Mintel in the Media – This week's highlights, 11th March 2015

March 11, 2015
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Mintel in the Media is a review of the past week, bringing together a selection of the most high profile press stories showcasing Mintel’s data and analysis from around the world. Highlights from the past week include:


The Times Posh porridge: the latest food fashion In 2013, research from the retail analyst Mintel revealed that sales of hot cereals almost doubled between 2009 and 2013, reaching £241 million, while 49 per cent of Britons ate porridge – including four in ten 16 to 24-year olds.

The Telegraph Why the traditional bar of soap is in hot water Also dwindling are the baths of yesteryear since people are increasingly opting for a shower instead, according to research published today by Mintel. Over a third of adults are washing their hands more often than they were a year ago, the consumer analysts found.

London Evening Standard Green is the new black: how veganism became sexy in London A 2014 Mintel report showed that the market for non-dairy drinks almost tripled from 36m litres in 2011 to 92m litres two years later.

Daily Mail Britain becomes a nation of soap dodgers: Sales of traditional bars plunge as people turn to hand sanitisers and liquid Charlotte Libby, Senior Beauty Analyst at Mintel, said: ‘With health scares making headlines around the world throughout 2014, the spread of disease has raised awareness of how hand hygiene plays a part in preventing infection, causing an increase in the frequency of consumers washing their hands.’

Daily Mail Varifocal glasses rip off claim sparks price war: Asda takes on High Street with £40 lenses after saying elderly are ‘over-charged by £144 million a year’ Asda calculated the figure of £144 million by working out the difference in price between its varifocal lenses and competitiors’, judged against the fact that three million pensioners bought varifocal lenses in the last 12 months, according to the Mintel Optical Goods Retailing report.

BBC News Five reasons some people prefer bars of soap to liquid soap According to market research firm Mintel 87% of Britons regularly buy liquid soap, against 71% who buy bars of it. And solid soap is slipping down the popularity table.

Daily Mail Make your Mother’s Day: From the best bouquets to a basket filled with gin and tonic, the pick of this year’s gifts Mother’s Day is on Sunday and it’s big business for the shops: retail analyst Mintel says we spent £505 million on it last year.

Daily Mail The citrus with a zingy twist: Yuzu tastes like a lemon and mandarn mix – and makes your skin glow… (and it’s in everything from ice cream to sushi) A spokesman for retail analysts Mintel says: ‘The bold flavour of yuzu fits with consumers’ desire for their tastes to be challenged with new, edgy flavours. Yuzu offers a new, exotic taste, but also provides an element of health and well-being.

BBC Radio 4 You and Yours Senior Food & Drink Analyst, Douglas Faughnan discusses the latest trends in the UK coffee market.

B2B Marketing What’s the best way of generating leads and what tools do you use? Grant Westbrook, global director of marketing, Mintel Group: The digital and content mix has seen my team grow lead gen by over 100 per cent in the last six months. It’s what you do with those leads that count. Make sure you’re able to have the right conversations at the right time.

Retail Gazette London Stock Exchange names 1000 companies to inspire Britain for 2015 Shopping via a smartphone has reached 41% of internet users in the UK, according to figures from Mintel, and those that do venture into stores are finding their experiences increasingly interactive and immersive.

Talking Retail Share of own-label ‘better for you’ products hits five-year high According to new research from Mintel, the share of own-label food products launched with a ‘better for you’ claim reached a five-year high in 2014.

Daily Express Cider drinkers face soaring prices thanks to new demands from Europe Three in five adults now drink cider, significantly up from the previous year’s total of 47 per cent, according to market analysts Mintel.

Huffington Post Why We’re Confused and Fascinated with African Beauty As market research firm Mintel suggests, black hair could be a $500 billion dollar industry.

Daily Mirror iPad Pro: Will Monday’s Apple Watch event also unveil a rumoured 12-inch tablet? “I think we can be fairly confident that the Apple Watch will be the focus on Monday,” said Paul Davies, a senior leisure and technology analyst at the Mintel Group.

Daily Mirror What the hell is ‘wearable technology’ and why do I need it strapped to me? I spoke to Paul Davies, a senior leisure and technology analyst at Mintel about this. “Only 5% own a wearable and 24% are interested in buying them,” he told me. “People just don’t know what they would use a smartwatch for,” he explained, saying there was little a smartwatch could do that a smartphone couldn’t.

Good Housekeeping What type of tea drinker are you? For example, recent research from Mintel food analysts reveals that we’re also going crazy for Green tea, with 10% of Brits now drinking it.

New Economy Can Kraft keep up with its consumers? That’s even more difficult when you put that in the face of rising costs of raw materials,” says David Jago, Director of Innovation and Insight for market research firm Mintel.


