Mintel in the Media – This week's highlights, 17 March 2016

March 17, 2016
18 min read

Mintel in the Media is a review of the past week, bringing together a selection of the most high profile press stories showcasing Mintel’s data and analysis from around the world. Highlights include:


The Financial Times Pet food goes posh Live interview with Director of Innovation and Insight David Jago.

The Times Sons spend more on Mother’s Day A study by the consumer analysts Mintel estimated that last year Britons spent £510million on cards and presents for Mother’s Day, which comes around again this weekend.

The Financial Times Datawatch: Chinese online imports Nearly three in five consumers surveyed brought foreign products online from domestic websites in the six months to November 2015, with product quality being the prime motivation. Source: Mintel

Retail Week Shoppers spent £510m on Mother’s Day purchases in 2015, Mintel estimates More than half of shoppers spent on Mother’s Day last year, with purchases driven by men and London-dwellers, according to research from Mintel.

CNBC Six Flags, Samsung team up to give you VR roller coasters In a recent Mintel “European consumer trends” report, the market research firm saw virtual reality as a popular trend for 2016, adding that as interest grows, businesses will be inspired to embrace the technology.

The Grocer Buying & supplying drinks South America to be UK’s second-largest wine region Chris Wisson, senior drinks analyst at Mintel, said Chile and Argentina benefited from being well-known countries that relatively few Brits had visited.

The Sunday Times Looking for the white stuff As a result, Mintel has reported that value sales of cow’s milk are down and, in 2014, one in four products launched in the UK dairy drinks and milk market were rice-, nut-, grain- and seed-based drinks, compared with just 2% in 2011.

Metro Metro Bites More than a third of dieters do not know how many calories they consume a day, says analysts Mintel.

Daily Mail Majority of women say they have tried to shed pounds over the past year Senior food analyst at Mintel, Emma Clifford, said: “It’s surprising [how many] consumers who have tried to lose weight in the last year report consuming over 2,000 calories a day. Our research reveals that many do not keep track of their consumption and perhaps are not aware of how many calories they should be consuming, or even the typical calorific value of foods.”

Morning Advertiser Calorie content is ‘low consumer priority’, says Mintel Calorie labelling on pub food menus could be irrelevant, as new research from Mintel shows the information far from tops consumers’ priorities when looking for nutritional guidance.

BBC Radio 5 Live A survey was done of 2,000 British adults, which found that two thirds were on a diet most if not all of the time. The research by retail analysts Mintel suggested that nearly half of all Brits tried to lose weight in the last year and that figure rose to 57% when researchers just looked at the results for women.

BBC News Washing powder for men: Do we need it? Data from the market research group Mintel shows that in both the US and the UK women are most likely to assume responsibility for the washing but that younger men are more likely to take charge of it than older men – suggesting a generational shift in attitude.

The Guardian New-wave gin is just the tonic for contemporary drinkers Little wonder that analyst Mintel calculates that British gin sales will be worth £1.31bn by 2020.

The Daily Telegraph Turkey gives way to prosciutto as shoppers indulge taste for Med Emma Clifford, senior food and drink analyst at Mintel, the consumer analysts, said the inclusion of cured meats and similar snacks reflected surging sales in recent years – boosted by the fad for high protein low carbohydrate diets.

Metro Baffled by the craft of beer Although many are baffled, 38 per cent of Britons bought a craft drink last year, said researcher Mintel.


Bloomberg Big Food Changes Its Recipe While sales of [Coke’s] 2-liter bottles are declining, its smaller bottles are growing by 15 percent a year. “It’s a perfect way for a product slammed by people for health reasons to offer something to consumers that is a permissible indulgence,” said Lynn Dornblaser, director of innovation and insight at Mintel.

MarketWatch Are we in a credit-card rewards bubble? In recent months credit-card companies have started to aggressively compete with one another on sign-up bonuses, and there’s reason to believe they can no longer keep offering such generous bonuses and will soon start to scale back on cash back offers for signing up for a new card, said Andrew Davidson, a senior vice president at market-research firm Mintel, in its Comperemedia division.

CNBC Barbie celebrates her 57th birthday “Brands need to embrace this more tolerant, more open, and less prescriptive approach when it comes to marketing to kids and their increasingly diverse and equality-minded parents,” said Carli Gernot, manager of trends for North America at Mintel, in a statement.

