Mintel in the Media – This week's highlights, 12th February 2015

February 12, 2015
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This fortnight’s Mintel in the Media is a review of the past two weeks, bringing together a selection of the most high profile press stories showcasing Mintel’s data and analysis from around the world. Highlights from the past two weeks include:


BBC Breakfast News Sales of temporary hair dye triple. Sales of temporary hair dye and in particular pastel shades have been booming after stars such as Katy Perry and Helen Mirren have take up the trend.

The Telegraph They Katy Perry effect: temporary hair dye sales roar. The coiffure craze of pastel-coloured hair, sported by the likes of Katy Perry, Nicki Minaj and even Helen Mirren, has tripled sales of temporary hair dye in the last year, bucking an overall decline in the industry. UK sales of temporary hair colour grew from £1m in 2013 to £3m last year, largely driven by celebrity styles, according to Mintel.

Metro Can’t grow a beard? Buy one for £6000. The current trend for Viking-style facial hair is a scratchy issue for the shaving foam industry, with only 70 per cent of men now reaching for the razor, market researchers Mintel say.

The Sunday Times (Business) Our eyes met across a crowded room… and my phone app did the rest“Apps will need to move carefully when it comes to charging for their products,” said Mintel. “As many [users] enjoy these dating apps as almost a ‘game’ as well as a good facilitator for meeting people, it should make the introduction of charges more palatable, as long as charges remaing relatively low.” INSIGHT-Single-serve coffee coup saves beans, spares sink. Sales of coffee pods for the slick single-serve machines like Keurig Green Mountain’s Keurig, Nestle’s Nespresso, and Starbucks’ Verismo soared to $3.8 billion in 2014 from $234 million in 2009, Mintel market research data shows.

The Guardian From Beyoncé to the Baftas, vegan culture gets star status. Mintel’s 2014 report on the market for dairy drinks, milk and cream, showed the non-dairy market jumping from 36m litres in 2011 to 92m litres in 2013, an increase of 155%. Plant-based, non-dairy foods are worth £150.6m a year and sales of soya-based alternatives to yoghurt are rising by 8% year on year.

The Grocer The sector’s hot-to-trot. Coffee consumption is now rivaling that of tea [Mintel 2014], asthe UK becomes a nation of coffee connoiseurs.

Herald Scotland Barry Didcock: Blonde ambition. If you want some figures which are slightly more solid and considerably less made-up, I have those too, courtesy of market intelligence agency Mintel. Its Hair Colourants UK 2015 report finds that sales of some hair dyes have tripled over the last year, with the greatest uptake being among male buyers.

Retail Week Can partnerships solver the issues created by large store estates? Mintel retail director Richard Perks is sceptical that the Argos-JS partnership will turn into something bigger. “These sorts of link-ups between major retailers rarely work, they just seem to fall aparet: Homebase and Jewsen, BHS with Iceland, and Boots’ partnership with Waitrose. They never seem to work out, although they look very good on paper,” he says.

Marketing Week Britvic targets adults with premium soft drinks. According to Mintel’s latest carbonated soft drinks report, this may well be the case. Its research shows that of those over 18 who drink carbonated soft drinks (CSDs), 24% drink them as an alternative to alcohol in pubs, bars and restaurants, and of those over 18 who drink CSDs at home, 21% drink them as an alternative to alcoholic drinks.

Wall Street Journal Europe Americans lose taste for Vodka. We are seeing a generational shift away from vodka’ said Jonny Forsyth, global drinks analyst at Mintel Group Ltd.

The Times Tesco sales rise for the first time in year as discounters’ march fades. Changing fortunes at the checkout infographic. Source: Mintel.

Marketing Week How online dating won the heart of the nation. Mintel analyst Rebecca McGrath also points out that popular apps such as Tinder, Grindr and Hinge have tapped into wider mobile and social networking habits in order to drive acceptance. “The popularity of free dating apps has made a big impact on online dating over the last several years by dispelling perceptions, opening up online dating to a new market and driving mobile usage,” she says.

The Guardian Could BBH’s track record with BA advertising help Tesco to take off? Richard Perks, director of retail at market research firm Mintel, believes Lewis shouldn’t set too much store by a shiny new ad campaign. “My feeling on the marketing front is that Tesco should be keeping reasonably quiet at the moment. I’ve never really been convinced about the power of advertising. Tesco is a great business, it is not a basket case. [Lewis] must effect real improvement in stores, in appearance, service, make sure they are running properly.”

