Mintel in the Media – this week’s highlights – 29th August 2013

August 29, 2013
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Mintel in the Media – this week’s highlights

Mintel in the Media is a weekly review, bringing together a selection of the most high profile press stories showcasing Mintel’s data and analysis from around the world. Highlights from the past week include:



CNN: Theme park visits under attack by the Internet and video games. In fact, 76% of theme park visitors, according to Mintel, believe theme parks should use enhanced technology to decrease wait times.

Forbes: This week in credit card news. According to the research company Mintel, direct mail credit card offers are on the rise, and the perks they come with continue to be attractive.

Wall Street Journal: Zero worship: credit card firms compete with no-interest transfers. One-quarter of all interest-free balance-transfer promotions offered in the second quarter had a duration of 18 months or longer, according to Mintel Group Ltd., a market-research firm.

Washington Post: Mega-chain restaurants do some things right. “Everybody is going after the same very small discretionary budget,” says Kathy Hayden, a food service analyst with Mintel, another leading market research firm.

CNBC: Cashing in on the booming wheat-free market. Dining-out options are increasing, too. According to a report by market research group Mintel, gluten-free mentions on menus almost tripled between 2009 and 2012.

Marketwatch Radio: Newscast: stocks mixed, record corn harvest seen. Mintel mention is heard at 38 second mark. It’s a reference to our theme parks release.

Prevention Magazine: What’s lurking in your veggie burger? Today, a whopping 40% of Americans say they regularly buy meat alternatives, finds a recent survey by the consumer market research group Mintel.

MediaPost Marketing Daily: The roller coaster ride has ended for theme parks. That’s the finding of new research from Mintel, which also looked at overall park attendance trends and the role of social media in building traffic.

Chicago Business Journal: How do parents approach back-to-school shopping? Back-to-school shopping is big business. And Chicago-based consumer research firm Mintel recently completed a survey to find out more about how families shop for back-to-school necessities.

The Toledo Blade: Food, beer keep fans coming back to the German-American festival. According to the food-research firm Mintel, 36 percent of all Americans now eat these meat alternatives. And here is the kicker: Only 7 percent of consumers identify themselves as vegetarians.

Beauty Packaging: Mintel ranks product usage, sees BBs surge. Mintel reports that there has been a 50 percent increase in BB product launches since 2012 in the U.S.

Happi: BB creams still in demand. The color cosmetic category has grown slowly over the years (a mere 13% increase from 2008-13); however inspiration from the Asian market might be about to speed things along, according to new research from Mintel.

CNBC: Tesco gearing up for ‘destination shopping’.Richard Perks, director of retail research at Mintel International, talks about Tesco’s new supermarkets and how they are gearing up for a trend towards out-of-town shopping.


Bloomberg:  Savile Row Breaks With Tradition E-Mailing Suit Clients: Retail. The top end of the $16 billion U.K. menswear market suffered from a “clear drop-off” in 2009, said Mintel retail analyst Richard Perks.

Bloomberg: Brewers adapt to changing beer tastes. Jonny Forsyth, senior analyst at Mintel, talks with Francine Lacqua about brewers moving to flavored drinks and new offerings other than beer to reach a younger and more female group of customers and what may be the next big thing in alcoholic beverages.

Reuters: Europe online sales seen doubling in five years – study. Online retail sales in Europe are seen doubling by 2018 to 323 billion euros ($428.51 billion) with Inc expected to grow even faster than that, market research firm Mintel said.

The Drum: European online retail sales expected to double to £275bn by 2018. The Mintel survey looked at 19 continental markets, concluding that their combined sales would hit €188bn this year, up from €166bn in 2012.

The Daily Telegraph: Sorry dear, I’ve got a headache…just ask the scientist. Mintel last night said 73% of women it surveyed had suffered a headache in the past six months, against 62 per cent of men.

The Independent:  Backstage Travel: No 6 – The campsite manager. It’s an antidote to modern life that increasing numbers of us are seeking. According to a 2011 Mintel report, one in three Brits had taken a camping holiday in the previous three years, up from one in five in 2009.

The Grocer:  Dr Zak’s launches high-protein pasta. Mintel senior analyst Chris Brockman said demand for high-protein foods in the UK had grown noticeably since the explosion of interest in the US.

The Times: Women more likely to suffer from headaches than men. A survey of more than 1,000 people by the market research company Mintel found that 78 per cent of women reported having headaches in the previous six months, compared with 64 per cent of men.

The Independent on Sunday: Camping a happy business. If not, you’re doing it wrong. It’s  an antidote to modern life that increasing numbers of us are seeking. According to a 2011 Mintel report, one in three Brits had taken a camping.

The Times: John Lewis launches pet project. According to Mintel, the total pet market is worth£2.7billion, with accessories worth £500 million after growing by 18 per cent in five years.

Marketing Week: Tea brands push for broader appeal to reverse sales dip. The resurgence of afternoon tea and growing consumer demand for products with a visible provenance is presenting marketers with an opportunity to revive a category that is in decline. Sales of traditional tea remains dominant with 70 per cent of the market, according to Mintel, but sales fell 1.5 per cent last year from £470m to £463m.

Daily Mirror: Men fall for online dates. But analysts Mintel found only 9% of women turn to online dating – and 36% of all singles still prefer to find someone through a friend.

Cosmetic Business: Next up in anti-aging innovation – science-backed probiotic technology. Mintel predicts that the anti-aging beauty market will continue to pick up speed until 2016 based on population growth of women aged 55+, who are the primary purchasers of anti-aging products.

