Mintel in the Media – This week's highlights, 4 February 2016

February 4, 2016
17 min read

Mintel in the Media is a review of the past week, bringing together a selection of the most high profile press stories showcasing Mintel’s data and analysis from around the world. Highlights include:


Financial Times Fever-Tree sparkles with strong sales performance Mintel, the market research company, says gin sales in the UK breached £1bn in 2015, up 25 per cent since 2012, and expects that to rise to £1.3bn by 2020. On the back of this, sales of the carbonated mixers traditionally added to alcoholic drinks, such tonic and soda water, have grown in the UK from £159m in 2013 to £164m in 2014, it says.

Marketing Week How Yorkshire Tea became one of the top UK brands Meanwhile, in volume terms over the same time period, sales have dropped by 22%, from 97 million kg to an estimated 76 million kg. Mintel forecasts that volume sales will drop to 68.7 million kg by 2020.

The Times Sexist pricing alienates the biggest spenders, shops are told Mintel, the market research company, said that shops were risking alienating their main customer base — women — and that The Times had “caught them out” with its research.

The Daily Telegraph DEAD PETS SOCIETY A study published last summer by the market-research company Mintel estimated that one in four of British pet-owners now arrange a send-off for our animals.

BBC News The key ingredients of South Korea’s skincare success “South Korea’s beauty industry has seen phenomenal growth,” says Sarah Jindal, analyst for market research firm Mintel.

Daily Mail One in seven of us wears a high-tech band on our wrist Three million of the gadgets were sold to Britons last year, according to retail analysts Mintel.

Marketing Magazine UK smartwatch and fitness band sales more than doubled last year Brits bought 3m fitness bands and smartwatches last year, up 118% on 2014, according to data from Mintel covering the 12 months to September 2015.

The Telegraph Three million fitness bands were sold in Britain last year, so why aren’t we getting any fitter? This might be why fitness trackers have never been more popular: according to research analyst Mintel, three million of them were sold last year, with one in seven UK adults now owning some sort of wearable tech.

Sky News The rise of Hunkvertising A panel discussion was held to discuss Mintel research showing young men are growing intimidated by ‘Hunkvertising.’

The Telegraph Over a quarter of men think male models are just as sexualised as women Jack Duckett, consumer lifestyles analyst at Mintel, said: “The trend for using hyper-athletic male models and celebrities in advertising has grown significantly in recent years, giving rise to the term ‘Hunkvertising’ – and resulting in men today being just as sexualised in advertising campaigns as women.

Daily Mail How the great butter revival is killing margarine: A turnaround in expert health advice means the once-popular spread could soon be toast According to market analyst Mintel, butter sales are growing by 4 per cent a year.

Marketing Week How ‘There’s a beer for that’ campaign is helping arrest sales decline Mintel figures back up Cunningham’s claims. Overall beer volumes in the UK have been broadly flat since 2012 around the 4.2 billion litres mark.

BBC News Is going gluten-free good for me? According to Mintel, 7% of adults say they avoid gluten because of an ‘allergy’ or ‘intolerance’, and a further 8% avoid it as part of a ‘healthy lifestyle’.

The Observer From showbiz to school gate: why everyone is wearing pyjamas “The rise of informality has been a long time in the making,” says Richard Cope, senior trends consultant at market researcher Mintel.

BBC News No sweat – the female friends who set up a gym chain Paul Davis, a senior leisure and technology analyst at market research group Mintel, says Frame’s success is down to two main reasons – its upmarket offering, and its range of classes.


CBS News Men put their best “face” forward (VIDEO) From 2010 to 2015, sales for the male personal care market in the U.S. jumped almost 15%, hitting an estimated $4.2 billion. Mintel Analyst Margie Nanninga says millennials are leading the surge. “Over the last few decades, we’ve seen the definition of masculinity shift,” Nanninga said.