The Independent Autumn/winter menswear 2015: Women are the new men, but is it just about the bottom line? The menswear-dominated markets in the Far East may be leading the way, but according to Mintel, the UK menswear market grew 18 per cent between 2008 and 2013, to reach £12.9bn in 2013.

Stylist It’s official: Nail polish is the new lipstick According to the retail analyst Mintel, sales of nail polish have started to outstrip those of lipstick for the first time (an estimated £284 million versus £244 million).

The Times You’ve had the brilliant idea, now it’s game on. £85 – Average amount Britons spent on toys and games for Christmas 2013. Source: Mintel

Food and Drink Industry News Mello signs deal with Daylesford. With recent research from Mintel indicating that over 46% of consumers are looking for more adventurous flavours. Mello’s new listing with Daylesford reflects how both niche and major retailers are recognising this trend, looking for new, exciting and healthier products to satisfy consumer demand.

Marketing Week The impact of wearable technology on how brands communicate. Mintel predicts that the widespread use of devices that provide consumers with ‘knowledge and self-analysis’ will be on of the biggest consumer trends in 2015, with nearly a third (31%) of UK consumers interested in using a smarwatch with fitness functionality and 40% interested in a device that tracks heart rate, blood pressure and movement.

The Times Now you can wear your daughter’s clothes. According to Mintel, 44 per cent of 15 to 17-year-olds interact with fashion brands on social media and all three model for more traditionally grown-up labels too, exposing teens to the designs of labels such as Givenchy and Fendi.

Marketing Week Diet Coke campaigns aims to inspire women. Richard Ford, food and drink analyst for Mintel, says the declining sales for the brand could be due to big campaigns from the likes of Pepsi Max and Coke Zero, which have created cut through in an environment where people are concerned about sugar in soft drinks by pushing the positioning of their zero calorie and no sugar content more clearly than Diet Coke.

City A.M. Three charts showing what a world without free Waitrose coffee looks like. According to research by Mintel, Costa continues to be the most popular coffee provider in the UK, followed by independents.

Daily Mirror Which group of people give the most to charity? It’ll come as a surprise. Ina Mitskavets, senior consumer and lifestyles analyst at Mintel, said: “Charitable giving has been given a new life with the emergence of selfie fundraising on social networks, appealing to younger donors who have traditionally less actively engaged with charitable causes.”

The Grocer Top 10 global launches: from truffle chips to cricket bars. From weird and wonderful popcorn to cricket-infused treats… we’ve teamed up with Mintel to scour the world’s supermarkets to find 10 of the best bagged snacks launches of the year.

The Telegraph Forget digital: children are still into books and board games. The top activities for young people are still the old favourites that have been entertaining children for decades, according to Mintel’s latest study into the state of the children’s media market.

Daily Mail Inside the chocolate factory that inspired Willy Wonka: As Valentine’s Day approaches, Savvy Shopper is given a sneak peek… Valentine’s Day is big business: consumers in Britain spent £430 million on it last year, according to retail analysts Mintel.

Marketing Magazine How selfie campaigns fuelled Gen Y’s charitable giving. According to a study by researchers Mintel, 16- to 24-year-olds donated an average of £40 in the three months to July 2014. In comparison, over the same period those aged 35 to 54 had the lowest average (£33), while donors over 55 were the most generous, giving an average of £52.

The Grocer Sales of temporary hair colour products triple in space of a year. The value of take-home temporary hair colour products grew from £1m to £3m in the year to October 2014, according to new research from Mintel.

Vogue Razor LightAccording to a Mintel report, over the past year, 29 per cent of British men have depilated their public hair, 13 per cent their chests, nine percent their backs, six per cent their bottoms – and one in 50 shaved their feet.

The Sun Grey day for fellas. Young men are more likely than women to dye their locks to restore colour, consumers analysts Mintel found.


Washington Post The McDonaldization of American pet food. The pet market offers a lucrative new chance for Big Food to wiggle its way into shopping carts. Consumer surveys by market researcher Mintel found that 79 percent of U.S. pet owners said the quality of their pets’ food is as important as their own.

