Mintel in the Media – This week's highlights, 31 March 2016

March 31, 2016
18 min read

Mintel in the Media is a review of the past week, bringing together a selection of the most high profile press stories showcasing Mintel’s data and analysis from around the world. Highlights include:


New York Times Kraft Reveals Revamped Mac and Cheese, 50 Million Boxes Later When asked about Kraft’s quiet removal of artificial ingredients from Mac and Cheese, Lynn Dornblaser, Director of Innovation and Insight at Mintel, said: it “was absolutely brilliant of them to change it and not say anything.”

Wall Street Journal Is Your Weekend Wardrobe Due for an Upgrade? Jeans and tees were the most commonly purchased men’s clothes in the 12 months that ended in January, a survey by Mintel of 963 men ages 18-plus found.

Washington Post Do you use paper towels as napkins at the dinner table? You are not alone. In a February survey, only 56 percent of consumers said they had purchased paper napkins in the past six months, while 86 percent purchased paper towels. The survey, by market intelligence agency Mintel, indicated that economizing consumers saw paper napkins as replaceable by other products, whether paper towels or cloth.

Time Magazine The Hottest Trend in Craft Brewing Is Beer That Doesn’t Taste Like Beer The number of new flavored offerings breweries large and small are rolling out to the marketplace has exploded by a whopping 80% over a five-year period, according to new data from market research firm Mintel.

Bloomberg Kellogg Sees a Cereal Savior in Millennial Penchant for Snacking A recent report from Mintel Group Ltd., a market-research company, found that 56 percent of millennials think cereal should be more portable, while 39 percent said cleaning the dishes after eating is a hassle.

The Financial Brand 5 Forces Reshaping Bank and Credit Union Innovation Strategies in 2016 A team of analysts at Mintel Comperemedia identified and analyzed five key trends that they predict will impact the U.S. financial industry significantly in 2016, including where the industry is headed next and why marketers should care.

Money 10 Amazing Facts About Easter Spending From 2009 to 2014, U.S. chocolate sales increased 24%, reaching a total of $21 billion, according to Mintel data.

Business Insider Millennials are killing the napkin industry A Mintel survey from last month highlights that only 56% of shoppers said that they bought napkins in the past six months.

Forbes China’s Economy Is Slowing, But Their Pet Economy Is Booming A number of pet food manufacturers are “developing new products specifically targeting China,” reports Laurel Gu, a manager at Mintel.

Fast Company A Guide To Navigating The Alternative Pet Food Aisle Seventy percent of American households have at least one pet, and nearly half of those pet owners consider the animal’s taste when buying food, according to the market research firm Mintel.

GQ The Real Reason Millennials Aren’t Eating Cereal for Breakfast According to Amanda Topper, Senior Food Analyst at Mintel, “Consumers are increasingly pressed for time, so for breakfast specifically we’re not necessarily sitting down at the breakfast table each day, so when it comes to finding products that are going to satisfy those needs, we need convenient, portable food.”

Los Angeles Times An invention that took 80 years to seem like a good idea in China: the tampon Only $190 million worth of tampons were sold in China in 2013, according to Mintel, a London-based market research company.

MarketWatch In the future, you might make payments with your sunglasses or shoes Only about a third of adults regularly wear a watch of any kind and 22% usually wear a necklace or bracelet, according to a Mintel survey of nearly 2,000 adults in September 2015.

MediaPost Beer: Big Brands’ Perceptions Rebounding; Flavored Launches ‘Exploding’ In other beer data timed for St. Paddy’s Day, Mintel’s Beer U.S. 2016 report shows that beer volume declined by 2% between 2010 and 2015, but dollar sales rose 21% in the same period — including a 4% gain last year, to reach $102.1 billion.

Food Business News Seaweed ‘the next superfood,’ says Mintel Seaweed may become “the next superfood,” said Stephanie Mattucci, global food science analyst at Mintel, Chicago.


The Times Men take on the night-time nappy shift Men are more than pulling their weight with night-time nappy changes, getting up more times in the small hours that women, according to research. Seven out of ten new fathers always or often took responsibility for the task, the market analysts Mintel said.

