Mintel in the Media – This week’s highlights

February 5, 2014
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Mintel in the Media is a weekly review, bringing together a selection of the most high profile press stories showcasing Mintel’s data and analysis from around the world. Highlights from the past weeks include:


The New York Times: A look inside the protein bar. While protein bars were originally marketed to young athletes, they are now popular with mainstream shoppers, including dieters and the elderly, the market research firm Mintel has found.

Forbes: Beverage companies go green iin hope to sell more water. According to Mintel, in 2010, more than one-third of the survey respondents said that they would spend more for environmentally friendly products.

Forbes: Retailers can win customers by delivering the unexpected. At the NRF’s Big Show, Lynn Dornblaser, director of innovation and insight with the Mintel Group, presented what she called retail’s “greatest, coolest, and newest” products. They included wearable technologies, one-person vehicles, food in a pouch, and 3D printers that “print” food.

Fortune: Jamba Juice tries something new: serious juicing. The reason for Jamba’s current shift is clear in the industrywide numbers. U.S. Juice sales in 2013 totaled $15.5 billion, according to market research firm Mintel, a 4% drop from their level in 2008. Mintel food and drink analyst Beth Bloom says the decline in part stemmed from health concerns over the often-high sugar content in juice.

The Huffington Post: The changing business of Black hair, a potentially $500b industry. Market research firm Mintel estimated the size of the 2012 market at $684 million, with a projection of $761 million by 2017.

CCTV America: ‘Smart cards’ for US retailers? Video interview. Click to watch.

Marketplace Radio: If we only had technology to limit credit card fraud… Oh wait… “There wasn’t really the same demand to address fraud in the United States as there was in other parts of the world,” says Andrew Davidson, senior vice president at Mintel. “Fraud wasn’t as big of a deal as it was in say Europe.”

MarketWatch: Will pre-ordering shorten wait at Starbucks? “Consumers find their time is more valuable than ever and they are less willing to wait in line for food,” says Julia Gallo-Torres, U.S. food service category manager at research firm Mintel. “If a restaurant takes a long time to serve a meal, they’ll find somewhere else to go.”

MarketWatch: Is America facing a beer crisis? “These results illustrate the competition the market faces from other types of alcohol, especially among young people,” says Jennifer Zegler, drinks analyst at Mintel.

MSN Money: Is America facing a beer crisis? Although the volume of beer sold has been virtually flat, Mintel forecasts that because of price increases, U.S. sales of beer will rise from $83 billion in 2013 to $95 billion in 2018, a 2.4 percent increase, adjusting for inflation.

Yahoo! Finance: Is America facing a beer crisis? U.S. beer sales have declined in recent years and aren’t showing many signs of improving, according to a new report by consumer research firm Mintel.

Consumer Reports: Caramel color: the health risk that may be in your soda. Caramel color is the single most used food coloring in the world, according to a 2013 report from market research firms Mintel and Leatherhead Food Research.

The Daily Beast: After 100 years, the shaving industry is finally being disrupted. According to research firm Mintel, shaving and hair-removal products represented a $4.13 billion market in the U.S. in 2013—below the 2009 inflation-adjusted level. Disposable razors and cartridges accounted for a combined $2.95 billion in sales in 2013. The market has been growing slowly due to the sluggish economy and customers’ continued search for value

Prevention Magazine: 39% of Americans are eating less meat. Americans are stepping away from the meat counter, according to a new report from the global marketing firm Mintel.

MediaPost Marketing Daily: Social media is changing the recipe for how teens eat. Mintel reported in 2012 that teens spend nearly half of their money (49%) on food and beverages and roughly a quarter of it (24%) eating out.

MediaPost Marketing Daily: “Eat more chikn” only making slight dent. New research from Mintel shows that 39% of beef and other red meat consumers ate less in 2013 than they did in 2012. But despite prevalent health trends encouraging consumers to eat less red meat, 90% of consumers are eating some kind of red meat at least once a month.

QSR Magazine: Breaking with tradition. “The most important morning menus for restaurants that don’t have traditional early meals are those that use their signature items to create breakfast food,” says Bethany Wall, foodservice analyst with market research firm Mintel. “You have chicken restaurants capitalizing on their chicken and biscuits, and Mexican restaurants using tortillas and salsa. They are sticking to what they know.”

Nation’s Restaurant News: Healthful turkey cuts across all dayparts, menu categories. Julia Gallo-Torres, foodservice analyst for Chicago-based Mintel, points out that many consumers no longer associate turkey only with seasonal events. “It’s more on their radar [when they dine out],” she says. “They’re asking for it as an alternative to other meats.”