Motley Fool Budweiser Celebrates Its Bigness with Attack on Small Craft Beers. Through June 2014, craft brewers enjoyed 18% growth by volume and the market analysts at Mintel expect craft beer to exceed $20 billion in sales for the full year.

Progressive Grocer Technology, Transparency Dominate Mintel’s Big Conversation. Smart technology, blurred channel lines, brand transparency and modernized gender roles took top billing at Mintel’s Big Conversation on Thursday, as a panel of industry experts discussed evolving consumer trends for 2015 at the market research firm’s U.S. headquarters in Chicago.

Reuters INSIGHT-Single-serve coffee coup saves beans, spares sink. Still, Americans are drinking more coffee, and spending hundreds of millions more dollars on it, every year. Americans spent a total of $11.9 billion on coffee in 2014, up 6 percent from $11.2 billion in 2013 and up almost 60 percent from $7.6 billion in 2009, Mintel data show. The rise comes as single-serve sales have exploded, as roasters often charge a hefty premium for single-serve over the same type of coffee in a traditional ground or whole bean format.

Los Angeles Times With no trademark, Sriracha name is showing up everywhere. “What we’re seeing among consumers is demand, not just for heat, but more complex, regional flavors,” said Beth Bloom, a food and drink analyst for Mintel. “With Sriracha, Huy Fong introduced a new style and a whole new category of hot sauce.”

Bloomberg AmEx Is Losing Its Millionaires. The average annual fee on U.S. card offers increased to $140 last year from $101 in 2012 and $69 in 2007, as banks added more benefits, according to data from marketing-research firm Mintel Group Ltd. The most popular offer was $95, the company said.

L.A. Business Journal Billionaire John Paul DeJoria on a new beauty secret for hair and his advice for entrepreneurs. You can’t talk about Paul Mitchell’s new hair care line Marula Oil without pointing to the success of argan oil, which is sourced in Morocco from the argan fruit, and is an ingredient in everything from hair care products (with Moroccanoil hair products leading the craze) to skin care with some 588 new argan oil hair products debuting last year, according to researcher Mintel, up from 29 in 2008.

Food Manufacturing Sprouted Grains: The ‘Naturally Functional’ Food Trend For 2015. The number of new product launches with sprouted grains is small – just 19 in 2014 according to Mintel – but numbers are growing fast. Making ‘Yes’ Your Default Accelerates Email Marketing Success. The 2015 Email Evolution Conference runs through Wednesday, February 4, and features engaging keynote presentations featuring thought leaders from Adobe, Worldata, Mintel Comperemedia, Acxiom Digital Impact, and ReturnPath. EEC’s educational offering include four distinct tracks focusing on Email; Deliverability; Mobile, Social, Content; and Technology/Data & Attribution.

CNBC Get a body like Beyoncé! Songstress starts vegan venture. 2015 could be the year when individuals opt for a cleaner, more health-conscious appetite, according to a recently published food and beverage trends report by Mintel, a market research firm.

QSR Magazine Diamonds in the Rough. Market research firm Mintel found that sales at fast-casual restaurants grew 10.5 percent last year, compared with 6.1 percent growth from quick-service restaurants.

MediaPost Selifie-Loving Millennials Give Charities A Boost. According to a study by researchers Mintel, 16- to 24-year-olds donated an average of £40 in the three months to July 2014. In comparison, over the same period those aged 35 to 54 had the lowest average (£33), while donors over 55 were the most generous, giving an average of £52. The support that charities have built on social media provides the perfect environment for selfie-esque campaigns to flourish.

Retail Times Mintel serves up five key food and drink trends for 2015. Mintel, the market research agency, has released the five key trends set to impact the US food and drink market in 2015. Utilising research, data and trends from across Mintel’s extensive product portfolio and expert analysis from director of innovation and insight Lynn Dornblaser and global food and drink analyst Jenny Zegler, the research showcases consumers’ priorities and preferences with regard to food and drink products, as well as grocery shopping behaviors.

Quartz Proof that those annoying pre-movie ads actually work. The amount spent on advertising on the big screen by UK charities has increased tenfold since 2011, according to new data collated by Nielsen Media Research and Mintel, a market intelligence agency.