Daily Mail Who changes baby’s nappy at night? The modern dad! The chore of night-time nappy changes and a lack of sleep are a part of parenting which every new mum dreads. But a new study from consumer analysts Mintel reveals that dads are enjoying less shut-eye than mums and lead the way with night-time nappy changes.

The Telegraph Modern dads more likely than mums to do night-time nappy changes Charlotte Libby, a Senior Analyst at Mintel, which commissioned the report, said: “While daytime nappy changes are largely the responsibility of the mother, likely due to mums spending the daytime caring for their child whilst on maternity leave, Britain’s dads are taking the lead with night-time nappy changes.”

Marketing Week Smirnoff takes a ‘personal’ approach as it sheds light on the deaf community with ‘We’re Open’ TV push Figures from Mintel show that Smirnoff remains the largest vodka brand in the off-trade and increased its lead between 2013 and 2015, increasing sales by over £70m and claiming a 36% value share of the segment.

Financial Times Upheavals in taste and shopping habits sweep China Mintel, a research firm, estimates that cross-border online shopping grew at a compound annual growth rate of 63 per cent between 2010 and 2015. Total online cross-border shopping is forecast to rise to $222bn by 2020, up from $97.3bn last year, Mintel forecasts, accounting for 17 per cent of the $1.3tn in Chinese online sales expected in 2020.

Marketing Week 5 things you need to know this week Figures by Mintel show that volume sales of cereal fell by almost 6% between 2010 and 2015 and Weetabix is hoping its range of breakfast drinks can help to revive the category.

Daily Mail Men getting so fat stores have to sell 5XL size clothes: One in nine items bought at Debenhams are in sizes bigger than extra extra large Industry researcher Mintel said the UK market for plus-sized menswear was growing at three times the rate of sales of men’s clothing overall, and was 50 per cent more than the growth in women’s plus-size clothing.

The Telegraph Eight signs that you’re a Modern Father, not a Dinosaur Dad Recent reports from consumer analysts Mintel show that only 54 per cent of dads get over seven hours sleep per night, compared to 57 per cent of mums.

Daily Express Eating chocolate ‘better than falling in love’ And while just 25 per cent said they would treat themselves to a luxury brand, 44 per cent would when buying for someone else. Researchers Mintel questioned 10,000 adults in Britain and around Europe.

The Grocer ‘Feelgood factor’ of eating chocolate outweighs health risks say Brits Almost a quarter of Brits said they had bought chocolate over the last three months to boost their mood.

The Sun Sweet smell of success New figures from Mintel reveal that Brits are now the world’s fourth biggest chocolate consumers, each scoffing 6.8kg every year.

Cosmetics Design Europe Chinese consumers going online for international beauty The number of Chinese consumers getting their international beauty products online is on the rise, according to recent Mintel figures.

The Guardian The only way is ethics In numbers: £53.5bn – Amount spent in the UK on clothing and fashion in 2014 more than ever before, according to Mintel.

Marketing Week Soft drink brands should embrace the sugar tax Despite high-profile launches of diet variants such as Coca-Cola Life over recent years, data suggests brands have not done enough to reduce sugar levels. In 2013, white sugar was present in 59.13% of British soft drinks, according to Mintel. And this has dropped by just 2% in 2015 to 57.23%.

Daily Mail Older singles prefer a new pet to a new partner Just six per cent of single middle-aged people want another relationship in their twilight years, according to a report from consumer analysts Mintel.


Food Industry Asia A Look at Food and Drink Trends in the Asia Pacific Region Healthier alternatives, brand story, visual eating, changing lifestyles. These describe the four key food and drink trends in Asia Pacific that were revealed by global market intelligence agency Mintel, in the second offering of Food Industry Asia’s (FIA) Lunch Series held in Singapore on 16 March 2016.

South China Morning Post China overhauls tax rules on imported goods sold online, making some products cheaper for consumers Online sales of imported goods have grown at a compounded rate of 63 percent in the five years to last year, reaching 638 billion yuan (US$98 billion) and accounting for 17 percent of China’s total online retail sales, data from Mintel Group Ltd showed.

