来越成为受保护的资源,体能问题更显突出,天然成分成为重中之重,美容品牌将以此不断进行革新。

21CN Mintel英敏特发布四大影响未来十年的国际美容趋势 展望2025年,英敏特(Mintel)美容及个人护理平台近期最新发布了四大或将影响未来十年的国际美容趋势,希望可以带给消费者和品牌商一定借鉴与助益。在将来,人类自身和通过科技产品的协助之间的界限将越加模糊,水将越来越成为受保护的资源,体能问题更显突出,天然成分成为重中之重,美容品牌将以此不断进行革新。

北青网 Mintel英敏特发布四大影响未来十年的国际美容趋势 展望2025年,英敏特(Mintel)美容及个人护理平台近期最新发布了四大或将影响未来十年的国际美容趋势,希望可以带给消费者和品牌商一定借鉴与助益。在将来,人类自身和通过科技产品的协助之间的界限将越加模糊,水将越来越成为受保护的资源,体能问题更显突出,天然成分成为重中之重,美容品牌将以此不断进行革新。

环球网 Mintel英敏特发布四大影响未来十年的国际美容趋势 展望2025年,英敏特(Mintel)美容及个人护理平台近期最新发布了四大或将影响未来十年的国际美容趋势,希望可以带给消费者和品牌商一定借鉴与助益。在将来,人类自身和通过科技产品的协助之间的界限将越加模糊,水将越来越成为受保护的资源,体能问题更显突出,天然成分成为重中之重,美容品牌将以此不断进行革新。

中国网 “好奇”金牌妈妈探高品质纸尿裤如何炼成 来自英敏特(Mintel)的研究报告显示:超过九成的中国消费者在选择纸尿裤时,会重点考虑材料的柔软程度、全天然、防侧漏、透气和伸缩性 ,也就是能为天性好动的宝宝提供最舒适呵护的产品,而这恰恰是好奇纸尿裤引以为傲的世界级品质,也是获得众多中国妈妈青睐的原因。

China Daily Asia China seeks safe ways to quench thirst “Given the nature of bottled water products, differentiating and standing out from the crowd becomes a key challenge for many brands,” said Laurel Gu, senior research analyst at Shanghai-based Mintel Information Consulting.

新浪 第十届中国冰淇淋论坛暨冷冻冷藏食品展主题共筑电商质量新生态 世界权威独立市场研究咨询公司英敏特(Mintel)的行业报告显示,中国目前已经超越美国,成为全球最大的冰淇淋消费市场。在2014年冰淇淋行业产生的500亿销售额当中,中国消费者贡献了将近1/4。

中国食品 零食电商品牌重塑国人休闲食品消费观 2015年5月市场调研公司英敏特面向3000名20—49岁的中国互联网用户的一份调研报告显示:57%的受访者认为使用“天然成分”而非添加剂,对健康食品很重要,51%的受访者希望企业采用“更健康的生产方式”。

Sohu Chanel等奢侈品牌加码“亲民”美妆产品 雅诗兰黛、欧莱雅遇强劲新对手 英敏特的数据显示,2012年到2014年间,香奈儿公司在中国香水市场的份额一直保持在18%左右,仅次于排名第一的LVMH集团。英敏特高级分析师陆文文告诉《第一财经日报》记者,法国奢侈品集团仍然主导中国香水市场,由于品牌在时装和奢侈品界享有盛誉,包括香奈儿、迪奥、圣罗兰一类的品牌仍是市场中最受追捧的品牌。

China Business News Chanel等奢侈品牌加码“亲民”美妆产品 雅诗兰黛、欧莱雅遇强劲新对手 英敏特的数据显示,2012年到2014年间,香奈儿公司在中国香水市场的份额一直保持在18%左右,仅次于排名第一的LVMH集团。英敏特高级分析师陆文文告诉《第一财经日报》记者,法国奢侈品集团仍然主导中国香水市场,由于品牌在时装和奢侈品界享有盛誉,包括香奈儿、迪奥、圣罗兰一类的品牌仍是市场中最受追捧的品牌。

Campaign Asia US$213 billion prize: Brands compete for Asia’s new markets Matthew Crabbe, Mintel: Spotting gaps in the market is key.