MarketWatch Does McDonald’s have an identity crisis? In a move to attract this potentially lucrative demographic, traditional fast-food restaurants have added yogurt, salads and soups to their menus, says Julia Gallo-Torres, U.S. food service category manager at research firm Mintel. “These younger consumers are generally more health-conscious, and the group that tends to eat out the most,” she says. “If fast-food restaurants want to appeal to them, offering healthy fare is going to be a must.”

Packaging Digest Masculine is the new Millennial. Mintel’s 2014 Marketing To Men report outlines numerous do’s and don’t’s when it comes to capturing the hearts and wallets of men, especially the 50% of which, when surveyed, said they are solely responsible for grocery shopping, and the 42% and 37% are responsible for laundry and home cleaning, respectively.

Brandchannel #FFWD2015 Day 3: From Passionate Brands to Passionate Fans. 52% of Canadian #Millennials say buying things that make them ‘stand out’ is important. Learn more at #FFWD2015

AP In the Kitchen, There’s an App for That! But Do You Care? “People want to integrate everything in their lives,” says Mintel’s O’Donnell. “In the smart home you have your refrigerator that tells you what food you have, when your milk is going to expire. The next evolution will be a cooking app that can integrate with your other household appliances or neighborhood. ‘Here’s a great recipe, and here’s where you can get the ingredients.’ That will be next tech evolution.”

Yahoo! Finance Airlines are riding the craft beer revolution – here’s why it makes sense. A report by Chicago-based researcher Mintel showed that craft beer is most popular in the Millennial demo. Of consumers aged 25-34, 50% say they drink craft. And what’s more, 43% of that demo says that craft beer tastes better than the big American brands like Budweiser, Coors (TAP) or Miller (SAB.L).

NBC News If Big, Natural Hair is In, Why Don’t We See it On Television? Natural black hair has faced discrimination for centuries. But now, numerous web sites, YouTube tutorials, blogs, magazines, documentaries, books—even special-themed cruises—are charting and helping to promote the rising popularity of natural styles, which has caused chemical relaxer sales to plummet from $206 million in 2008 to $152 million in 2013 according to consumer research group Mintel.


Hamilton Spectator Asian food: The fastest growing food in the world. Asian food is so coveted today that even restaurants that are centred on cuisines that aren’t even remotely Asian — like burgers, fried chicken and sandwiches — are increasingly offering Asian-inspired options. There are currently at least 550 items sold at fast-food restaurants around the United States with either Asian names or an overt Asian influence, according to market research firm Mintel.

Western Grocer Rise & Shine. Using research culled from Culture- Waves and Mintel International, The Food Channel outlined several breakfast trends.

Brandon Sun Slow to catch on, cooking apps are waiting for kitchen tech to catch up with them. The most popular apps today are the ones that build on trends, such as gluten-free or vegan recipes, says Fiona O’Donnell, a lifestyles analyst at Chicago-based market research firm Mintel, or on products that already have a large following, such as and The Food Network’s “In the Kitchen” app, which features recipes and videos from the network’s celebrity chefs, boasts more than 5 million downloads.

Daily News If Big Hair is In, Why Don’t We See It On TV? Natural black hair has faced discrimination for centuries. But now, numerous web sites, YouTube tutorials, blogs, magazines, documentaries, books—even special-themed cruises—are charting and helping to promote the rising popularity of natural styles, which has caused chemical relaxer sales to plummet from $206 million in 2008 to $152 million in 2013 according to consumer research group Mintel.


The National Business Single-serve pods put traditional coffees on the back burner. US sales of coffee pods for single-serve machines such as Keurig Green Mountain’s Keurig, Nestle’s Nespresso and Starbucks’ Berismon soared to US$3.8 billion in 2014 from $234 million in 2009, market research from London-based Mintel shows.

Food Navigator Timing is ‘absolutely right’ for low-sugar Cheerios, says expert. That’s a big step, a really big step,’ said David Jago, director of innocation at Mintel. ‘They’ve gone way out there – I think it’s bold. It’s probably because they’ve recognised the fact sugar is at the forefront,’ he told

Helsingin Sanomat Kapselikahvin­keittimien suosio kiihtyy Yhdysvalloissa. Yksittäisiä kahvinappeja tai “podeja” käyttävien kapselikahvinkeittimien myynti kasvoi viime vuonna Yhdysvalloissa 3,8 miljardiin dollariin eli 3,4 miljardiin euroon, Mintel-markkinatutkimusyhtiö kertoo.