The Business Times E-Commerce latecomer Chow Tai Fook chases web giant Alibaba The prize is a US$100 billion-a-year online Chinese market for imports such as cookies and diapers, according to a report by Mintel Group Ltd, as consumers remain concerned about local products after a series of scandals over fake goods.

Campaign Asia Can young Asia’s hunger for experience feed fine dining? Esther Lau, a research analyst at Mintel, believes that it is precisely Asian urbanites’ fast-paced lifestyle that gives fine dining an edge.

Food Industry Asia A Look at Food and Drink Trends in the Asia Pacific Region Healthier alternatives, brand story, visual eating, changing lifestyles. These describe the four key food and drink trends in Asia Pacific that were revealed by global market intelligence agency Mintel, in the second offering of Food Industry Asia’s (FIA) Lunch Series held in Singapore on 16 March 2016. Các hãng điện tử Nhật “một thời vang bóng” đã bị Hàn Quốc hạ gục như thế nào? Họ có năng lực cạnh tranh rất tốt so với những đối thủ khác trên thế giới, đặc biệt là với những thương hiệu TV đắt tiền”, ông Ivy Jiang, nhà nghiên cứu phân tích tại công ty nghiên cứu thị trường Mintel, Trung Quốc cho biết.

Asia Food Journal New survey unveiled on consumer health concerns According to Mintel, positioning supplements as aids to healthy lifestyles according to life stages could resonate better with consumers. UK sales of demographically positioned vitamins performed well last year, highlighting that further exploration of different demographic groups and lifestyle needs could help to drive category sales growth.

BizLive Các hãng điện tử Nhật “một thời vang bóng” đã bị Hàn Quốc hạ gục như thế nào? Họ có năng lực cạnh tranh rất tốt so với những đối thủ khác trên thế giới, đặc biệt là với những thương hiệu TV đắt tiền”, ông Ivy Jiang, nhà nghiên cứu phân tích tại công ty nghiên cứu thị trường Mintel, Trung Quốc cho biết. Tầng lớp trung lưu Trung Quốc kiếm tiền và tiêu tiền ra sao? Công ty nghiên cứu thị trường Mintel ước tính doanh số bán vitamin và thực phẩm chức năng sẽ đạt mức 5,3. Riset: 54% Pria Mengaku Rajin Pakai Pelembab dan Krim Mata Penelitian lain yang dilakukan oleh perusahaan riset Mintel di 2008, produk-produk perawatan kulit untuk pria meningkat sebanyak 15 persen.

Food Processing Bazaar The power of prebiotics –Taste and explore BENEO’s dietary fibres from nature for a healthy digestive system Mintel research shows that between 2013 and 2015, 16 percent of functional claims globally were about digestive health, making it one of the most important functional claims.

Naver [데이터랩] 요거트 가장 많이 먹는 나라는? 네덜란드 1인 22kg 세계최고 글로벌 시장조사기관 민텔(Mintel Group Ltd.)이 최근 발표한 ‘요거트 및 디저트 글로벌 리뷰 2015(Yogurt and deserts globale review 2015)’에 따르면 1인당 연간 발효유 소비량이 가장 많은 나라는 전통적으로 낙농업이 발달한 네덜란드로 나타났다. 네덜란드는 지난해 1인당 22.18kg의 발효유(요거트)를 섭취했다.

The Hong Kong Printers Association 中國軟包裝市場巨大 綠色化助力突破行業競爭壓力 英敏特的報告為此提出了兩個建議:在包裝中使用替代性材料(比如棕櫚纖維、蘆葦纖維都可以代替傳統塑料做包裝盒),或者是使用可回收性材料。

EMEA Stevia’s star keeps rising: Mintel The use of stevia in non-alcoholic beverage launches increased 487% between 2011 and 2015, according to figures from Mintel, with carbonates and RTD iced tea in particular turning to the natural sweetener. Grapefruit, habanero, pumpkin, chocolate: Mintel sees explosion in US flavored beer innovations The proportion of new flavoured beer product launches has grown from 15% of total US beer launches in 2010, to 27% of launches in 2015, according to data from Mintel. Coeliac charity launches UK’s ‘first’ gluten-free event for food professionals According to Mintel, the UK free-from market is worth £365m ($525m) and forecast to grow 50% by 2019.