The Daily Telegraph: Military to get face scrubs and eye creams in groundbreaking deal. The deal comes just weeks after a report by market research specialist Mintel said record numbers of men were using facial moisturiser, eye gels and lip balm, fuelled by demand from twenty-somethings.

The Times: Three cheers for the drink and drive tipple you can’t call wine. Chris Wisson, a wine analyst, has a phrase for the latest trend in his sector. It is not, perhaps, a phrase of which Jilly Goolden would approve — there are no earthy overtones of oak or mellow hints of blackberry here. “I call them ‘sessionable’ wines,” he said. “That means you can drink a lot in one session”.

The Daily Mail: Popular wine brands Banrock Station and Blossom Hill offer 5.5% alcohol versions of drink to the disgust of experts. Drinks industry expert at retail analysts, Mintel, Chris Wisson, said he sees a big future for these reduced alcohol wines. ‘I call them ‘sessionable’ wine. That means you can drink a lot in one session,’ he said.


Yahoo: Tesco réduit ses ambitions en Chine. Entre-temps, le rêve chinois a fait long feu, avec des ventes en baisse de 1% l’an dernier et des opérations déficitaires en dépit d’une multiplication par six du marché de l’hyper entre 2007 et 2012, selon l’agence Mintel.

Beverage Daily: Tetley “Blend of Both” style NPD can add excitement into tea. In a survey of 19 markets in Europe made exclusively available to Reuters, market research firm Mintel predicted that online sales would grow to €188bn in 2013 from €166bn in 2012.

Cosmetic Design: Hair CareIngredients 2013 opens its doors in less than a month. Market presentation given by a senior analyst from market research company Mintel. This presentation will highlight all the latest trends in the


Food & Beverage Asia: Food Futures Market Insight – Mintel at Upcoming Fi Asia MEGAtrends 2013. Fi Asia and UBM proudly welcome Mintel, global and market leader, as Silver Sponsor at the upcoming Fi Asia MEGAtrends 2013 conference. The conference will be held on 11-13 September 2013 at BITEC, Bangkok, Thailand and is expected to attract top tier manufacturers, retailers, distributors, regulators, and suppliers.

The Telegraph (India): Food Futures Market Insight – Mintel at Upcoming Fi Asia MEGAtrends 2013. Fi Asia and UBM proudly welcome Mintel, global and market leader, as Silver Sponsor at the upcoming Fi Asia MEGAtrends 2013 conference.

The Telegraph (India): Teen theme park visitation on the decline, reports Mintel. But when it comes to theme parks, new research from Mintel reveals that while teens are still the most prolific visitors, teen visitation has dropped over the past five years with 67% of those aged 12-17 having visited a park in the last year compared with 76% five years ago. In contrast, visits from adults have remained steady at 22-23%.

Eguan: Mintel:调查显示男士买鞋开销远超女士 Men spend more on shoes than women. 2013年8月15日英国市场调查公司Mintel日前公布一份研究报告,表明英国绅士买鞋的花费远高于女性。一方面因为男鞋价格较高,另一方面归功于男士较追求品质,因此鞋再贵下手也绝不含糊. Mintel’s report shows that British men spend more on shoes than women because the high price of men’s shoes and their pursuit of high-quality products.

Travel Daily Asia: Theme park sector a recession buster – report. Mintel study shows string rise demand for US theme parks.



Engarrafador Moderno: Um estudo recente divulgado pela Consultoria Mintel sobre água engarrafada mostrou que nove entre 10 brasileiros consideram a água mineral a melhor forma de hidratação durante ou depois da prática de exercícios físicos.

Anuário Brasileiro de Ingredientes: Região nordeste é o novo oásis do mercado de sorvetes premium

Molhos e Temperos/condimentos podem ser aliados na busca pela alimentação saudável dos filho

Supermercado Moderno: Consumo de SopaDe acordo com análise feita pela Mintel, empresa global de inteligência de mídia, um desses hábitos é o de aproveitar as sobras de outras refeições (principalmente do almoço) para preparar uma sopa.

Forbes: Homem mais rico da Itália reforça sua marca de US$ 1 bilhão no BrasilO mercado brasileiro de balas e chicletes movimenta por volta de R$ 9 bilhões por ano. “Enquanto o crescimento médio em valor de vendas vem crescendo regularmente na categoria de balas e chicletes, o volume avança muito pouco nos últimos anos e reflete o novo padrão de consumo do brasileiro, o qual busca produtos de mais qualidade. Por sinal, a ascensão da classe C no Brasil abre portas para um maior consumo de produtos de qualidade”, observa Jean Manuel Gonçalves, analista sênior do setor de Alimentos, da Mintel.

Cosmeticos BR: BB Cream é forte tendência no mercado americanoA categoria de maquiagem como um todo, cresceu lentamente ao longo dos anos (meros 13% de 2008 a 2013), no entanto a inspiração vinda do mercado asiático pode estar prestes a acelerar as coisas, de acordo com nova pesquisa da Mintel, fornecedora global de inteligência de produtos de consumidores, produto e mídia.

Isto É Dinheiro: O tombo da cachacaNo ano passado, os apreciadores da bebida feita a partir da cana-de-açúcar consumiram apenas 157 milhões de litros, uma queda de quase 10% em dois anos, de acordo com pesquisa da consultoria britânica Mintel, obtida com exclusividade por DINHEIRO.


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