Beverage Daily Asia-Pacific in 2014: A year of scandals, soul searching and success. At the top of last year, Mintel asked the questions “what will Asia-Pacific customers be buying in 2014?”, identifying more international brands and categories, more technology to help consumers identify the products they want, greater spending on healthy foods and more value wars.

Äripäev Ameeriklased loobuvad viina joomisest. Me näeme, kuidas pealetulev põlvkond on viinast loobumas,“ ütles Mintel Groupi analüütik Johnny Forsyth. Didėjant viskio paklausai, JAV ir Vakarų Europoje lėtėja degtinės pardavimų augimas. Keičiasi kartos ir naujoji karta renkasi ne degtinę“, – teigia rinkos tyrimų įmonės „Mintel Group“ gėrimų rinkos analitikas Jonny‘s Forsythas.

Les Echos Les brasseurs jouent la carte de la bière sans alcool. Quels que que soient les marchés, d’autres facteurs jouent aussi : « les consommateurs font plus attention à leur santé, les lois concernant l’alcool au volant ont été durcies et le goût des produits a été amélioré grâce à une transformation du mode de production. Plutôt que de retirer l’alcool à la fin, la fermentation est désormais stoppée au cours de la production», signale une étude du cabinet de conseil Mintel.

Les Echos Le buzz des Etats-Unis : sur Coinbase, on échange les bitcoins. Rien qu’entre 2008 à 2010, il y a eu 3 000 nouveaux « snacks» sans gluten lancés aux Etats-Unis, selon le spécialiste de la consommation Mintel.

Food Navigator Not so sweet: ‘Surprising’ sugar spike in UK breakfast cereals, mostly in own label. David Jago, director of innovation and insight at Mintel, said the findings on the sugar content of a number of private label cereals were a shock, particularly as retail brands continued to gain traction in the UK market.

SVT Nyheter Rullande företag intar Storbritannien. Det är en växande trend- att kunden vill ha omedelbar servicen där hen befinner sig säger konsumentanalytikern, Richard Cope på analysföretaget Mintel i London.

Club Alimentos germinados y semillas: gran tendencia natural y funcional en 2015. El número de lanzamientos con granos germinados en 2014 fue de 19 productos según la consultora Mintel, la cifra no es muy grande, pero está creciendo, actualmente, rápidamente.

Cosmetics Design Europe Beards are a growing market in men’s grooming. Mintel’s Vivienne Rudd says it is a similar story in the US, where 35% of men who remove their facial hair say it’s expected that they should keep their facial hair neat and tidy.

Ubifrance Royaume-Uni : Les opportunités pour les produits de pâtisserie. D’après Mintel, 9 Britanniques sur 10 (89%) mangent des gâteaux et presque autant (86%) les achètent. Le marché global des cakes et gâteaux est estimé en 2014 à 1,1 milliard GBP et 263 000 tonnes en volume. La tecnologia e i profumi: il trend del 2015. “Partendo da problemi e desideri molto pratici le industrie hanno trovato soluzioni innovative tanto da farci immaginare per il futuro nuove abitudini odorose, oggi impensabili ” – ha spiegato Emmanuelle Moeglin, Global fragrance & personal care analyst per Mintel che alla conferenza di Londra ha presentato le tendenze per l’anno appena iniziato.

Planung & Analyse Mintel öffnet in München. Das Marktforschungsunternehmen Mintel, Spezialist für Konsumprodukte, eröffnet sein erstes Büro in Deutschland. Frank Weibelzahl kehrt zu Mintel zurück.

NotiziarioItaliano Alle Spa ora la metà sono uomini, sognano un corpo tonico. Gli uomini hanno raggiunto la parità dei sessi in quanto a vezzi estetici. Hanno raggiunto il 47% della clientela che frequenta le Spa di tutto il mondo. Lo attesta una indagine condotta dall’International Spa Association (ISPA) e dalla Mintel.

América Retail Comida peruana una buena oportunidad de negocio en Reino Unido. Sabor de moda La quinua, grano andino del Perú, se ha convertido en un “súper alimento” de uso frecuente. Según un adelanto de las cifras que la firma de análisis de mercado Mintel, presentará en su próximo reporte de Cocinas Mundiales, menos del 5% de británicos han probado la comida peruana en su hogar y a un 47%, le gustaría probarla.