The Economist: Doing it their way: Brand-hopping, though, is rife. Having grown up with radical economic change, Chinese shoppers are “very fickle, and hard to pin down to a strong brand loyalty”, says Mintel, a market-research firm.

Reuters: German online sales leap 55 pct over Christmas: Online retail sales in Europe are forecast to double by 2018 to 323 billion euros, according to market research firm Mintel.

BBC: The rise of the part-time vegans: The UK market for meat-free products such as tofu, burgers, and imitation chicken fillets was put at £625m in 2013, up 21% from five years earlier, according to Mintel.

BBC News: Broadcast: Expert Richard Perks interviewd by BBC on Sainsbury’s chief executive Justin King.

The Times: Coffee comes home: Sales of hot drink makers are also on the increase accoring to analysis carried out by Mintel.

The Times: Half of under-25s have never paid by cheque. They are not alone, according to the study by Mintel, a market analyst, which found that many older peoplewho grew up with checkbooks no longer use them.

Financial Times: Skincare gets a taste for chocolate: Vivienne Rudd of market researcher Mintel says the company recorded more than 370 “cacao-containing bodycare products” in 2013, adding to the 1,350 launched between 2004 and 2012. “The number of facial skincare products featuring cacao rose 10 per cent to 180 in 2013,” says Rudd. And the difference between these products and, say, Green & Black’s confectionery? Most do not smell of chocolate.

The Guardian: Comfort is cool as flat shoes cut it in the fashion stakes: Flat shoes are selling well on the high street, with more than three-fifths of women polled on their shoe shopping habits by Mintel confessing to having bought a pair in the past 12 months.

The Guardian: Every dog has its diet: Consumer monitor Mintel reports that the emotional connection between pets and their owners is getting stronger.

The Daily Mail: One in five of us prefers to go cashless:  Study finds more than a third are interested in using mobile phones to make payments: The findings by consumer analysts Mintel showed 18 per cent of Britain’s internet users would prefer to go completely cashless.

The Daily Telegraph: UK taste for porridge heats up sales at Rude Health: Rude Health’s rising porridge sales tally with recent research from Mintel, which showed that the hot cereals sector is the fastest-growing segment in the cereals market.

The Daily Telegraph: Posh toast craze boosting sales of artisan bread: Across the UK, sales of speciality bread increased 8pc in the last year, with the majority of customers saying they would may more for high quality bread, according to market research firm Mintel.

The Independent: Butter is back: Margarine giant admits defeat in the battle of the spreads: Amy Price, an analyst at the market research firm Mintel, said that the changing perceptions of butter played a role in its resurgence: “The recent trend is very much driven by its more natural positioning.”

Research Live: Mintel taps two analysts to lead push into Poland: Mintel is expanding to track consumer trends in Poland with the appointment of two lead analysts for the country.

Yahoo!: Online cross-border trade seen growing fivefold by 2020: – study: E-commerce is expanding at breakneck pace, with online retail sales in Europe seen doubling by 2018 to 323 billion euros (266.3 billion pounds), market research firm Mintel forecasts.

Metro: Covent Garden: Destined to become a hub for male fashionistas?: ‘There’s been a tendency for fashion retailers to focus on women’s clothing simply because women have been the biggest fashion buyers,’ says Tamara Sender, senior clothing analyst at market research company Mintel.

Metro: Companies growing fat as you slim: The growth of the weight loss market: According to Mintel research, the 5:2 diet, which encourages intermittent fasting where followers survive on as little as 400 calories on two ‘fasting’ days a week, is now the nation’s favourite, chosen by 39 per cent of dieters.

Metro: Coffee’s mocha nicer at home: Consumer analysts Mintel said 3.7million British households now own one to create cafe’-style hot drinks.

Marketing Week: From obesity to that ‘quenelle’ salute, marketers must be the moral compass. Richard Cope, who monitors trends at Mintel, warns that consumers are set to monitor their own lifestyles and food and drink intake even more heavily in future. “People are becoming more aware that their data is a currency,” says Cope.

Marketing Week: Three reasons not to hire a PR agency: Social media analytics; Mintel and other third party research; TGI data; the ability to commission, analyse and interpret original qualitative and quantitative research – all of these should be part of a first-rate agency’s response to the ‘planning’ question.

AOL: Britons embracing coffee gadgets: Sales of hot beverage machines, mainly coffee makers, have increased by 67% over the past five years from £52 million in 2008 to £87 million last year, according to analyst Mintel.