Portalspoż Polacy i Europejczycy jedzą czekoladę dla zdrowia, odprężenia i energii – raport Wielu konsumentów sięga po wyroby czekoladowe ze względu na korzyści emocjonalne, a także aby dodać sobie energii oraz ze względów zdrowotnych. Statystyczny Polak zjadł w 2015 roku ok. 5 kg czekolady – wynika z nowych badań firmy analitycznej Mintel.

Markenartikel 41 Prozent essen Schokolade, um sich zu entspannen Im Schokoladensegment steigt der Anteil von Premiumschokolade. Das zeigt eine Untersuchung von Mintel.

B&L MedienGesellschaft 41 % der deutschen Verbraucher essen Schokolade um sich zu entspannen Gemäß einer neuen Untersuchung von Mintel wird mehr Schokolade „besserer Qualität“ angeboten als jemals zuvor.

Portalspoż Zdrowe trendy żywieniowe panują też w segmencie żywności dla dzieci Honorata Jarocka, analityk Mintela przewiduje, że można spodziewać się rosnącej liczby produktów postrzeganych jako zdrowe, które wpłyną na polski rynek żywności i napojów przeznaczonych dla dzieci.

Allgemeine Bäcker Zeitung Premium-Schokolade im Kommen München (abz). Zwischen 2011 und 2015 hat sich die Anzahl der weltweit auf den Markt gebrachten Premium-Schokoladen um 72 Prozent erhöht, wie die Marktforschungsagentur Mintel in einer Untersuchung festgestellt hat. Assiste-t-on au déclin des céréales au petit déjeuner? Reprenant les données d’une enquête réalisée l’an dernier par le cabinet de marketing Mintel, le quotidien américain remarque qu’entre la fin des années 90 et 2015, le chiffre d’affaires a plongé d’environ 12,5 milliards d’euros à 8 petits milliards d’euros. Der Industrie kommt es auf jeden Tropfen an « Darauf muss auch die Wirtschaft reagieren, will sie ihre Produkte weiterhin verkaufen. „Ökologie ist die neue Realität für den Konsumenten“, sagt Regina Haydon vom internationalen Marktforschungsinstitut Mintel in London.

Gourmet Report – News für Feinschmecker Zwei drittel der deutschen eis-esser zeigen interesse an milchfreien alternativen Laut einer neuen Untersuchung von Mintel sind in der Tat beinahe zwei Drittel (63 %) der deutschen Eis-Esser an milchfreien Alternativen interessiert, wie zum Beispiel an Speiseeis, das mit Mandel- oder Kokosnussmilch hergestellt wurde.

Portalspoż Rośnie znaczenie słodzików na bazie stewii w produkcji napojów Zastosowanie słodzików na bazie stewii w napojach bezalkoholowych wzrosło o 487 proc. od 2011 do 2015 roku – wynika z analizy firmy Mintel.

Food & Drink Europe The rise of the ‘invisible ethical’: Why consumers want sustainability throughout the supply chain Nevertheless Mintel analyst Julia Buech says companies cannot necessarily rely on ethical claims alone to pull in consumers.

Food Navigator Why manufacturers should tell ‘a story about food’ Telling a good story about the provenance of food and drink products could benefit manufacturers, Mintel’s David Jago told the innovation conference New Frontiers in Food and Drink.

Confectionery News Happiness factor: Emotional benefits are top chocolate sales drivers, says Mintel Chocolate has been tied to improved brain function, enhanced energy and other health benefits, but confectioners will be better served by leveraging chocolate’s emotional connections, according to a recent report by Mintel.


China Daily Parcel tax to give way to new levy Last year, online sales of imported goods reached 638 billion yuan and accounted for 17 percent of China’s total online retail sales, according to data from Mintel Group Ltd, a London-based market research company.