New York Times Ice Cream as Health Food? This Bar Comes Close That said, the ice cream market is a tough one and the big question is whether Enlightened can compete in the long term with the big brands backed by conglomerates. In 2014, the top six ice cream companies, which include Nestlé and Unilever, accounted for 62 percent of all sales, according to the market research firm Mintel.

Washington Post The cronut? So last year. D.C.’s latest food fad is conveyor-belt pizzas. “There has been a rise in comfort foods after the recession: mashed potatoes, pizza, ice cream, foods that make people feel safe,” said Julia Gallo-Torres, a food and drink analyst for the research firm Mintel.

USA Today Card offers get better as more turn to credit Taking note of more stable consumers, competition between credit card companies has heightened; consumers have been targeted with more mail offers and better sign-up bonuses in recent months. Direct-mail credit card offers increased 12% from November to December of 2014, according to Mintel, a market research company. That’s an unusual jump, says Lisa Hronek, a Mintel research analyst. Typically, direct-mail credit card offers are flat or decrease around the holidays because consumers stick with cards they already have for holiday shopping, she says.

Forbes Workouts for the ME Generation: Personalization at the Gym The “always connected” reality of the Millennial generation is a major driver of personalization in the new retail experience. Market research firm Mintel recently reported that 60% of Millennials (ages range from 18 to 33 in 2014) are willing to provide details about their personal preferences and habits to marketers, while Baby Boomers are far more reserved.

Food Management Snacking racking up sales Salty snacks, like chips and crackers, are a classic favorite. It’s a taste consumers crave and foodservice operators sell in the range of 46 Billion annually. On the sweet side, there’s a range of items including cookies, cereal bars and beverages. Some are indulgent, but many also are good-for-you, protein-enriched, nutritious choices that are exploding in popularity. In fact, 63% of Americans now say that they make a point of consuming plenty of protein. And from 2012-2014, more product launches of good-for-you products were snack items, at 23% of the total.

Prepared Foods Millennials Leaning Toward Private Label Private label food products are getting some much needed attention, especially from young shoppers, according to the Private Label Foods: What’s Driving Purchase? – US, February 2015 report from market intelligence agency, Mintel. Per the report, 42 percent of Millennials (age 18-36) agree store brand food products are more innovative than name brand products.

The Kitchn Surprise! Millennials Like Store-Brand Goods the Best We knew that store-brand, or private-label, foods were getting better and that more consumers were adding them to their shopping carts, but we didn’t know that Millennials are among their biggest fans. According to a new report from Mintel, 42 percent of Millennials think store brands are “more innovative” than name-brand products.

Supermarket Guru Prime Time for Private Label Brands Are we heading into the golden age of Private Label, Brands? A new report from Mintel highlights the notion that positive perceptions of these products are taking hold – particularly with Millennials. According to the report 42% of Millennials (ages 18-36) agree that store brand food products are more innovative than name-brand products. In fact, Millennials are more likely to buy store brand foods in general (97% versus 94% of all U.S. shoppers). Furthermore, 37% of U.S. shoppers as a whole say they prefer to buy store brand products over brand name products.


Globe and Mail Looking for ice cream that’s healthy? This bar comes close That said, the ice cream market is a tough one and the big question is whether Enlightened can compete in the long term with the big brands backed by conglomerates. In 2014, the top six ice cream companies, which include Nestlé and Unilever, accounted for 62 percent of all sales, according to the market research firm Mintel.

Resturant New Resource Planet Smoothie Franchise Growing in Southern California As Americans continue to seek healthier food options, the smoothie industry continues to grow. Smoothies have grown from a niche market in the 1990s to a $2.4 billion industry, according to research firm Mintel. Smoothies have become a mainstream choice for millions of consumers who want a delicious and guilt-free meal without the salt, sugar and artificial flavorings found in fast and processed food. As many people battle conditions like diabetes and heart disease, healthier food options — like smoothies — will continue to be a favorite choice.


DCI (Diario Comercio & Industria) Venda de produto para lavar roupa sobe com versão líquida de sabão O lançamento de novos produtos e a migração para versões líquidas de sabão devem manter o mercado de produtos para lavar roupa aquecido nos próximos anos. Segundo dados da Mintel, só este ano as vendas devem avançar 7,5% para R$ 10,5 bilhões.

Supermercado Moderno Brasileiros prezam por reputação da marca e prazo rápido de entrega Entre os critérios de seleção mais importantes quando decidem comprar bens de consumo, duráveis, digitais e eletrônicos, os consumidores brasileiros optam por prazo de entrega e a reputação da marca. Os dados são da pesquisa de múltipla escolha feita pela Ipsos Observer Brasil/Mintel, empresa global de inteligência de mídia.