Inc The Future of Food “Artificial is public enemy number one,” said Jenny Zegler, global food and drink analyst, Mintel. “Hershey, Nestle and Kraft have made the statement that they are going to reformulate, and that goes a long way with consumers.”

National Public Radio Diet Foods Are Tanking. So The Diet Industry Is Now Selling ‘Health’ “Consumers are not dieting in the traditional sense anymore – being on programs or buying foods specific to programs,” says Marissa Gilbert, an analyst from Mintel who worked on the report. “And there’s greater societal acceptance of different body sizes.”

Adweek Magazine Can McDonald’s Keep Its Mojo After the All-Day-Breakfast Hype Fades? On Jan. 7, McDonald’s U.S. restaurants also launched new packaging, with a sleeker, simpler design than previous iterations. Paul Pendola, foodservice analyst at Mintel, gave the change mixed reviews. “Saying they’re going to be a contemporary, modern burger place is too vague, and it doesn’t communicate to consumers what it is that makes them different, unique or better,” he said.

USA Today Millennial-focused all-natural baking line battling Betty Crocker U.S. sales of cake and pastry mixes fell 8.5% in 2015, while frosting sales fell 5.3%, according to market research firm Mintel.

MediaPost Cord-Cutting, Voice Recognition Will Disrupt Telecom In 2016 Mintel Comperemedia has identified three key areas that will affect the ways consumers use telecommunications services this year — and in turn, how that will affect the ways those companies relate to their customers.

Chicago Tribune What you’ll eat next from the maker of Laughing Cow cheese The processed cheese segment grew 3 percent from 2010 to 2015, reaching $4.2 billion, according to Mintel.

Bloomberg New App from Agent Review, the “Yelp of Insurance,” Gives Insurance Agents Simple New Ways to Stand Out From the Crowd With more than half of consumers relying on online reviews to make their buying decisions according to a recent study by Mintel, this feature is a valuable opportunity for agents to leverage their current happy clients to find new ones.

Marketwatch Have we reached peak FitBit? And despite just 12% of consumers owning a fitness tracker and only 7% owning a smartwatch, 16% of consumers say they’re planning to buy a fitness tracker or smartwatch, according to a survey of nearly 1,700 Internet users aged 18 and over released Monday by market research company Mintel.

Packaging Digest Beauty care packaging trends: It’s all about ‘me’ “The line between human and technological device is blurring as smart technology puts people in greater control of their individual health and beauty needs.” Described as “Augmented Human,” this was one of four key global beauty trends revealed by Mintel in its December 2015 report.

Food Business News The U.S. consumer has changed According to a recent Mintel report, two in five U.S. millennials agree they do not trust large food manufacturers compared to just 18% of non-millennials.

QSR Magazine Modern Lifestyles Hinder Health for Nearly Half of Americans The conveniences of modern life in the U.S. may be getting in the way of 2016 New Year’s resolutions, as new research from Mintel reveals that 43 percent of Americans agree that living a modern lifestyle makes it very difficult to be healthy.

MediaPost Brands That Validate Their Sustainability Commitments Will Win In 2016 According to Mintel, “63% of U.S. consumers feel that ethical issues are becoming more important, and 56% stopped buying from companies they believe are unethical.”

NBC News Charlene Dance is Taking the Natural Hair Movement Global In 2015, Mintel, a leading market intelligence agency, published a report showing that just 21 percent of black haircare sales are relaxers, suggesting a boom in natural hair trends.


Die Welt Wie eine Ex-Bankerin Models zum Essen zwingt “Nur 13 Prozent der Kunden kaufen Mode von unabhängigen Boutiquen”, sagt Fashion-Analystin Tamara Sender. Vor allem bei weiblichen Kunden sei hier noch viel Potenzial. “Im derzeit übervollen Kleidungsmarkt suchen Konsumenten nach einzigartigeren Produkten”, so die Analystin.