羊城地铁报 中国消费者海淘最爱韩国化妆品 英敏特日前发布《海淘零售2016》报告,报告显示,截至2015年11月底的前11个月,58%的中国消费者通过国内购物网站购买过国外品牌的产品,从2010年到2015年,跨境在线零售额的年增长率为63.3%,高于整体在线零售市场的48.8%。 报告同时显示,中国消费者喜欢从特定国家买特定产品,其中,韩国、日本和法国是美容和个人护理品购买倾向最多的选择,人群占比分别为47%、29%和27%。

彭博商周 2016年中国 7.7 亿劳动人民的真实中产阶级梦 市场研究公司Mintel预计,到2017年维生素和膳食补充剂的销售额将达到53亿美元,较10年前飙涨214%。

中国新闻网 外媒:中国消费者在海外收敛奢侈品购买 在国内更挑剔 研究公司英敏特(Mintel)估计,2010年至2015年期间跨境网上购物的年复合增长率达到63%。英敏特预测,到2020年网上跨境购物总额将增至2220亿美元(去年为973亿美元),占2020年中国预计将达到的1.3万亿美元的网上销售总额的17%。

中国日报 卖珠宝的周大福要做跨境电商 还要挑战阿里巴巴 根据英敏特国际集团(Mintel Group Ltd)提供的数据,由于中国消费者对本土产品的质量感到担忧,中国网络进口产品市场的规模将达到1000亿美元。该报告称,中国电子商务市场目前被阿里巴巴集团和京东商城所统治,它们的市场份额分别为52%和20%。

FT中文网 中国人消费习惯发生深远变化 研究公司英敏特(Mintel)估计,2010年至2015年期间跨境网上购物的年复合增长率达到63%。英敏特预测,到2020年网上跨境购物总额将增至2220亿美元(去年为973亿美元),占2020年中国预计将达到的1.3万亿美元的网上销售总额的17%。

界面新闻 看上植物蛋白饮料 王老吉拉来大寨核桃乳一起干 市场研究和咨询机构英敏特(Mintel)最新报告《植物蛋白饮料2016》显示,随着中国消费者健康意识的不断增强,传统认识上被定位为具有滋养功效的植物蛋白饮料广受青睐。87%的中国消费者表示,在过去六个月内喝过植物蛋白饮料。

搜狐 女权在中国带来的新市场:卫生棉条 根据位于伦敦的市场调研公司英敏特的数据,2013年,中国的卫生棉条销售额只有1.9亿美元。虽然这一数据较前一年已经有了8.7%的提高,但其金额仍只能等于总计76亿美元的卫生巾市场的2.5%。

百家百度 阿迪在大中华区追上了耐克,它究竟做对了什么? 英国市场调查公司Mintel的市场调研总监Matthew Crabbe在接受商业新闻网站Quartz采访时表示,“阿迪达斯正在寻求转型,不再向着单纯的运动服装品牌的方向发展,而是将零售模式逐渐细化。”

消费日报 爱美消费“他”时代来临 根据市场研究和咨询机构英敏特去年发布的研究报告《脸部护理——男士VS女士——中国2015》,只有31%的城市男性消费者对目前的皮肤状况感到满意。

中国日报 夫亨氏产能再度扩张 加码中国调味品市场 根据独立市场研究咨询公司英敏特2014年报告,瑞士雀巢、美国卡夫亨氏、日本味之素,都已跻身中国调味品十强之列,而在更加细分的酱油市场,外资品牌也已占据品牌十强的半壁江山。


Marketing Magazine Move over kale, seaweed is here A new report from Mintel predicted seaweed could become the next super-food trend in the west, with the number of seaweed flavoured food and drink products increasing 76% in North America and 147% in Europe between 2011 and 2015.

Financial Post Kraft changed its mac and cheese ingredients and nobody noticed: ‘We’ve sold well over 50 million boxes’ When asked about Kraft’s quiet removal of artificial ingredients from Mac and Cheese, Lynn Dornblaser, Director of Innovation and Insight at Mintel, said: it “was absolutely brilliant of them to change it and not say anything.”