Los Angeles Times Embrace your curly hair! Here are some of the best beauty products to make it look its best According to Mintel, the natural hair movement is driving sales of styling products (up 27% during a two-year period ending in 2015) for African Americans in the United States while relaxer sales have slumped, dropping 18.6% during the same time period.

Fortune 6 Weird Cereal Brands that Will Make You Nostalgic Nearly 40% of millennials, the article noted, consider eating cereal “inconvenient” because of the “clean-up” involved. There is some question as to what the statistic, derived from a report by the market-research outfit Mintel, actually means. Neither the article nor the Mintel report drew a direct line between it and lower cereal consumption.

Bloomberg Here’s What China’s Middle Classes Really Earn – and Spend Market research company Mintel expects sales of vitamins and dietary supplements to hit $5.3 billion by 2017 — a 214 percent jump from a decade earlier.

Financial Times Print Edition (USA) Craft producers of gourmet treats stalk Big Pet Food David Jago, Mintel analyst, says pet food calling itself natural, an indistinct term, and pet treats are “a real growth hotspot.” He says: “Consumers are increasingly looking for more human-style food, as a way of pampering their pets as they might their children.”

CNBC Six Flags, Samsung team up to give you VR roller coasters In a recent Mintel “European consumer trends” report, the market research firm saw virtual reality as a popular trend for 2016, adding that as interest grows, businesses will be inspired to embrace the technology.

MediaPost Burt’s Bees Plays Alphabet Game To Save Furry Insects [Color cosmetics] is a category where social media is increasingly important, reports Mintel, with 21% of women between 25 and 34 saying they like or follow make-up brands.

MarketWatch In the future, you might make payments with your sunglasses or shoes Only about a third of adults regularly wear a watch of any kind and 22% usually wear a necklace or bracelet, according to a Mintel survey of nearly 2,000 adults in September 2015.

Food Business News New products from Naked Juice Co., Harvest Hill, Zola Innovation in the cold-pressed juice category has drawn health-conscious consumers’ attention to the juice market, according to Mintel’s 2016 global annual review of the juice and juice drinks market.

Beverage Industry Changes in store for U.S. beer category “The U.S. beer category is currently experiencing a major overhaul,” says Beth Bloom, food and drink analyst for Chicago-based Mintel. “While little movement is evident in terms of the overall performance of the category, there are significant shifts happening within.”

Grocery Headquarters Men Say “I Do” to Grooming According to Chicago-based Mintel, 50 percent of men age 18-34 who use shaving products report an interest in subscription services, as well as 40 percent of men overall.

Progressive Grocer Seaweed-Flavored Product Launches Are On the Rise “Seaweed has been a famous delicacy in many Asian countries for centuries, celebrated for its flavor and nourishing powers. While still somewhat niche in North America and Europe, we believe that seaweed could become the next superfood,” said Stephanie Mattucci, global food science analyst at Mintel.

Nation’s Restaurant News Beverages come alive in the spring There is opportunity as well with cold brew coffee which grew by 115 percent between 2014 and 2015, according to the research firm Mintel.


Markant Sommer, Sonne, Umsatz Drei Fragen an Vivienne Rudd, Director of Insight, Beauty and Personal Care bei den Marktforschern von Mintel. Wie ausgeprägt ist der Bedarf an saisonaler Körperpflege? Es herrscht eine starke Nachfrage. Unsere Umfragen zufolge sagen etwa 80 Prozent der Deutschen, dass sich die Pflegebedürfnisse ihrer Gesichtshaut im Laufe eines Jahres verändern. Crafting a definition: What does ‘craft’ mean to consumers? Research from Mintel suggests that 30% of Brits who buy alcoholic drinks don’t understand what ‘craft’ means, while 59% believe it is important for the industry to define the term.

Cosmétique Hebdo Match serré entre pharmacies et GMS Selon des etudes de Mintel, si 88% affirment etre conscients des dangers, les deux tiers ne reappliquent pas leur soin.

Verslo žinios Maisto pakuotė, kuriai žadamos didžiausios perspektyvos JAV tyrimų bendrovė „Mintel“ metų pradžioje paskelbė šešias, anot jos, svarbiausias maisto produktų pakavimo tendencijas. Apie jas galite skaityti čia.

Kommersant Китайский средний класс находится в явном меньшинстве По оценкам исследовательской компании Mintel, продажи витаминов и пищевых добавок вырастут к 2017 году до $5,3 млрд — это 214-процентный рост в сравнении с 2007 годом.