No Varejo Disseminacao dos habitos saudaveis e busca por uma vida longeva escancara potencial desse nicho de mercado Ja um relatorio Mintel publicado no ano passado revelou que 36% dos brasileiros consomem alimentos saudaveis alternados com com opcoes caloricas.

Investimentos e Noticias Mr Beer oferece diversos modelos de franquia para quem quer empreenderUm estudo da consultoria britânica Mintel revelou que o negócio de cervejas especiais cresceu 36% de 2010 a 2013. No Brasil, o segmento vem se mostrando uma excelente opção de investimento, já que as cervejas especiais também caíram no gosto dos brasileiros.

Pratica Empreendedora Cafe Gourmet _ O poder de agregar valor ao produto A Mintel realizou uma pesquisa em novembro de 2012, a fim de saber onde as pessoas costumam consumir cafe.


Qdaily 关于酱料的8个真相 一线城市吃得清淡,中国人还是爱酱油,外国酱料中番茄酱最受欢迎…

China Business News 财日报 强生深耕中国市场推进婴儿护理用品发展我们看到有两个因素或会挑战影响到强生在这市场上的领导地位。”Mintel英敏特市场研究分析师刘欣琪认为,“第一,对于婴儿用品安全问题的持续关注,这显然会驱使家长们更多地去寻找不同的婴儿护理用品。” 分析师刘欣琪所说的第二个挑战是,强生的另一个“敌人”是现在非常火的海淘。

The Paper澎湃新闻 雀巢销毁400吨速溶咖啡:“我们正重新识别中国消费潮流” 根据咨询公司英敏特此前发布的报告,目前,速溶咖啡、现磨咖啡和即饮咖啡的市场份额分别为71.8%、10.1%和18.1%。速溶咖啡将继续主导中国的咖啡市场。不过,随着现磨咖啡和即饮咖啡市场更为迅速地增长,预计这两个细分市场将获得更多的份额。英敏特预计,截至2019年,速溶咖啡的份额将下降超过5个百分点至66%。

China Daily Marks & Spencer to focus on Beijing, Shanghai Matthew Crabbe, Asia-Pacific director of research at Mintel China, a UK-headquartered marketing research agency, said that as M&S had been sourcing products in China for many years, it ought to have gained sufficient “”local knowledge.”

EMEA Lego, la historia de una reconstrucción Y como dijo Jane Westgarth, analista de Mintel: “No hay duda de que un treintañero va a introducir sus hijos en aquellas cosas que amó de pequeño”. ¡Cómo no! Planet Smoothie Franchise Growing in Southern California / Smoothie Franchise With Roots in the Southeast Is Opening Several Locations; Plans Dozens Smoothies have grown from a niche market in the 1990s to a $2.4 billion industry, according to research firm Mintel. Mintel: Producenci żywności powinni mniej solić Producenci żywności są zatem zachęcani do zmniejszania ilości sodu w swoich wyrobach – wynika z analiz firmy Mintel.

Fresh Plaza 100% vegan superfoods for on-the go consumers According to Mintel, the use of quinoa alone has increased by 354% since 2011.

Sweet Press Edulcorantes, fuertes hoy y a futuro Late 2013, estimated that the global market of intense sweeteners used in the manufacture of food products and beverages had reached a value of 1.270 million, representing an increase of 2,8% compared with 2012, according to a new report Mintel and Leatherhead Food Research.

4-Traders China on Long, Slow Road to Reform “To create a wave of private entrepreneurs in consumer services, they need to push state companies to get out of the way,” said Matthew Crabbe, research director at information provider Mintel Group Ltd. “Do we really need state-owned retailers?”

Grazia Le baume: Le lipstick de l’hiver En Europe, nous sommes plus d’une femme sur deux à avoir un soin des lèvres (1) dans notre sac à main. Source Mintel Lip Care Market 2010

Pierwszy Portal Rolny Czy lubimy przekąski serowe? Firma Mintel Group podała, że polscy konsumenci oczekują szerszego wyboru małych porcji serów.

Beverage Daily Tropical energy. A new kind of category blurring? Alex Beckett, global food and drink analyst for market analyst firm Mintel, told us: “The emphasis on all-out energy is diminished in this new line. It’s another case of catefory blurring – energy drinks looking to entice soft drink users and broaden their overall appeal by dropping their characterisitc brashness and focusin on flavourm and summery lifestyle.”

Pierwszy Portal Rolny Dania i produkty w sklepach – jest słono! Jak podaje Mintel Group, nie tylko tłuszcze i cukry w produktach spożywczych stanowią zagrożenia dla zdrowia współczesnych konsumentów.

Neue Verpackung Crown Aerosols lässt Shampoo-Verpackung in neuem Glanz erstrahlen Laut Marktforschungsergebnissen von Mintel Beauty & Personal Care verwenden 23 Prozent aller Frauen in Großbritannien regelmäßig ein Trockenshampoo.

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