21CN 移动电商 请不要辜负这个时代!據全球消費、產品和市場情報供應商英敏特的最新報告顯示,97%的城市消費者聲稱會在購物時瀏覽在線商城,但產品類型的需求將會更加多樣化。

和讯 移动电商 请不要辜负这个时代!據全球消費、產品和市場情報供應商英敏特的最新報告顯示,97%的城市消費者聲稱會在購物時瀏覽在線商城,但產品類型的需求將會更加多樣化。

YOFOND MINTEL:近4成消费者曾在奢侈品官网购物从2009年到2014年底,在线零售市场总销售额将增长10倍,其中,B2C在线零售市场2014年底的销售额将超过2009年的40倍。根据Mintel英敏特最新报告显示,近四成的消费者会从奢侈品品牌的官方购买奢侈品;约四分之一(26%)的消费者选择其他线上渠道购买奢侈品。

品牌世家 Mintel英敏特 : 近四成消费者曾在奢侈品官网购物从2009年到2014年底,在线零售市场总销售额将增长10倍,其中,B2C在线零售市场2014年底的销售额将超过2009年的40倍。根据Mintel英敏特最新报告显示,近四成的消费者会从奢侈品品牌的官方购买奢侈品;约四分之一(26%)的消费者选择其他线上渠道购买奢侈品。

MSN 英敏特:四成消费者“体验”网购奢侈品根据Mintel英敏特最新研究的数据表明,在2014年,超过四分之三(77%)的受访者表示“有实力买得起奢侈品比用奢侈品来炫耀自己的地位更加重要”

ADquan Mintel:近四成消费者在线“体验”奢侈品购物 从2009年到2014年底,在线零售市场总销售额将增长10倍,其中,B2C在线零售市场2014年底的销售额将超过2009年的40倍。根据Mintel英敏特最新报告显示,近四成的消费者会从奢侈品品牌的官方购买奢侈品;约四分之一(26%)的消费者选择其他线上渠道购买奢侈品。

Traveldaily 旅游APP市场快速增长 或引发格局调整 Mintel英敏特最新报告指出,七成左右的中国消费者曾在线预订旅游产品,近五分之一(19%)的消费者使用手机预订。

Kunming Daily 云南咖啡如何挤进主流圈 市场调研公司英敏特发布的报告显示,中国咖啡市场规模已从2009年的55.54亿元,上升至2013年的103.43亿元。

China Business News 70% people book travel products online 专业市场研究咨询公司Mintel英敏特的最新报告指出,七成左右的中国消费者曾在线预订旅游产品,近五分之一(19%)的消费者则使用手机预订。随着互联网的普及、智能手机和移动应用程序使用率的上升,通过移动端预订的前三大旅游服务产品为,火车/汽车票(33%)、住宿(31%)和机票(30%)。总体而言,相较于团体旅游套餐产品(14%),人们更多通过移动端来购买单项旅游产品(20%)。

TTG China 70% people book travel products online 专业市场研究咨询公司Mintel英敏特的最新报告指出,七成左右的中国消费者曾在线预订旅游产品,近五分之一(19%)的消费者则使用手机预订。随着互联网的普及、智能手机和移动应用程序使用率的上升,通过移动端预订的前三大旅游服务产品为,火车/汽车票(33%)、住宿(31%)和机票(30%)。总体而言,相较于团体旅游套餐产品(14%),人们更多通过移动端来购买单项旅游产品(20%)。

Sina 70% people book travel products online. 专业市场研究咨询公司Mintel英敏特的最新报告指出,七成左右的中国消费者曾在线预订旅游产品,近五分之一(19%)的消费者则使用手机预订。随着互联网的普及、智能手机和移动应用程序使用率的上升,通过移动端预订的前三大旅游服务产品为,火车/汽车票(33%)、住宿(31%)和机票(30%)。总体而言,相较于团体旅游套餐产品(14%),人们更多通过移动端来购买单项旅游产品(20%)。

JieFang Daily 连接,会“连”出怎样的智能生活 而关注未来,快速发展的消费者观念,还会如何改变生活?最近,包括爱立信、英敏特等在内的不少全球知名市场研究咨询机构,纷纷给出自己对消费者趋势的判断。各家机构不约而同提及的一个词,是“连接”。

China Daily Goubuli to manage Australian coffee house brands London-based market research firm Mintel Group expects the total value of the coffee shop market in China to be about 86.8 billion yuan by 2019.

