Mintel in the Media – This week's highlights, 28 April 2016

April 28, 2016
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Mintel in the Media is a review of the past week, bringing together a selection of the most high profile press stories showcasing Mintel’s data and analysis from around the world. Highlights include:


Los Angeles Times Why sporting goods retailers are fumbling “The consumer is smart enough to be able to shop around and know they can get some pretty quality athleisure [items] and they’re not confined to a sporting goods store,” said Diana Smith, senior research analyst for retail and apparel at the research firm Mintel Group Ltd.

Wall Street Journal Why There Are More Consumer Goods Than Ever Lynn Dornblaser, who monitors consumer-packaged goods at Mintel, says that since 1980, the share of sales controlled by the 20 biggest manufacturers has steadily declined, as consumers spread their purchases across more, and smaller, brands.

New York Times Overly Sensitive? Maybe, Maybe Not Roughly a quarter of facial skincare product debuts in 2014 and 2015 were for sensitive skin, according to the market research company Mintel.

Associated Press Trapped! Vegan restaurants struggle with humane pest control There are no detailed figures on the number of vegan and vegetarian restaurants in the U.S., but the market for vegetarian food products grew from $646 million in 1998 to over $2 billion in 2009, according to the analyst group Mintel.

Wall Street Journal New Gadgets Help Pollution-Weary Chinese Breathe Easier There is little independent research on how well the new antipollution offerings work. “[Consumers] focus most on if a product works, and are willing to pay a bit more if the product is really proven to be effective,” said Lindi Li, a Mintel research analyst.

Financial Times (US print edition) Big Food in health drive to keep market share Kraft-Heinz used a high-risk strategy, says Lynn Dornblaser, director of innovation and insight at Mintel, the market research group. “A company cannot pull that stunt more than once, otherwise they risk losing consumer trust — customers will start wondering what else they’ve changed without telling them,” she says.

Mashable Are you prepared to drink pea milk? According to market research firm Mintel, over the last several years, cow’s milk has been in gradual decline, with the alternative milk category taking its place.

CNBC Is the world thirsty for Europe’s booze?” Europe has the reputation as an “old world” expert with a long-standing heritage of making great beers. Particularly Belgium, Germany, Czech Republic and U.K.,” Jonny Forsyth, global drinks analyst at Mintel, told CNBC via email.

TechCrunch FirstBuild launches Pique, a faster cold brew coffee maker for the home Cold brew is a fast-growing favorite among coffee drinkers — according to Mintel, cold-brew sales popped up 115 percent from 2014 to 2015.

MediaPost Is Identity Theft Scarier Than Burglary And Murder? Recent research by Mintel found that, in some fields, such as insurance, older consumers have a strong preference for agents.

The Huffington Post Taking Antibiotics off the Menu Recent data from Mintel International shows that more than 42% of chicken consumers now say that hormone or antibiotic free meat is an important to them, and the sales value in the US for antibiotic free chicken rose 34% in 2013.

Progressive Grocer Product Packaging Trends for 2016 & Beyond According to Mintel, reusable packaging is a key factor when determining whether or not to buy a product for 63 percent of consumers.

BeverageWorld Magazine Under pressure The biggest reason is that after watching U.S. beer volume decline over the past several years—by almost 62 million cases since 2010, according to Mintel—big brewers have been trying to get a bigger piece of the successful craft beer business.

QSR Magazine Continental Drift The market research firm Mintel has reported that more than 60 percent of younger Millennials consider themselves “adventurous eaters.”

Prepared Foods Discovering Healthy Food on Menus New research from Mintel reveals half (48%) of consumers agree that finding healthy items at restaurants is too difficult, with 25% of Americans looking for nutritional claims on menus more in 2015 than the year before.


BBC BBC Breakfast Lynn Dornblaser discusses Dolmio’s consumption recommendation announcement live on BBC Breakfast.

Financial Times Big Food in health drive to keep market share Kraft-Heinz used a high-risk strategy, says Lynn Dornblaser, director of innovation and insight at Mintel, the market research group. “A company cannot pull that stunt more than once, otherwise they risk losing consumer trust — customers will start wondering what else they’ve changed without telling them,” she says.

Independent i More British shoppers going online to buy their groceries Half (48 per cent) of British people are currently regular online supermarket shoppers, while 11 per cent now buy their groceries without visiting a brick-and-mortar store, a study by the analysts Mintel found.

Mail On Sunday Avocado leads superfood surge: Sales of the fruit soar as health-conscious Britons ditch lunchtime sandwiches for salads Helena Childe, an analyst at Mintel, said: ‘Freshness is a key buzzword at present, with as many as a third of diners ranking it as the most important factor which makes a dish better for you.’

Marketing Week How Pret used customer insight to shape its new veggie pop-up strategy Recent Mintel research found that that just 39% of Britons are now snacking on cakes and sweet baked goods between meals – down from 51% in 2014.