TK-Report -18 Eis ohne Milch ist deutlich im Kommen “Die Nachfrage nach Speiseeis ohne MIlch explodier in Deutschland”, berichtet die Agentur Mintel.

MSN Dinero Menos huevos de Pascua en Brasil aumentan exportaciones de cacao Si bien las ventas continúan creciendo, los consumidores del país sudamericano son “muy sensibles a los precios”, en tanto sólo 23 por ciento antepone la calidad del chocolate a los precios, dijo Marcia Mogelonsky, directora de percepción, alimentos y bebidas en Mintel, una compañía de investigación de mercado.

Markenartikel Immer mehr Neueinführungen mit Meeresalgengeschmack Laut einer Untersuchung des Marktforschungsunternehmens Mintel sind Produktneueinführungen mit Meeresalgengeschmack in der europäischen Lebensmittel- und Getränkeindustrie zwischen 2011 und 2015 um 147 Prozent* gestiegen.

Puro Marketing Su salud le importa, las marcas lo saben y la utilizan para venderle sus productos “Los productos sin gluten seducen a una amplia audiencie”, explica Amanda Topper, analista de comida en Mintel, la compania de analisis responsable de estas cifras. Shopping Mall Expert – marzec 2016 Dlatego też tym razem temu tematowi poświęcamy więcej miejsca i razem z Richardem Copem, ekspertem firmy Mintel, zastanawiamy się czy beacony zrewolucjonizują branżę retail?

Food & Drink Europe Sugar overtakes calories as number one ‘food villain’ Sugar has overtaken calories as the biggest ‘villain’ when shopping for healthy food, research by Mintel has found.

Allgemeine Hotel- und Gastronomie-Zeitung Verbraucher wollen milchfreies Eis Fast zwei Drittel (63%) der deutschen Eis-Esser interessieren sich für milchfreie Alternativen, wie Speiseeis, das mit Mandel- oder Kokosnussmilch hergestellt wurde. Das hat eine Untersuchung des Marktforschungsinsituts Mintel ergeben.

L’actualité Etudiante – Le Figaro Les jeunes ne mangent plus de céréales au petit-déjeuner… par paresse En effet, 40% des jeunes interrogés par Mintel considèrent que manger des céréales au petit-déjeuner est trop fatigant. Entendons-nous bien: il faut une cuillère, un bol de lait, y verser les céréales puis – c’est un comble, laver ledit bol et ladite cuillère. Trop, c’est trop, a-t-elle protesté.

Portalspoż Producenci muszą wykazać dużą kreatywność w segmencie produktów dla dzieci Rodziny z dziećmi są jedną z najważniejszych grup konsumentów w odniesieniu do różnych produktów spożywczych, a producenci muszą wykazywać się dużą kreatywnością w segmencie produktów dla dzieci – ocenia w rozmowie z serwisem Honorata Jarocka, analityk sektora żywności i napojów z firmy analitycznej Mintel.

TextilWirtschaft Lieblingsobjekt Tasche – aber günstig Das rasante Wachstum hat sich allerdings im vergangenen Jahr abgeschwächt. Das geht aus dem neuen Report “Fasion Accessories UK 2016” des Londoner Marktforschungsunternehmens Mintel hervor.


中国食品 椰汁饮料,30%中国消费者比过去喝得更多了 随着中国消费者对健康意识的不断增强,传统认识上被定位为具有滋养功效的植物蛋白饮料也随之广受青睐。英敏特最新报告《植物蛋白饮料2016》显示,椰汁饮料是增长最快的子品类之一,中国消费者表示在截止于2015年10月之前半年的饮用中,有30%为比过去喝得更多了,其饮用排名相较于去年,超过了大豆饮料(29%)和谷物饮料(26%)。

The Paper 外资盯上中国油盐酱醋,3家公司已经挤进调味品十强 “相比之下,外资企业比较注重以消费者为中心的市场策略,从产品研发、生产、行销都会考虑消费者真正的需求在哪里、痛点在哪里。”英敏特资深食品与饮料分析师刘超伦举例称,日清制粉集团2015年推出了重新包装的烹调面粉,将原包装改为150克小巧易握型瓶装,瓶盖可以双向开启,方便控制使用量,非常适合烹制少量食物(如一人食)。“我们在调研中也发现,中国消费者尤其是年轻群体,在家烹饪的频率并不高。因此日清的做法值得本土企业学习。”