GlobalFoodMate State of the industry: Dairy products According to Chicago-based Mintel, 6 in 10 U.S. consumers claim to be willing to spend more on better-quality frozen treats, while 60% of daily eaters believe that local brands are better quality than national brands.

光明网 三大零食電商品牌,正在顛覆國人的“休閑食品消費觀” 有一個數據,2015年5月市場調研公司英敏特面向3000名20-49歲的中國互聯網用戶的一份調研報告同樣顯示:57%的受訪者認為使用“天然成分”,而非添加劑對健康食品很重要,51%的受訪者希望企業采用“更健康的生產方式”。

环球 三大零食電商品牌,正在顛覆國人的“休閑食品消費觀” 有一個數據,2015年5月市場調研公司英敏特面向3000名20-49歲的中國互聯網用戶的一份調研報告同樣顯示:57%的受訪者認為使用“天然成分”,而非添加劑對健康食品很重要,51%的受訪者希望企業采用“更健康的生產方式”。

和讯网 三大零食電商品牌,正在顛覆國人的“休閑食品消費觀” 有一個數據,2015年5月市場調研公司英敏特面向3000名20-49歲的中國互聯網用戶的一份調研報告同樣顯示:57%的受訪者認為使用“天然成分”,而非添加劑對健康食品很重要,51%的受訪者希望企業采用“更健康的生產方式”。

环球网 四大国际时装周账目单 看看哪站最赚钱 據Mintel數據分析,預計2015年英國女裝銷售額將達270億英鎊,比2014年的260億英鎊增長4%

中国公关网 为什么超市里的那些大牌子巧克力不好卖了? 基于英敏特的数据,2014 年中国巧克力平均零售价为每公斤 21.21 美元,高端巧克力价格在每公斤 40 美元以上,比如 Lindt 中国平均零售价每公斤 66 美元,Royce’s 则高达 119 美元。

中国经济网 四大國際時裝周賬目單 看看哪站最賺錢 據Mintel數據分析,預計2015年英國女裝銷售額將達270億英鎊,比2014年的260億英鎊增長4%

财经 高端内衣品牌在华销售激增 尺度越大越好卖 “中国的高级内衣市场增长强劲。主要是因为中国人的人均收入在不断增加,这也让更多消费者想要买质量上乘,价格更高的产品。” 咨询公司 Mintel 的亚太区研究员Matthew Crabbe 说。

Campaign Asia-Pacific Keeping up with China’s caffeine buzz Mintel, a global market research firm, expects the US$1.9 billion industry to leap to US$3.1 billion in next four years.

网易 都跑出来拿健康说事,那我们以前吃的都是什么鬼? 市场调研公司英敏特今年 5 月面向 3000 名 20 -49 岁的中国互联网用户的一份调研报告同样显示:57% 的受访者认为使用“天然成分”,而非添加剂对健康食品很重要,51% 的受访者希望厂商采用“更健康的生产方式”。


FT Confidential Megabrew will still march to a Latin beat And the outlook is not particularly positive for the Brazilian beer market. From 2017 beer consumption growth in Brazil will slow to an average of just 0.6% a year to 2019, according to data from Mintel, a consultancy, as the population both ages and becomes increasingly health-conscious.

Cosmeticos BR Mintel announces four beauty trends that will impact the global market by 2025 The Beauty and Personal Care Department at Mintel, a global provider of market research, announced four major trends that should guide global beauty markets over the next decade, including the implications for consumers and brands.

Cosmeticos BR Mintel anuncia as quatro tendências de Beleza que impactarão o mercado global até 2025 O departamento de Beleza e Cuidados Pessoas da Mintel, fornecedora global de pesquisa de mercado, anunciou as quatro principais tendencias que deverao orientar os mercados globais de beleza.

Exame 5 áreas quentes para abrir uma loja online Um exemplo é o mercado de beleza para homens. Segundo a consultoria inglesa Mintel, 33% dos homens brasileiros dizem que comprariam produtos específicos para eles.

Cosmetica News Mintel indica quatro tendências de Beleza que impactarão o mercado global até 2025 Mintel indica quatro tendências de Beleza que impactarão o mercado global até 2025.