The Guardian Five ways to motivate yourself 54% of people in a Mintel study monitored aspects of their daily acitivty or wellbeing to boost motivation.

The Grocer Sayonara sandwiches Fulled by a booming appetite for sushi in our lunch hour, Japanese now tops the leader board for emerging world cuisines in the UK, according to Mintel, beating dishes from Morocco, Vietnam and Brazil. It says 17% of Brits now tuck into sushi at home, rising to one in five for shoppers under 45.

The Telegraph Snack maker Kestrel becomes export champion despite ‘everyone thinking we made bird nuts’ Mintel’s snacking report last year found that almost one quarter of shoppers would pay more for all-natural snacks, and almost one in five would pay more for a snack with nutritional benefits, for example snacks high in fibre.

Retail Week Watch: What next for BHS and is it possible to right the ship? As BHS files for administration, Mintel retail analyst Nick Carroll discusses what’s next for the struggling retailer.

City A.M. Tank beer could be the new craft beer as Pilsner Urquell expands supply to Draft House bar chain in London Chris Wisson, senior drinks analyst at Mintel, said: Pilsner Urquell has used the ‘tankovna’ method as an effective way of setting itself apart from the many other Eastern European beers now in the UK. The tank beer serve is a great way for the brand to assert a craft positioning, crucially conveying freshness cues which result from the beer being unpasteurised.

The Times What’s wrong with milk from a cow? Oat, goat, buffalo, hemp, coconut, pea, the choice is seemingly endless and the thirst for milk alternatives led to sales nearly tripling between 2011 and 2013, from 36 million litres to 92 million litres, according to Mintel.

Cosmetics Design Europe What’s hot at the in-cosmetics Marketing Trends presentations Meanwhile, Mintel predicts that a worldwide scarcity of water will lead beauty brands to look for alternatives, including plant extracts and extracting water from fog.

Metro Forget flat whites and invest in some ice: The coffee trends you need to know about But Coffee Juice isn’t the only place mixing coffee with sweeter stuff: according to industry analyst Mintel, sales of flavoured coffees are up 800% since 2010.

BBC News Dyson unveils ‘quieter’ £299 hairdryer Personal care analyst Roshida Khanom of Mintel said women in particular had started looking for products that were kinder to their hair. “We found a high proportion of women are limiting their use of heat appliances and 20% had bought appliances that claim to be less damaging, so there’s definitely a market for products that don’t damage hair,” she told the BBC.

The Guardian Grey area Roshida Khanom, of market researchers Mintel, says : “It’s acceptable now to have hair of pretty much any colour.” But going grey artificially is quite a procedure, involving multiple bleaches, a purple toner to strip any “warmth” from the hair, followed by a grey dye – all taking time and money.


Lebensmittel Zeitung Veggie-Fertiggerichte sind beliebt Vegetarische Produkte werden in Deutschland populärer. Wie eine Mintel-Studie ergab, trugen 12 Prozent der 2015 auf den Markt gebrachten Fertiggerichte diese Bezeichnung. 2011 waren es 2 Prozent.

Portalspoż W 2017 roku wartość rynku ekożywności w Polsce może przekroczyć 1 mld zł Honorata Jarocka z firmy Mintel poinformowała, że zwiększyła się świadomość związana za faktem, iż żywność niskoprzetworzona jest zdrowsza.

Premium Beauty in-cosmetics 2016 : une édition record dans un marché des ingrédients cosmétiques en forte croissance Les présentations Jamie Mills, du cabinet d’études Canadean, sur les opportunités du marché de l’anti-âge, ou de David Tyrrell, de Mintel, sur les tendances américaines et leur impact local et mondial. El 44% de los españoles añaden sal a los platos ya condimentados El 44% de los españoles añade sal a sus platos en la mesa de forma regular, mientras que la industria alimentaria apuesta por reducir el sodio en las recetas, según detalla un estudio de Mintel de ámbito mundial.

Dairy Reporter Raw foods on the rise as clean-label consumers crave more From snack bars to spreads, chocolate to cheese, the trend for raw ingredients in processed foods is spreading across Europe, says Mintel, as consumer attention goes beyond the ingredient list to look at clean-label processing methods.

Food Navigator Seaweed market boosted by NPD surge Europe is now the second most innovative region globally when it comes to seaweed-flavoured doof and drink launches, Mintel has claimed.

Die Welt Diese genialen Quadrat-Bäume sollen Smog wegfiltern “Der Bedarf nach Luftreinigung ist da, vor allem in Asien”, sagt auch Richard Cope, Trendanalyst beim Marktforschungsinstitut Mintel in London. 1,6 Millionen Chinesen, rechnet er vor, sterben pro Jahr an den Folgen der Luftverschmutzung. Auch in Europa ist das Problem jedoch nicht zu unterschätzen.

