Mintel in the Media – This week’s highlights

Mintel in the Media – This week’s highlights

April 16, 2014
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USA Today: Pot sales: $8B tokes over the (retail) line by 2018? It’s similar to the annual U.S. market for pet medications and the global market for premium chocolate, according to market researchers Packaged Facts and Mintel.

MarketWatch: Why Starbucks’ new cake was 2014’s new Coke. Cake and other treats do appear to increase traffic and revenue in coffee shops, according to a 2013 study from research firm Mintel. People who visited a coffee house for sweet treats and desserts within the previous month were 35% more likely to try new items and 27% more likely to increase the amount they spent each visit, says Julia Gallo-Torres, U.S. food service category manager at Mintel.

Advertising Age: Passover is becoming the first (mostly) gluten-free holiday. Mintel, a market research company, estimates that the gluten-free food and beverage industry is now a $10.5 billion business. By 2016, it will produce more than $15 billion in annual sales. According to Mintel, “some 24% of consumers currently eat, or have someone in their household who eats, gluten-free foods.

KGO Newstalk: Click for audio, radio interview with Julia Gallo-Torres about organic menu claims.

The Globe and Mail: Manischewitz looks beyond seder table to broaden appeal. According to 2009 survey from market research firm Mintel, just under one-quarter of people who buy kosher food reported doing so because they keep kosher or follow other religious rules about food consumption. The vast majority said they buy kosher for food quality, food safety or “general healthfulness.” Mintel does not have updated data on the topic, however, because it is such a niche industry. Americans seem to think their dogs deserve better food than they do. Nearly 80% of US pet owners are as concerned about the quality of their pet’s food as as they are of their own, according to market researcher Mintel. Private equity thinks that kosher could be the new organic. To some extent, consumers appear to buy into the products’ generally wholesome and healthy image, according to research from Mintel.

Food Business News: Wal-Mart teams with Wild Oats to offer cheaper organic food. While “organic” remains the leading ethical claim on menus, its use dropped 28% during the period, due in part to higher costs associated with such items, Mintel said.


Folha de S. Paulo: Reino Unido vive momento de loja de R$ 1,99. “Definitivamente sim. Eles sao capazes de montar uma forte oferta de produtos a £1. Nao é apenas uma colecao aleatoria de coisas por esse preco”, diz Richards Perks, diretor da consultoria Mintel, destacando o basico para o sucesso.

Aditivos e Ingredientes: Categoria de Salgadinhos deve ser impactada pela copa do mundo. A Mintel revela que durante o período 2008-12 o mercado de snacks salgados apresentou um crescimento favorável, tanto em valor quanto em volume.

Revista Laticinios: Posicionamento “refrescante” das bebidas lacteas pode aproxima-las da categoria dos refrigerantes. O posicionamento “refrescante” é uma crescente reivindicação na categoria das bebidas lácteas. O número de leites – com e sem aroma – conjuntamente com iogurtes, lançados entre 2009 e 2012, com a palavra “refrescante “ na embalagem cresceu em 50%, no Reino Unido.

Portal da Propaganda: Arcor renova embalagens do chicle TopLine. De acordo com a última pesquisa realizada pela Mintel, do setor de balas e chicles, mostra que o mercado está em constante crescimento, saltando dos R$ 8 bilhões de faturamento em 2007, para aproximadamente R$ 11 bilhões em 2012. De acordo com o GNPD (Global New Product Database) lançamentos em balas e goma de mascar cresceram 40% entre 2007 e 2011 no Brasil.

UK & Ireland

The Wall Street Journal Europe: Holcim, Lafarge to Sell Assets in Bid for Merger Approval. “The big companies are all chasing better global positioning,” said Terry Leggett, analyst at Mintel who expects the Holcim-Lafarge deal to spark further consolidation.

Bloomberg Businessweek: Innovation SmartWeave. Catherine Cottney, an analyst for market researcher Mintel, says that may help compete with other sweat-fighting fabrics by keeping prices lower.

Reuters: British supermarket discount war not spooking suppliers. “No one really wants to launch a price war as such, because all the competitors would immediately respond and no one would gain,” said Richard Perks, retail research director at Mintel.

CNBC: Champagne shipments slide: Has the bubble popped? Between 2008 and 2013, this sparkling wine segment grew by 45 percent in the U.K., according to Mintel. Its value is expected to have hit £770 million ($1.3 billion) last year, a 6 percent year-on-year rise.

The Sunday Times: Mansumers rival women in spending in clothes. According to Mintel, the market research company, Marks & Spenser leads the menswear market in terms of clothing sales.

Huffington Post: Look Back to Look Forward. Mintel research found that 1 in 5 British consumers now grow their own fruit and vegetables and the UK Allotment waiting list has grown 20% since 2010.

Metro: British drivers lack confidence in skills. But even men who have high self-esteem behind the wheel would be against the idea of having their skills monitored to see what impact it had on their car insurance policy, researcher Mintel found.

The Daily Mail: Is the Bradley effect damaging men’s prostates? Sales of men’s health products soar in line with middle-aged cycling trend. Retail analyst Mintel also revealed last year that half of all British men cycle, with the overall growth in bike sales propelled by men aged 35-45.

The Daily Mail: Men spend just £99 less than women on fashion and accessories in a year. Market research analysts, Mintel, revealed that the men’s fashion market rose by 4.8 per cent over the past 12 months.

The Sun: Potty for noodles. Market research group said it has now made the jump to healthy upmarket meal with versions such as Itsu’s Three Minute Noodle Pot.

Handbag: Women would rather buy bags than underwear: “While consumers have become considerably more prudent with their money as a result of the recession,” explained Tamara Sender, Senior Fashion Analyst at Mintel, “women have continued to spend on fashion items, with handbags the main driver of sales.”

Daily Star: Potty for noodles. Market research analyst said the snack had been given a posh makeover by upmarket brands.


LSA (France): Le modele anglais en question. “L’investissement dans les MDD a ete une veritable tendance au cours de ces dernieres annees” explique John Mercer, analyste au sein de Mintel.

IOL – Lifestyle (South Africa): When times are tough, buy a handbag. Research by consumer analysts Mintel showed that half of the UK’s female population bought at least one handbag last year, which equates to 13.5 million nationwide. Sales rose 11 percent annually to top £1.2-billion.

Food Stuff South Africa: Is pea protein moving from the fringe to mainstream? Of the increase in new products containing pea protein, almost half of all launches in the past five years occurred in 2013 alone, added Mintel’s food science analyst Laura-Daisy Jones – adding that this was part of a growing overall interest in plant-based protein sources.

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