腾讯 中国中产阶级收支真相 市场研究公司Mintel预计,维生素和膳食补充的销量到2017年将触及53亿美元——较比十年前攀升214%。

Jiemian 把健康解释得有趣,也许是沙拉店的一条明路 市场调研公司英敏特去年5月面向3000名20-49岁的中国互联网用户的调研也显示:过半数的人群认为食品中含有天然成分很重要,并希望厂商采用更健康的生产方式。

中国新闻网 内地家庭消费谁拍板? 港媒:“老婆大人”说了算 报道称,越来越多受过良好教育、经济独立的女性促使中国内地传统的制造商和服务提供商加强营销以吸引女性客户,英敏特市场调查公司称这一趋势是今年零售市场最有影响力的因素之一。

新华网 中国男士化妆品消费滞后 或成市场增长新热点 根据市场研究和咨询机构英敏特去年发布的研究报告《脸部护理——男士VS女士-中国2015》,只有31%的城市男性消费者对目前的皮肤状况感到满意。

Ringier Happi 来自英敏特的创新演示: 包装主题产品 视频 | 与往届一样,英敏特也于本届PCHi上带来免费的创新美容及个人护理产品的互动演示。

China Daily Beauty business tilts from West to East Of the global beauty and personal care products bought by Chinese consumers in the past six months, South Korean brands accounted for 47 percent, followed by Japanese labels at 29 percent and French ones at 24 percent, according to Overseas Online Shopping, a research report by Mintel Group Ltd, an independent United Kingdom firm that tracks the global fast-moving consumer goods industry.

LADYMAX女性网 彩妆美容类APP将成各大品牌发展重点 未来或取代美容顾问 全球领先的独立市场研究咨询公司Mintel发现,45%的美容消费者更倾向于在手机搜索产品信息,而不是向销售助理寻求帮助。这将促使一个问题,品牌们是否会投资更多的金钱到技术领域上,而不是店铺设施的支持。

上海金融报 英敏特:近六成中国消费者网络海淘 英敏特最新发布的报告《海淘零售2016》显示,截至2015年11月底前的6个月,近六成(58%)的中国消费者通过国内购物网站购买过国外品牌

消费日报 进口葡萄酒降价是好是坏? 全球领先的消费、产品和市场情报供应商英敏特 (Mintel)最新发布的行业分析报告指出,到2017年中国葡萄酒市场消费能力将达到28.27亿升,消费总额达到938亿元人民币,增长幅度达 102.5%。

China Daily China Resources to buy out stake in Snow Breweries In 2014, in terms of volume, Snow Breweries had a 23.8 percent market share, followed by Tsingtao Beer at 18.4 percent, Budweiser Anheuser-Busch InBev NV at 14.3 percent, and Beijing Yanjing Brewery at 12.3 percent, and Carlsberg Group had 7.5 percent, according to a Mintel Report Executive Summary of Beer in China.


O Estado de S. Paulo Marmitas saudaveis sao alternativas para conseguir comer bem no dia a dia Segundo uma pesquisa feita pela Mintel, 30% das pessoas acreditam que comeriam melhor se tivessem opções práticas de se preparar, como pratos prontos, congelados ou alimentos pré­cozidos.

Doce Revista O Cinto Apertou Uma pesquisa recente de âmbito nacional da Mintel revela que mais da metade dos brasileiros (56%) atualmente compra menos serviços relacionados a vida cotidiana.

Curta Negocios Apesar da crise, brasileiros cogitam pagar mais por alimentos saudaveis. Principalmente os mais velhos Mas quando o assunto é saúde e alimentação, o acompanhamento deve ser ainda mais preciso. Apesar do atual cenário brasileiro de estagnação econômica, pesquisa da consultoria internacional Mintel identifica novas demandas para bebidas e produtos alimentícios que promovem benefícios nutricionais.

Meio & Mensagem A recessão na pele O ditado segundo o qual “quando a cabeça não pensa, o corpo padece” até pode ser resgatado para ilustrar a situação do mercado de produtos para o corpo, divulgado no ultimo relatorio Mintel.