Spiegel Online Russische Spezialität: Ei, Ei, Baby Die bis zu 50 Prozent hochpreisigeren “Free From”-Produkte steigerten ihren weltweiten Umsatz von 2012 bis 2014 um 63 Prozent; allein in den USA werden nur mit glutenfreiem Essen und Trinken jährlich fast neun Milliarden Dollar umgesetzt. Zahlen, die man auch direkt bei den Erhebungs-Instituten wie Mintel finden kann.

Le Figaro Adieu le look habituel, bonjour M. Métrosexuel Selon la societe d’etudes Mintel Group Ltd, le marche des soins du visage pour hommes en Chine devrait passer de 7,3 milliards de yuan en 2014 a 11,5 milliards a l’horizon 2020.

Markant Tiernahrung – Höhere Ansprüche Laut einer Studie von Mintel geben drei Viertel der deutschen Tierhalter an, ihr Haustier wie ihr Kind zu behandeln.

Food & Drink Europe Is the ethical shopper’s purse big enough for organic AND fairtrade? Fairtrade’s ties with the likes of Mars and Nestle have thrust it into the mainstream – 80% of shoppers have bought or are aware of the certification, according to research by Mintel last year.

Cosmetics Design Asia Reformulating chocolate to reduce sugar and fat key as regulations harden According to Mintel, chocolate launched in Europe, Middle East and Asia with a low, no or reduced sugar claim rose 40% from 2013 to 2014. How grain-free innovation is shaping German flour and baked goods markets Grain-free flours based on ingredients such as lentils, peas soybeans, nuts and lupines are tapping into health trends including demand for higher protein products, market analysts Mintel report.

Allgemeine Bäcker Zeitung Mehr Eiweiß – weniger Gluten Untersuchung der Marktforschungsagentur Mintel verdeutlicht sich dieser Trend bei Mehlprodukten besonders: So habe sich in diesem Bereich die Anzahl neuer getreidefreier Produkte im vergangenen Jahr in Deutschland mehr als verdoppelt.

Portalspoż Mintel: To, czego klienci oczekują dziś nie jest tym, czego będą oczekiwać jutro Analitycy firmy Mintel Comperemedia zidentyfikowali i przeanalizowali trzy kluczowe trendy marketingowe, którymi będzie charakteryzował się rynek kanadyjski w 2016 roku.

¿Un mundo sin chocolate? El Periodico de Aragon Una tendencia que no parece destinada a revertir: en el 2019 este dato aumentará el 60%, según la empresa de estudios de mercado Mintel.

Portalspoż Bezzbożowa mąka i pieczywo podbijają niemiecki rynek W przypadku mąki udział w rynku wzrósł w ciągu ostatniego roku z 10 proc. do 23 proc. – informuje firma analityczna Mintel.

Brau Industrie Newsletter Frisch eingeschenkt: Die Liebe der Briten zu Lagerbier nimmt ab Tatsächlich tranken laut einer Untersuchung der Marktforschungsagentur Mintel im Jahr 2015 49 Prozent der Briten Lagerbier, während es im Jahr 2014 noch 54 Prozent waren. 2015 wurden insgesamt 3,15 Milliarden Liter Lagerbier (2014: 3,18 Milliarden Liter) konsumiert. Konsumenci wznoszą toasty, a sklepy zacierają ręce Gin przeżywa na Wyspach Brytyjskich swoisty renesans – z badania przeprowadzonego przez firmę Mintel, monitorującą trendy konsumenckie, wynika, że w ciągu ostatnich 12 miesięcy alkoholem tym raczyło się 42 proc.

Portalspoż Producenci stewii skorzystają na spadku zaufania do sztucznych słodzików Wielu konsumentów wciąż jednak postrzega stewię jako sztuczną substancję słodzącą – ocenia Stephanie Mantucci, analityczka firmy Mintel.

L’Observatoire des Cosmétiques La “vertitude” cosmétique pour plaire aux jeunes consommateurs Pour plaire aux jeunes consommateurs, plus “branchés” éthique, les marques cosmétiques mettent en avant leurs initiatives de réduction de leur empreinte carbone et leurs approches environnementales responsables pour proposer des produits sûrs et de grande qualité. Une analyse de David Tyrell, de Mintel.