China Daily Asia Hot market for Goubuli London-based market research firm Mintel Group expects the total value of the coffee shop market in China to be about 86.8 billion yuan by 2019.


Supermercado Moderno Vinhos refrescantes tem bom potencial. O vinho tinto ainda é o mais consumido no Pais. Ele foi citado por 28% dos brasileiros em pesquisa de multipla escolha realizada pela Mintel, empresa global de inteligencia de midia.

Wall Street Journal Consumidor troca a vodca pelo uisque. Estamos vendo uma mudança geracional se afastando da vodca”, diz Jonny Forsyth, analista global de bebidas da firma de pesquisa Mintel Group Ltd

Guia da Farmacia Entenda como homens e mulheres escolhem as farmacias onde fazem compras. Enquanto as mulheres são mais conscientes do que precisam comprar em farmácias e drogarias, os homens priorizam a praticidade nos locais de compra. Isso é o que mostra a recente pesquisa da Mintel, publicada no relatório Produtos Farmacêuticos.

Atualidade Cosmetica Fidelidade Aflorada. Os homens brasileiros demonstram um alto nível de fidelidade à marca de produtos de higiene pessoal: quase a metade (45%) deles concordaram com a afirmação: “Costumo comprar as mesmas marcas de produtos de higiene”. Este foi o maior índice de concordância em uma lista de 11 afirmações comportamentais em pesquisa realizada pela Mintel.

Brasil Economico Frango com tempero espanhol. De acordo com uma pesquisa da consultoria britanica, Mintel, na Espanha, o Grupo Palacios esta em setimo lugar em participacao de mercado em volume de alimentos processados com 0,5%

Laticinios Percebido como saudavel, iogurte mostra versatilidade Em pesquisa realizada pela Mintel, quando perguntado, “Ainda considerando iogurtes (para comer de colher e para beber), com qual, ou quais, das afirmações abaixo, se for o caso, você concorda?”, o atributo com maior associação, pelo consumidor brasileiro, é “iogurte é um alimento saudável”.

GQ O País dos Trintões Nos últimos três anos, segundo a consultoria Mintel, a venda de cervejas especiais cresceu 36%, ritmo bem acima do mercado total, que se manteve estável no período.

Household and Cosmetics Conheca os fatores principais que levam a compra de fragrancias Os fatores mais influentes na compra de perfumes sao principalmente a disponibilidade da marca de preferencia no ponto/local/momento da venda, promocao de preco e experimentacao previa, detectou pesquisa realizada recentemente pela Mintel.

Revista Alshop A tecnologia utilizada pela vifran permite que a sua marca seja representada na embalagem“As embalagens devem ser desenvolvidas de maneira inteligente, sutil, expondo os beneficios do produto”, ressalta Benjamin Punchard, diretor de Inovacao da Mintel, empresa de pesquisa de mercado premiada mundialmente.

Household & Cosmetics Brasilidade é tendência no mercado mundial de beleza. Só para se ter uma ideia da força que o apelo “brasilidade” tem no mercado externo, 90% dos produtos para a pele com inspiração brasileira foram lançados fora do Brasil, segundo estudo da Mintel.

Cosmeticos BR Novos protetores solares apostam em produtos multifuncionais e de tratamento De acordo com a Mintel, o mercado de proteção solar deve encerrar 2015 com vendas de R$ 2,5 bilhões, uma alta de 14% em relação ao ano passado.

Estadao Rede social Venmo expoe vida financeira de usuarios De acordo com uma pesquisa da Mintel, especialista em inteligência de mídia em mercado, de julho de 2014, 67% dos brasileiros não compraram nada na internet nos 12 meses antecedendo a pesquisa.

Revista da FIB Lipídios Nutricionais Oportunidade para as indústrias com benefícios para a sociedade. Segundo dados fornecidos pela Mintel, foram lançados 71 produtos na América Latina nos ultimos 6 meses, enriquecidos com omega 3 e omega 6Pufas, com destaque para o Mexico e Colombia.

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