Brazil Beauty News Home hair coloring market records average annual growth of 7% in Brazil Manufacturers can take advantage of the demand for formulas containing natural or organic ingredients, which are sought out by 14% of customers, according to data from Mintel.

Revista Laticinios Cheque as oportunidades na categoria de sorvetes O atributo mais associado pelos consumidores de sorvete é “costumo servir sorvete de sobremesa, pois é prático”, revela pesquisa Mintel, presente no recém lançado relatório Sorvetes.

Revista Laticinios Fisa 2015 Soluções e bons negócios No stand da Mintel, os visitantes puderam assistir palestra comprovando que o consumidor está alerta para os riscos relacionados ao açúcar e quer alimentos mais simples e naturais.

H&C Mintel anuncia as quatro tendências de Beleza que impactarão o mercado global até 2025 De olho em 2025, o departamento de Beleza e Cuidados Pessoais, da Mintel, anunciou as quatro principais tendências que deverão orientar os mercados globais de beleza durante a próxima década, incluindo as implicações que trarão para consumidores e marcas.

Cosmetic Innovation Tendência dos coloridos cria necessidade de novas alternativas em produtos de cuidados com o cabelo em casa Do cabelo da Madonna, com pontas tingidas de rosa, as (sempre em mudança) madeixas da Kate Perry, que podem ser em arco-iris, pastel e rosa, elas estão na moda.

Engarrafador Moderno Estimulando o Consumidor (Produtos saudáveis e naturais ganham a preferência do consumidor e movimentam o mercado de sucos no Brasil) Segundo pesquisa da MIntel, o suco natural – feito diretamente da fruta – foi consumido por 86% dos entrevistados pelo menos uma vez durante seis meses anteriores a abril de 2015.

Revista Problemas Brasileiros (SESC) Onde a crise nao chegou Segundo um estudo da Mintel Group, uma das maiores agências internacionais de inteligência de mercado, o ritmo de incremento do consumo, fenômeno que vem acontecendo devido aos aumentos no salário mínimo, à ampliação do crédito e ao maior nível de emprego registrado em anos anteriores, entre outros fatores, não deverá simplesmente estagnar neste ano ou em 2016.

Abre (Brazilian Association of Packaging) O poder de comunicação das embalagens para alimentos funcionais Segundo pesquisa Mintel, 48% dos consumidores brasileiros consomem, regularmente, produtos funcionais com benefícios à saúde (por exemplo, que regulam o funcionamento do intestino, garantem energia extra ou ajudam a queimar gordura).

Cosmetica News Mintel mostra diversas tendências na Big Conversation Já tradicional em diversos locais do mundo, a Big Conversation passou por São Paulo no mês de novembro. Realizada pela Mintel, o encontro tem como objetivo expor diversas tendências que são sustentadas conforme os diversos relatórios que são produzidos pela consultoria.

O Estado de S. Paulo Marcas `honestas`, com qualidades reais que faltam a rivais, tem conquistado o respeito dos consumidores Para cerca de metade dos consumidores americanos, as pequenas empresas fazem as coisas corretamente, mas só 36% dizem o mesmo das grandes empresas, informa o instituto de pesquisa Mintel


Financial Post G-Kup awakens single-cup brew giants with its environmentally friendly pod Mintel Group reports combined sales of single-serve plastic coffee pods for Keurig, Nestle’s Nespresso and Starbucks’ Verismo rose to $3.8 billion in 2014.

Financial Post Five things you should know before you start your workday on Nov. 30 Mintel Group reports combined sales of single-serve plastic coffee pods for Keurig, Nestle’s Nespresso and Starbucks’ Verismo rose to $3.8 billion in 2014.

Money Consumer Shopping Expectations during the 2015 Holiday Season According to a report by Mintel International, retailers have their work cut out for them during the 2015 winter holiday season.

Huffington Post Québec Selon une étude, le faux bronzage serait en déclin Des nouvelles données recueillies par Mintel au Royaume-Uni révèlent que le nombre d’adultes qui utilisent de l’autobronzant est passé de 17% à 14% en un an.

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