Valor Econômico Cliente pode personalizar sabores na pedra gelada Dados auditados pela Mintel apontam que só no período de 2009 a 2013 foram lançados 672 produtos no mercado de sorvetes e sobremesas congeladas.

Valor Econômico Salada vendida em potes de vidro cativa consumidores 44% dos brasileiros entre 25 e 34 anos dizem que estão sempre na correria, o que dificulta a adoção de uma alimentação mais saudável e natural, conforme revelou o estudo Estilo de Vida Ocupado e Hábitos Convenientes-Brasil, divulgado pela Mintel em outubro de 2015.

Cosmetic Innovation Brasileiros querem bronzeadores e protetores solares multifuncionais A pesquisa do novo relatório Bronzeador e Protetor Solar, da Mintel, mostrou que os brasileiros estão interessados em produtos com maior valor agregado. Por exemplo, 25% dos consumidores pagariam mais por produtos de proteção solar com benefício antienvelhecimento.

Valor Econômico Promoções mantêm avanço das vendas de protetor solar  O mercado de proteção solar tende a crescer 14,7% em 2016, para R$ 4,06 bilhões, segundo a consultoria britânica Mintel – uma exceção se considerado que o setor de higiene pessoal e beleza teve queda real de 6% em 2015 e não tem perspectiva de melhora.

Valor Econômico Venda de desodorante abre mais espaço para Unilever e Nivea Desodorante é uma das poucas categorias – ao lado de proteção solar e tinturas – com expectativa de expansão acelerada até 2018, segundo a consultoria Mintel. Levantamento da firma britânica indica que 77% dos brasileiros usam o produto para abrandar o suor mais de uma vez ao dia, ante cerca de 20% na Alemanha, 12% nos Estados Unidos e 12% na França

Estadão O mercado de sorvetes pós-paleta De acordo com dados da empresa Mintel Group, especializada em pesquisas de mercado, até 2020 o mercado nacional deve atingir R$ 13,9 milhões em valor e produzir 799 milhões de litros.

Estadão Empresários do setor de vestuário e móveis ganham espaço na crise; entenda os motivos A Mintel Group, especializada em pesquisas de mercado, já detectou os efeitos dessa mudança. De acordo com o estudo Tendências de Consumo, entre 2014 e 2015, 40% dos brasileiros compraram menos roupas e acessórios e 33% mudaram seus hábitos de compra nos últimos 12 meses devido ao aumento nos preços das contas de casa, o que indica necessidade de cortar custos.

Mundo do Marketing Segurança das crianças é a principal preocupação das mães brasileiras A Mintel revela que 72% das mães brasileiras citam a segurança como uma das maiores preocupações em relação ao bem-estar dos filhos.

Ecommerce Brasil Empresários do setor de vestuário e móveis ganham espaço na crise A Mintel Group, especializada em pesquisas de mercado, já detectou os efeitos dessa mudança. De acordo com o estudo Tendências de Consumo, entre 2014 e 2015, 40% dos brasileiros compraram menos roupas e acessórios e 33% mudaram seus hábitos de compra nos últimos 12 meses devido ao aumento nos preços das contas de casa, o que indica necessidade de cortar custos.

Revista Alshop London Fashion Week Negócios, união e criatividade marcam a semana de moda londrina Algumas estatísticas divulgadas pela Mintel, empresa de pesquisa de mercado local, podem corroborar as impressões do prefeito: desde 2013, as vendas do Reino Unido, de forma online, têm aumentado, impressionantes 14,5%, chegando a £ 10,7 milhões..

Meio & Mensagem Qual a próxima grande ideia? “A impressora digital ja existe ha 20 anos, mas apenas nos ultimos 18 meses as marcas comecaram a usar decorações digitais nas embalagens”, destaca David Luttenberger, diretor global de embalagens da Mintel.