The Daily Mail: Is margarine brown bread? Butter is back with sales soaring as ‘healthy’ alternatives melt away: Amy Price, an analyst at the market research firm Mintel, said butter was losing its perception as an ‘unhealthy’ product, with a recent report showing that 39 per cent of people agreed butter was ‘more healthy’ than margarine because it was more natural.

The Daily Mail: Kick off your heels, flats are in fashion: Celebrities including Alexa Chung and Kate Moss wearing them on the red carpet helps make shoes ‘cool’ again: According to Mintel fashion analyst, Tamara Sender, she isn’t alone – with over three quarters of all consumers favouring ‘fit over fashion’ when it comes to foot wear. Britons embracing coffee gadgets: Mintel senior retail analyst Jane Westgarth said: ʺDespite the economic gloom that has shrouded consumers in the last five years we have seen significant demand for coffee machines and food mixers.

The Sun: Grounds for cheers: Sales rose 67% from 52 million in 2008 to 87 million last year, says analyst Mintel.

The Sun: Captain Crunch: UP to 3.7million households in the UK own capsule coffee machines to make barista-quality drinks,say retail analysts Mintel.

The Scottish Sun: Grounds for cheers: Sales rose 67% from 52 million in 2008 to 87 million last year, says analyst Mintel.

The Irish Sun: Chaps, step away from the eyeliner:  If the majority of men remain stubborn skincare refuseniks, there’s another as yet unchartered market. A recent Mintel report pointed out the opportunities for marketing cosmetics to five- to 17-year-olds. Yes, you read that right. Five. Now that’s a scary thought.

Yahoo! Finance UK: German online sales leap 55 pct over Christmas: Online retail sales in Europe are forecast to double by 2018 to 323 billion euros, according to market research firm Mintel.

Glamour: Your healthiest year ever: Market research Mintel reports that new launches of products promoted as low-carb and high protein have doubled in recent years and sales are soaring.

Daily Mirror: Cheques set to cash out…Toby Clark, of market analysts Mintel, said: “Cash has a long life ahead of it but the extinction of the cheque may come swiftly.

Daily Star: Over for Cash: Research by consumer analysts Mintel revealed 18% of Britain’s internet users prefer to ditch cash altogether.

Retail Week: Asda Scarecrow: Mintel retail analyst John Mercer says: “Asda’s core UPS is price and with rivals, principally Aldi and Lidl, encroaching on its low-price turf, Asda is yet again focusing on its value credentials.”


The Times Of India: With deep pockets & love for fitness, Mamils put pedal to metal: The term Mamil was coined in 2010 when a UK-based market research firm, Mintel, noted the existence of a group of well-off cyclists in a report on the bicycle industry.

Asia Media Journal: Mintel Releases APAC Consumer Trends For 2014: Mintel says the market grew 30.7 per cent by volume in 2012 and will keep expanding at a CAGR of 18.9 per cent till 2017 when there will be 129.1 million visitors.

Food Navigator Asia: How the Asian consumer will change this year: Mintel has asked the question “What will consumers be buying into in 2014?” From this, the media intelligence agency has identified some key trends that are set to have an impact on the food and beverage market across the Asia-Pacific region.

Radio Info (Australia): Five Key Trends for 2014: Global supplier of consumer, product and media intelligence, Mintel, has identified five key trends that are set to impact consumers across the Asia Pacific region in 2014.

NDTV (India): Online cross-border trade to grow to $130 billion by 2020: Study: E-commerce is expanding at breakneck pace, with online retail sales in Europe seen doubling by 2018 to 323 billion euros, market research firm Mintel forecasts.

Food & Beverage Asia: Stevia Products Forecast to Flourish: As a result of increased consumer interest, improved taste and texture, and EU regulatory approval, Mintel and Leatherhead Food Research have forecast that the market for stevia will continue to flourish.

Okezone (Indonesia): Hello Flat Shoes, Goodbye Heels: Menurut analis mode Mintel, Tamara Sender, lebih dari tiga perempat konsumen memilih kenyamanan daripada fashion untuk urusan alas kaki. “Wanita di bawah usia 35 tahun rela berkorban untuk fashion. Sebaliknya, usia di atas 55 tahun lebih mementingkan sepatu yang nyaman,” ujarnya.

Yahoo!7 News (Australia): German online sales leap 55 pct over Christmas: Online retail sales in Europe are forecast to double by 2018 to 323 billion euros, according to market research firm Mintel.

Yahoo! Singapore News: German online sales leap 55 pct over Christmas: Online retail sales in Europe are forecast to double by 2018 to 323 billion euros, according to market research firm Mintel.