Biznes – Interia.PL Producenci lodów gotowi na nowy sezon. Będzie wojna na innowacje? Jak wynika z danych firmy Mintel, w Europie rośnie popyt na bezmleczne lody, czyli powstałe na bazie mleka migdałowego bądź koksowego (wyłączając sorbety). Zainteresowani są nimi zarówno alergicy, jak i osoby dbające o zdrowie i kondycję. 78 proc. Sporting heroes According to Mintel, high-protein sports nutrition products tailored to people as they get older is the most popular product concept among this cohort.

DMZ Trends für den globalen Verpackungsmarkt 2016 Das sind die Trends, die nach David Luttenberger, Global Packaging Director bei Mintel, im Jahr 2016 für Verbraucher wichtig sein werden.

Več I šeici se slade 
Ledovim sladoledima Na to je nedavno uputio i Mintel, svjetski poznata globalna kompanija za business intelligence, objavivši opsežnu analizu portfelja Ledovih proizvoda – objašnjava Vrabec.

Portalspoż Rosnąca popularność herbaty w kapsułkach pobudzi rynek herbat? Stanowiły one 2 proc. wszystkich herbat wprowadzonych na światowe rynki w 2015 roku, wzrastając z zaledwie 1 proc. odnotowanego w 2011 roku – podaje Mintel.

Vegetarischer Bund Vegan-Trend: Daten und Fakten zum Veggie-Boom Laut einer Studie des Marktforschungsunternehmens Mintel kauft fast jeder Fünfte der 16- bis 24-Jährigen Fleischalternativen.

Markenartikel Anzahl der vegetarischen Fertiggerichte in Deutschland steigt So gaben in einer Umfrage von Mintel aus dem Jahr 2014 drei von zehn (30 %) zu Fleischalternativen greifenden Deutschen an, dass ethische Bedenken wie z.B. Tierschutz ein Grund hierfür sei.

B&L MedienGesellschaft Veggie für den kleinen Geldbeutel Laut Agentur Mintel interessieren sich rund zwei Drittel für vegane Alternativen zu Speiseeis.


Campaign Asia 5 Asia-Pacific m-commerce lessons from Mintel In little more than five years, mobile online retail in China has gone from virtually zero to one of the most important m-commerce markets in the world. That “staggering” pace of growth has turned the country into a “hot bed test market” that gives valuable pointers to the rest of the region’s future, a new white paper from Mintel argues.

Foodreview Indonesia Tren “Baru” di Asia Tenggara “Tetapi kini, veggies burgers dan non-dairy milk telah menyasar kelompok umum yang lebih luas,” tutur Trend and Innovation Consultant-South East Asia Mintel, Jemi Crookes.

Cafebiz Để sống tại môi trường cực kỳ ô nhiễm như Bắc Kinh, đây là cách người dân dùng chỉ để thở Trong một báo cáo từ công ty nghiên cứu thị trường Mintel vào năm ngoái với 3,000 người dùng internet tuổi từ 20 đến 49 được khảo sát, 83% nói rằng họ đã sở hữu những chiếc mặt nạ cá nhân và 61% cho biết họ rất lo lắng về lượng PM2.5. Từ năm 2010 đến 2015, lượng máy lọc khí bán ra tại Trung Quốc đã tăng lên 4,4 triệu chiếc.

Techcrunch (JP) 水出しコーヒーを短時間で作るFirstBuildのPique、近くIndiegogoでクラウドファンディングデビュー 今あるそれらがお世話をするのは、ホットコーヒーの味と香りにうるさい人びとだ。しかし今や、水出しコーヒーが急速にブームになりつつある。飲食品に関する消費者調査サイトMintelによると、水出しコーヒーの売上は2014年から2015年にかけて115%増加した(2倍強)。

Food Mate 5 Key Food Trends Being Driven by Millennials A report from Mintel found 43 percent of Millennials agree they do not trust large food manufacturers compared to just 18 percent of non-Millennials. Similarly, 74 percent of Millennials wish food companies were more transparent about how they manufacture their products (versus 69 percent of non-Millennials).

Industry Sourcing Food Vision Asia program announced Jane Barnett, Mintel’s Head of Insight for Australia, New Zealand, South East Asia and India, will reveal key trends impacting Asia’s food and drink market.

Campaign Asia Asean powering beauty gadgets growth Sharon Kwek, senior innovation and insights analyst at Mintel, opines luxury gadgets may not have to engage in a war with cheaper brands. The real battle lies in convincing consumers that they are getting value for their money.


Toronto Star Westons bringing upscale Eataly’s foods to Toronto Joel Gregoire, senior food and drink analyst at Mintel in Toronto, said the Eataly concept shows the changing ways consumers shop for groceries. The experience offers knowledgeable staff and selections you wouldn’t usually find at a supermarket, including elaborate meals.