Diario de Pernambuco Muito além do pão francês Padaria são locais preferidos para compras de vários itens pelo recifense, segundo levantamento feito em pesquisa de mercado pela Mintel.

Atualidade Cosmetica No ringue com os gigantes De acordo com dados da consultoria britânica Mintel, em 2014, o Brasil foi o país com maior número de lançamentos para cabelo: 9% do total mundial.


中国联合商报 男士化妆品成新热点 我国市场增长迅速 根据市场研究和咨询机构英敏特去年发布的研究报告《脸部护理——男士VS女士-中国2015》,只有31%的城市男性消费者对目前的皮肤状况感到满意。英敏特数据显示,69%的城市消费者会采用加强护肤的方式。然而在男性用户中,只有洁面产品的使用率超过五成,面霜乳液仅为34%,远低于女性消费者72%的比例。

中国日报 麦当劳开大陆首家未来智慧概念餐厅 打造数字化用餐体验 英国敏特(Mintel)公司研究员特拉·徐(Terra Xu)表示,中国顾客愿意花更多的钱享受更好的消费体验。

Sohu 英敏特预计快餐业未来五年8.2%复合增长 英敏特最新《快餐——中国2015》的报告显示,预计市场将在未来五年慢慢回温,截至2020年,快餐店数量预计达到95万家,其市场总销售额在2020年将达到10,130亿元人民币,2016到2020年的年均复合增长率为8.2%。

China Daily McDonald’s bets big on ‘digital’ growth in China Terra Xu, a research analyst at Mintel Group Ltd, said Chinese customers are willing to pay more for a better consumer experiences. However, Mintel’s new report “Fast Food-China 2015” reveals that in 2015, the total value of the country’s fast food market was estimated at 690 billion yuan, up 8.5 percent from a year ago.

第一财经日报China Business News 韩妆凶猛 2015年对华出口超10亿美元 市场调查公司英敏特美容化妆分析师杜蕾称,在彩妆品类中,国内的消费者对韩国产品的偏爱与欧美产品差距较小,且超过日本品牌。

TTG China 当今全球旅行者往亚洲移动 根据英敏特最新资料,16%的中国游客表示他们在旅行中愿意去玩极限运动,甚至,在20~24岁男性受访者中,这个比例上升至25%。

China Daily Imports of S. Korean cosmetic products doubled in 2015 Laurie Du, a beauty and personal care research analyst at Mintel Group Ltd, said the popularity of South Korean brands is most visible among younger Chinese shoppers, who focus especially on medium- to low- end products.

Ringier 奋发向上的能量与运动产品 根据英敏特公司(Mintel)的报告,美国营养棒市场未来几年将缓慢增长,主要是由对健康食品的需求来驱动。营养棒被消费者视为比零食和谷物棒更健康的食品。

China Daily Shandong Ruyi bids for French fashion group Matthew Crabbe, APAC research director at Mintel Group Ltd, said there is a continuing trend toward Chinese consumers trading-up from mass market, to middle market, fast-fashion brands. “As their incomes have continued to rise, it was therefore inevitable that their attention would continue to shift upward, more toward the light luxury segment,” said Crabbe.

Ringier Happi 韩国为首 身体磨砂膏正逐渐改变亚洲消费者身体护理习惯 根据英敏特报告《身体护理——中国,2015年6月》,23%的中国消费者表示在过去一年里曾使用过身体磨砂膏产品,三分之一的人使用过身体乳,这一数字估计会逐步上升

和讯新闻 中国经济减速阿迪达斯或躺枪 “阿迪达斯获得这种相对成功,关键正在于他们走出了纯粹的运动服饰世界。”英敏特研究经理克拉布(Matthew Crabbe)分析道,“运动服饰与休闲服饰相比增长速度较慢,而且竞争品牌很多。”

Foodaily每日食品网 英敏特:2016年六大或影响全球的包装趋势 英敏特全球包装总监David Luttenberger表示,“其实我们发现,当品牌试图为消费者提供更多的个性化提升的同时,其实消费者也寄望于产品的包装就可以带来这样的体验

Wine China Chinese wine market continues to contract Global analyst Mintel has predicted that the Chinese market will stabilise at around 5% annual growth for the rest of the decade.