O Globo Brasileiros desistem dos ovos de Páscoa e reforçam exportações Embora as vendas ainda estejam crescendo, os consumidores do país estão “muito sensíveis aos preços”, com apenas 23% deles colocando a qualidade do chocolate acima do preço, afirma Marcia Mogelonsky, diretora de insight, alimentos e bebidas da empresa de pesquisa de mercado Mintel.

Giro News Hábitos Alimentares _ Brasileiros Assumem Consumir Muito Sal Pensando em problemas de saúde, como hipertensão e diabetes, um em cada três consumidores brasileiros, 29%, concorda que é difícil evitar comer produtos com muito sal, segundo a pesquisa da Mintel.

Mundo do Marketing Emojis em embalagens se comunicam com um publico mais jovem De acordo com o relatorio Mintel de Embalagem de Produtos para Casa, dos Estados Unidos, informacoes praticas sao as mais buscadas pelos consumidores de produtos de cuidados domesticos.

Cosmetic Innovation Tendência dos coloridos cria necessidade de novas alternativas em produtos de cuidados com o cabelo em casa Nada menos que 38% dos usuários americanos que usam colorações em casa, manifestam interesse em cores ousadas (ou seja, rosa, roxo, azul, etc.), com 24% estando dispostos a experimentá-las, de acordo como relatório Home Hair Color US 2015.

O Globo Reformados e usados: o novo jeito de consumir dos brasileiros A crise econômica está criando um novo jeito de consumir entre os brasileiros. Customizar, consertar, alugar e compartilhar produtos estão tomando o lugar do “comprar”. O objetivo: economizar. É o que mostra estudo da consultoria Mintel Group, que traçou as tendências do consumo nacional e classificou os brasileiros como os “heróis da pechincha.”

DCI Industria ainda pode explorar alimentacao saudavel no Pais “Mesmo com o cenario economico mais dificil no Brasil, a tendencia de demanda cada vez maior por produtos saudaveis se mantem”, avaliou a especialista das categorias de alimentacao e bebida da consultoria Mintel, Naira Sato.

Supermercado Moderno 30% dos brasileiros querem mais itens saudáveis no supermercado Pesquisa da consultoria Mintel revela os produtos que os consumidores gostariam de encontrar nas lojas. Pesquisa da consultoria internacional Mintel identificou que 30% dos brasileiros desejam encontrar maior variedade de produtos saudáveis no varejo alimentar.

UOL Brasileiros desistem dos ovos de Páscoa e reforçam exportações Embora as vendas ainda estejam crescendo, os consumidores do país estão “muito sensíveis aos preços”, com apenas 23% deles colocando a qualidade do chocolate acima do preço, afirma Marcia Mogelonsky, diretora de insight, alimentos e bebidas da empresa de pesquisa de mercado Mintel.

Revista Laticinios Mudancas no consumo Renata Pompa de Moura é gerente de pesquisa da Mintel no Brasil, desde 2009. Com mais de doze anos de mexperiência trabalhando em empresas de consultoria e pesquisa de mercado no Brasil, Estados Unidos e Chile, Renata possui um amplo conhecimento do comportamento do consumidor e de tendências globais de consumo.

Parana Shop Empresa paranaense investe em linha de misturas sem glúten, sem lactose e livre de gordura trans Um levantamento da empresa de análise de mercado Mintel, 7% dos adultos britânicos evitam o glúten por conta de alergia ou intolerância e mais de 8% o evitam por conta de um “estilo de vida saudável”. O levantamento estima em US$ 9 bilhões o mercado americano de produtos sem glúten.

Brazil Beauty News Consumidores americanos usam cada vez mais a tecnologia na compra de cosméticos Um estudo realizado pela Mintel em diversas lojas revelou que 45% dos consumidores preferem buscar informações sobre os produtos de beleza usando um dispositivo móvel, em vez de pedir ajuda a um vendedor.


National Post Kraft changed the recipe for Mac & Cheese three months ago — and nobody noticed 20 percent of new packaged food and beverage products contained labels claiming no additives or preservatives last year, up from 13 percent in 2011, according to research firm Mintel.

Marketing Magazine Catelli sneaks veggies into its new pasta products Consumer research for Catelli Smart Veggie and Catelli SuperGreens products exceeded expectations. That doesn’t surprise Joel Gregoire, senior research analyst food and drink with Mintel Canada, who is currently writing a report on the issue of vegetable-boosted foods based on feedback from consumers in omnibus polls.