Strategy The omnichannel future of grocery Convincing people to try grocery shopping online is the hardest part. In Canada, 88% of people said they’ve never tried it, while 68% said they have no interest in it, according to a survey by Mintel.

Globe and Mail Ottawa cricket farmer feeds a growing appetite for insects A study by market research firm Mintel found that 26 per cent of people in the United States indicated they would be interested in trying insect products.

Strategy Lessons from a 1959 board game about Loblaws Today, a Mintel report reveals that while only 35% of all Canadians actually enjoy grocery shopping, 73% of shoppers agree that they love the thrill of scoring a deal.


Shanghai Daily Online business set to thrive China’s total mobile online retail transaction volume is expected to more than triple to 7.4 trillion yuan (US$308 billion) this year from around 2 trillion yuan last year, and it will make up a quarter of overall retail size, a latest study by research firm Mintel shows.

慧聪IT网 英敏特:智能电视2015年渗透率增长18% 中国的消费者热爱电子科技产品,尤其是都市消费者们,面对这样的好消息,科技公司和品牌们也依旧需要怀着开放的态度来思考产品与发展战略,不断引导消费者并且及时应变。英敏特的最近报告《数码趋势2016中国》显示,中国的智能电视的渗透率较2014年36%增长至2015年54%,截至2015年12月,中国城市消费者中超过五分之二(43%)表示他们在过去三个月中比以往更多使用率智能电视。

E讯网 可穿戴防霾设备渐成趋势  在市场研究公司Mintel去年进行的一项研究中,3000名20至49岁的网民有83%自称已经拥有口罩,还有61%自称“很担心”PM 2.5。

风险投资网 食品包装设计有看点 数字包装印刷技术的发展,为品牌创造了前所未有的与消费者亲密接触的机会。Mintel指出2016年将是数字包装印刷发展具有转折点的一年,数字印刷将不再仅仅运用于品牌产品的私人订制、限量订制化,而将因其经济实惠、更新上市周期短等优势站上主流包装市场的舞台。

南方网 “高科技”美妆APP,其实并不好用 全球领先的独立市场研究咨询公司英敏特发现,45%的美容消费者更倾向于在手机搜索产品信息,而不是向销售助理寻求帮助。

广西糖网 统一、脉动热推清淡饮料 全球市场调研公司英敏特 2015 年 3 月发布的中国瓶装水报告显示,58% 的受访者曾喝过有味道的瓶装水,而 97% 喝过净水,96% 喝过瓶装水。其中,20 – 24 岁的女性是对口味水消费率最高的人群,比例达到 68%。这也与全球饮料市场的整体发展趋势相吻合——女性比男性更喜欢甜味。


Consumidor Moderno Você busca uma alimentação saudável? A Mintel realizou uma pesquisa para falar sobre a busca por produtos saudáveis. O estudo identificou novas demandas para bebidas e produtos alimentícios que promovem benefícios nutricionais. Uma dessas demandas vem da população que está envelhecendo.

Aditivos e Ingredientes BRASILEIROS DECLARAM TER CONSUMIDO MENOS SALGADINHOS NOS ÚLTIMOS 12 MESES Fatores como inflação e taxas de desemprego mais elevadas indicam que, com o objetivo de manter as pessoas consumindo alimentos dessa categoria, as marcas terão que desenvolver novas estratégias.

Supermercado Moderno Brasileiro consome menos salgadinho nos últimos 12 meses Pesquisa da Mintel também aponta que Itens com apelo saudável e com tamanhos reduzidos são oportunidades para a categoria.

Food & News Três quartos dos brasileiros declaram ter consumido menos salgadinhos nos últimos 12 meses Em tempos de crise econômica, uma nova pesquisa da Mintel revela que 73% dos brasileiros declaram ter consumido menos salgadinhos nos últimos 12 meses, considerando o período até novembro de 2015.

H&C Como a indústria cosmética pode investir na consumidora madura De acordo com o relatório Mintel, Mature Beauty, de dezembro de 2015, dos Estados Unidos, 63% das mulheres com 65 anos ou mais procuram por produtos de beleza adequados para à sua idade.

Doce Revista A Pitada Certa: Envelhecimento da População acentua a demanda por alimentos com menos sal e açúca Apesar do atual cenário brasileiro de estagnação econômica, pesquisa da Mintel identifica novas demandas para bebidas e produtos alimentícios que promovem benefícios nutricionais.

Revista Pack Rápido Crescimento Segundo um estudo da Mintel, sobre as tendências em embalagens que impactarão no mercado global em 2016, a impressão digital chama a atenção das marcas.

Supermercado Moderno Supermercados perdem para padarias em numero de visitas Pesquisa da Mintel aponta os supermercados como o terceiro canal do varejo alimentar mais visitado pelos brasileiros.

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