第一财经日报China Business News 宝洁云南白药竞相布局高端牙膏 调研机构英敏特的一份研究报告显示,中国口腔清洁用品市场全球排名第二,市场零售额在2012年相当于美国的一半。不过,其人均年消费额仅有2.7美元,远远落后其他口腔清洁用品消费大国,只有美国人均支出的13%和日本的18%。由于人口基数巨大,以及新兴中产阶级开始使用更多样的口腔清洁用品,因此,该市场具有增长潜力。

Ringier Happi 不甘平淡的男士洗护 “更年轻消费者的面部须发修护新方式已经直接影响了男士个人护理品市场。我们不但看到男士中对待剃须频率的态度,既减少面部须发瑕疵上的转变,而且还发现 男士对其面部须发引以为傲,而愿意投入时间和金钱进行修护,”英敏特家居及个人护理分析师Margie Nanninga说道,“尽管很多美国男士表示剃须不那么频繁,但修护创新产品,如适用面部须发的清洁凝胶或定型胶,以及面部须发修护工具为男士个人护理 市场提供了机会。”


Real Foods [리얼푸드] 바게트의 고향 프랑스 파리에서 베이글 인기 프랑스에서 베이글 판매가 증가했다고 시장조사 전문업체 민텔(Mintel)이 발표했다

The Straits Times Mobile payments soar in China Mr Matthew Crabbe, research director at market research firm Mintel, said that the rapid rise of mobile payments in China also makes it the perfect testing ground for new innovations. Alibaba founder Jack Ma, for instance, tested out face recognition technology for mobile payments during a trade fair in Germany last March.

Yahoo Finance Singapore Hillshire® Snacking Brand Taps TV’s Andy Cohen To Launch New Brand Of Sophisticated Snacks Snacking has grown to be an American way of life with 95 percent of Americans snacking throughout the day and 48 percent snacking twice a day – Mintel; Snacking Motivations and Attitudes, April 2015

Asia One McDonald’s bets big on ‘digital’ growth in China Terra Xu, a research analyst at Mintel Group Ltd, said Chinese customers are willing to pay more for a better consumer experiences. However, Mintel’s new report “Fast Food-China 2015” reveals that in 2015, the total value of the country’s fast food market was estimated at 690 billion yuan, up 8.5 percent from a year ago.

China Daily Asia Imports of S. Korean cosmetic products doubled in 2015 Laurie Du, a beauty and personal care research analyst at Mintel Group Ltd, said the popularity of South Korean brands is most visible among younger Chinese shoppers, who focus especially on medium- to low-end products.

Channel News Asia China’s tech startups poised for a tough 2016 “The government made 2015 a year of innovation and entrepreneurship, which generated quite a frenzy and resulted in investors losing money over copycat or bad business ideas,” said Philix Liu, senior analyst at market research firm Mintel.

Asia Pacific Food Online The Industry In The Eyes Of Leaders This is precisely what Mintel has described as a Good Enough to Tweet trend that will be seen.

Alobacsi Phù thủy trang điểm gốc Việt và cách mạng trong ngành mỹ phẩm thế giới Theo Shannon Romanowski – chuyên gia phân tích tại Mintel.


Marketing Magazine Canada’s online grocery market still in its infancy (Report) A recent Mintel report, quoted by Sklar, found 88% of Canadian grocery shoppers have never tried online ordering and that a clear majority (68%) are not interested in it at all.

IT Business 4 ways technology is making consumers more fickle and demanding Stacy Glasgow, a consumer trends consultant at Mintel, shared four consumer trends the market intelligence agency is seeing take shape in 2016 at ICA’s FFWD Advertising and Marketing week in Toronto.

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