Marketing Magazine Activia taps into growing drinkable yogurt market A 2014 report from Mintel noted that volume retail sales of yogurt and yogurt drinks are expected to rise by around 4% annually over the next five years.

Elle Canada Prada has six new fragrances You would think [brands] want to launch something unique, but typically they want assurances that their scent is similar, explains Emmanuelle Moeglin, global fragrance and colour cosmetics analyst at market-research firm Mintel.

Food in Canada Spirited away Dave Sackett, executive director of Sales and Marketing for Mizkan Americas Food Ingredients Division, notes that between 2013 and 2014, Mintel found that retail cooking sauces with spirits as an ingredient increased by 160 per cent.


Forbes Asia Victoria’s Secret, Nike Cashes In On Rising Girl Power In China “Chinese women in first- to third-tier cities hold a rising economic power in today’s society,” says Mintel’s APAC Trends Analyst Philix Liu. “They’re increasingly open-minded and empowered. The fact that Victoria Secret’s is debuting its undergarments in Shanghai is proof of that. For any company aiming to tap into one of the country’s most lucrative forces, it makes sense to be here now.”

Asia Food Journal The Appeal of Digital Packaging According to research from Mintel, one in five US millennials seek custom or personalised packaging, and nearly one-quarter of Chinese consumers indicate they would pay more for personalised soft drink packaging. Here’s What China’s Middle Classes Really Earn – and Spend Market research company Mintel expects sales of vitamins and dietary supplements to hit $5.3 billion by 2017 – a 214 percent jump from a decade earlier. Kelas Menengah China Menghabiskan Pendapatannya Untuk Hal-Hal Ini Perusahaan riset pasar Mintel memprediksi penjualan vitamin dan suplemen makanan akan mencapai 5,3 miliar pada 2017, atau naik 214 persen dari 10 tahun sebelumnya.

EJ Insight What mainland Chinese consumers earn and spend China’s cross-border e-commerce market has shown a strong growth during the six-month period ending November 2015, according to research firm Mintel.

Yahoo! Singapore Finance China’s 770 Million Middle-Class Aspirants Boon to Consumption Market research company Mintel expects sales of vitamins and dietary supplements to hit $5.3 billion by 2017 — a 214 percent jump from a decade earlier. China’s cross-border online retail shows strong progress China’s cross-border e-commerce market has shown a strong growth during the six-month period ending November 2015, according to research firm Mintel.

My Paper S. Korea, Japan brands are the new beauty ‘queens’ in China Of the global beauty and personal care products bought by Chinese consumers in the past six months, South Korean brands accounted for 47 per cent, followed by Japanese labels (29) and French ones (24), according to Overseas Online Shopping, a research report by Mintel Group.

헤럴드경제 탄산음료의 위기? 카페인 워터가 왔다 특히 영국의 시장조사업체 민텔(Mintel)의 연구 결과에 따르면, 소비자의 43%는 비타민 워터에 관심이 있다. 이어 29%는 미네랄 워터, 28%는 에너지 워터에 관심이 있는 것으로 나타났다. 이는 소비자들이 설탕이 다량 함유된 탄산음료보다 더 건강한 음료를 선호하기 때문이다.

Asiaprnews Jiuxian Strengthens its Overseas Purchasing Business: Imported An industry analysis report released by Mintel (the world leading consumption, product and market information supplier) states that the Chinese wine market will see a 102.5% growth in 2017, with a total consumption of 2.827 billion litres costing RMB93.8 billion.

South China Morning Post For domestic consumption, China’s women are in the driving seat China’s recent move to allow all families to have a second child meant women would take on more financial responsibilities in the household, said Philix Liu, a trend analyst at Mintel.

헤럴드경제 [리얼푸드]위기 닥친 영국 빵 시장…치아씨드 빵이 구세주 될까? 시장조사 업체 민텔(Mintel)이 밝혔다

뉴스zum 위기 닥친 영국 빵 시장…치아씨드 빵이 구세주 될까? – 뉴스zum [코리아헤럴드=이서영 기자] 위기에 닥친 영국 빵 시장을 살리기 위해 빵 영국 시장조사 업체 민텔(Mintel)이 밝혔다. 이에 따라 호비

香港矽谷 小紅書:這本男人讀不懂的慾望 英敏特(Mintel)公布的《海淘零售報告》統計,僅2015年中國內地海外網購市場已經增長了60%以上。

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