Canadian Grocer Something fishy in the snack aisle According to Mintel, less than 1% (0.118%) of all North American food and drink launches in 2015 contained seaweed flavour (compared to 0.067% in 2011), while in Europe the percentage rose to 0.076% from 0.03%.

Global News Breakfast Buzz: How often do you hit the drive-thu for breakfast? The breakfast landscape is changing, as young people are taking less time for their most important meal of the day. A report by Mintel shows that 40 per cent of millennials find that even cereal is too inconvenient for breakfast.


Brazil Beauty News Cosméticos com embalagens maiores são tendência no Brasil, segundo a Mintel Nesta equação, as embalagens maiores podem ser uma saída para o consumo de cosméticos, segundo Juliana Martins, analista de Beleza e Cuidados Pessoais da Mintel.

Zero Hora Conheca as tendencias mais aprecidadas pelos coffee lovers Segundo uma projeção realizada pela consultoria Mintel, o número de lojas do ramo no Brasil deve aumentar 70% até 2018.

Atualidade Cosmetica Corpo e mente O relatório Mintel de Produtos para Cuidados com o Corpo, de 2015, revelou que 53% dos brasileiros usam diariamente produtos corporais.

InfoMoney Brasileiros desistem dos ovos de Páscoa e reforçam exportações Os consumidores do país estão muito sensíveis aos preços, com apenas 23 por cento deles colocando a qualidade do chocolate acima do preço, afirma Marcia Mogelonsky, diretora de insight, alimentos e bebidas da empresa de pesquisa de mercado Mintel.

Supermercado Moderno Público acima de 55 anos busca mais ofertas A Mintel recomenda aos supermercados oferecer aos clientes do programa de fidelidade a possibilidade de escolher algunes itens nos quais teriam desconto mensal fixo.

Beauty Packaging New Opportunities in Brazilian Body Care Mintel’s Body Care Brazil 2015 report reveals that 53% of Brazilians use body care products on a daily basis, while only a quarter use hand products daily and just one in 10 apply foot products.

Meio & Mensagem A recessão deixa suas marcas na pele O ditado segundo o qual “quando a cabeça não pensa, o corpo padece” até pode ser resgatado para ilustrar a situação do mercado de produtos para o corpo, divulgado no último relatório Mintel.

Clube da Embalagem Marmitas saudáveis são alternativa para conseguir comer bem no dia a dia Ter um cotidiano agitado é um impedimento para que muitos brasileiros se alimentem de modo saudável. Segundo uma pesquisa feita pela Mintel, 30% das pessoas acreditam que comeriam melhor se tivessem opções práticas de se preparar, como pratos prontos, congelados ou alimentos pré­cozidos.

NutriNews Pesquisa aponta novas demandas e tendências em alimentação saudável Apesar do atual cenário econômico do Brasil, pesquisa realizada pela Mintel – agência de inteligência de mercado, identificou novas demandas para bebidas e alimentos que promovem benefícios nutricionais.

ABIA Industria ainda pode explorar alimentação saudável no país A demanda por alimentos mais saudáveis vai continuar crescendo no País. Uma pesquisa da consultoria Mintel revela que a população idosa, em especial, tem mostrado maior interesse em gastar mais com produtos desse tipo.

Brazil Beauty News Mintel reports trend towards larger packaging for cosmetics in Brazil Sustainability has also had an important role in encouraging consumers to opt for larger packaging as their disposal has less impact on the environment than a number of small containers. Martins says a recent Mintel survey showed that 39% of millennials prefer sustainable brands.

Doce Revista O Cinto Apertou Uma pesquisa recente de âmbito nacional da Mintel revela que mais da metade dos brasileiros (56%) atualmente compra menos serviços relacionados a vida cotidiana.

Aditivos & Ingredientes UM TERÇO DOS BRASILEIROS ACHA DIFÍCIL EVITAR CONSUMIR ALIMENTOS COM MUITO SAL Apesar do atual cenário brasileiro de estagnação econômica, pesquisa da Mintel identifica novas demandas para bebidas e produtos alimentícios que promovem benefícios nutricionais. Uma dessas demandas vem da população que está envelhecendo.

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