Yahoo!New Zealand: German online sales leap 55 pct over Christmas: Online retail sales in Europe are forecast to double by 2018 to 323 billion euros, according to market research firm Mintel.

Reuters (India): German online sales leap 55 pct over Christmas: Online retail sales in Europe are forecast to double by 2018 to 323 billion euros, according to market research firm Mintel.


Folha de S. Paulo: Veganismo ‘meio-período’ se populariza com ajuda de celebridades: Esta é também uma fatia de mercado que está em crescimento no Reino Unido, o de produtos livres de carne, como tofu, hambúrgueres vegetarianos entre outros. Este mercado foi avaliado no país em 625 milhões de libras (mais de R$ 2 bilhões), um aumento de 21% em relação a cinco anos atrás, segundo a companhia de pesquisas Mintel.

Isto É Dinheiro: A via-crucis do Mc Donald’s: O mercado de fast-food está em franca expansão no País. Segundo pesquisa da consultoria britânica Mintel, o setor faturou no ano passado cerca de R$ 50 bilhões. A expectativa é de alcançar R$ 75 bilhões até 2018. Um em cada dez brasileiros afirma comer em uma rede de comida rápida todos os dias.

Cosméticos BR: In-cosmetics destaca o mercado brasileiro de beleza: Haverá também exemplos de cuidados inovadores pele, cosméticos de cores e produtos de beleza do cuidado de cabelo do Brasil escolhidos a dedo pela Mintel, bem como uma zona de rede com um bar brasileiro vai abrigar visitantes para discutir parcerias de negócios em detalhes.

Mundo do Marketing: 4 grupos que compõem os consumidores de Produtos para Cuidado Faciais: De acordo com o perfil do consumidor de produtos para cuidado facial, a Mintel os dividiu em quatro grupos. Os consumidores influenciados por preço e promoções estão procurando produtos para o rosto que sejam acessíveis e em promoção.

Supermercado Moderno: Brilho nas louças: Se depender dos brasileiros, as louças vão brilhar como pedras preciosas. De acordo com pesquisa realizada pela Mintel, empresa global de inteligência de mídia , 92% dos 1.230 entrevistados que compram produtos para lavar louça desejam um alto padrão de limpeza e um aspecto de louça brilhante.

Supermercado Moderno: Adoçantes extraídos da estévia devem ganhar mais mercado em 2017:  Após conseguir melhores sabores e texturas, a estévia – planta nativa da América do Sul que vem sendo utilizada há muito tempo como adoçante – vem discretamente ganhando força com os consumidores, ao mesmo tempo em que está usurpando a hierarquia de adoçantes mais estabelecidos. Relatório da Mintel – empresa global de inteligência de mídia – em conjunto com a Leatherhead Food Research, destaca oportunidades para adoçantes à base de plantas.

Food and News: Estévia deve conquistar grande fatia do mercado de adoçantes em 2017: Após conseguir melhores sabores e texturas, a estévia vem discretamente ganhando força com os consumidores, ao mesmo tempo que está usurpando a hierarquia de adoçantes mais estabelecidos. Um novo relatório da Mintel, em conjunto com a Leatherhead Food Research destaca oportunidades para adoçantes à base de plantas.


Terra (Spain): Comercio online mundial será cinco veces mayor en 2020: estudio (Spain): …(437.910 millones de dólares), según la firma de análisis de mercado Mintel. ʺEn la próxima década, las ventas minoristas online se convertirán en…

Confectionery News (France): North American cocoa grind up 4% but health concerns may soon bite: Mintel’s Director of insight Marcia Mogelonsky told ConfectioneryNews the numbers – an indicator of consumer demand for chocolate in the region – were a positive sign for the US market.

Food & Drink Business Europe: Mintel Expands Portfolio into Poland: Mintel has announced its expansion into consumer research and trends in Poland and the appointment of two key lead analysts for the region as Honorata Jarocka and Regina Maiseviciute join Mintel’s wider global food and drink expert analyst team.

Food & Drink Business Europe: Stevia to Steal Intense Sweetener Market Share by 2017, Reports Mintel and Leatherhead Food Research: A new report from Mintel and Leatherhead Food Research highlights the opportunity for such plant-based sweeteners.

Food & Drink Europe: Polyphenol use rises 69% in 5 years (but do people get it?): The 69% figure is backed up by a 38% rise in the use of the term ‘antioxidant’ on food and drik products even if just in the ingredient listing over the same 5-year period, according to market analyst, Mintel.

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