Mintel in the Media – this week’s highlights – July 02nd 2013

July 2, 2013
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Mintel in the Media is a weekly review, bringing together a selection of the most high profile press stories showcasing Mintel’s data and analysis from around the world. Highlights from the past week include:


Huffington PostWedding planning survey finds 1 in 5 men choose their bride’s wedding dress. The survey, conducted by market research company Mintel and released Wednesday, also reveals that almost as many men as women said they have experienced wedding planning stress — 32 percent of the engaged or recently married men surveyed agreed that planning was “overwhelming,” compared to 42 percent of women.

New York TimesIn criticizing rival products, a Dove campaign is called unfair. To the detriment of bar soap, the body wash category has been on the rise, growing 10 percent in the United States from 2010 to 2012, according to Mintel, a market research firm.

US News & World ReportBuying a house? Don’t make these mistakes. According to market research firm Mintel, the DIY home improvement market has fallen 21 percent in the last 10 years. The reason appears to be financial. While about one in four would-be-DIYers say they want to start on a major renovation, they simply can’t afford it right now.

San Francisco ChronicleT-We takes tea to creative new levels. According to a 2012 study from market research group Mintel, the sale of tea and ready-to-drink (RTD) tea has grown into nearly a $5 billion market in the U.S. From 2009 to 2011, the canned and bottled tea category increased sales by 19.2 percent, while the refrigerated RTD market rose 15 percent.

Detroit NewsKars Nuts of Madison Heights puts premium on innovation in 80th year. “The progressively better understood health benefits of dark chocolate may be increasing its popularity as more consumers are looking for indulgent foods that can serve multiple functions such as nutrition or convenience,” said Sarah Day Levesque, food analyst at Mintel, a New York-based market-research company.

National ProvisionerStudy: Almost 25% of Americans only eat hot dogs during grilling season. “While hot dog brands enjoy healthy sales during the height of the summer grilling frenzy, they must do more to encourage consumption of hot dogs for a range of meal occasions, regardless of season,” notes John N. Frank, category manager, CPG food and drink. “Providing recipe ideas for hot dog dishes could help promote their use for a broader range of occasions.”

Beauty PackagingOrganic personal care and cosmetics: what companies need to know to enter this booming market. One of the largest growth areas in the personal care industry is the organic personal care sector, which posted $9 billion in global sales in 2011 and is expected to reach $11 billion by 2016 according to the Organic Monitor and Mintel.

QSR MagazineBreaking up is not hard to do. Kathy Hayden, foodservice analyst with research firm Mintel, says differentiation and freshness are key components for any Mexican fast casual to find success. “They’re popular flavors, and they’ve been around long enough for people to look for a little bit more authenticity and not just have everything covered in melted cheese,” she says.




Financial Times: Billion dollar babies. With a Key Note study estimating the British childrenswear market alone to be worth £6.99bn by 2015, and a recent Mintel report forecasting it to grow 6 per cent over the next four years, there’s never been a better time to be designing children’s clothes.

BBC: Are pop-up restaurants rescuing economy? Catherine McColl, a trends analyst at Mintel, said they had found that the appeal of pop-up restaurants was skewed towards, “younger users that are savvy with social media”. She added: “Mintel research has found that two out of ten 16-34 year olds interact with a restaurant after dining there.”

The Sunday Times: Sex, drugs and…mum & dad. No surprise, then, that the only way many 18- to 24-year olds can afford it is to go with Mum and Dad. Mintel, the market researchers, say nearly one in five British festival.

Bloomberg Businessweek: Startups are catering to multiracial curls. According to market research firm Mintel Group, in the 3 years after Good Hair’s release, sales of chemical relaxers fell more than 30%.

The Daily Telegraph: British cider maker plays heritage card to beat big brands. Mintel claims sales should rise from £2.69 billion now to as much as £3.7 billion in 2017. Critically, as well as men switching out of lager, lower duty on cider means it’s now a more profitable market.

BBC: The rise of the posh burger. Even in the hard financial times, the UK burger bar market was worth £2.79bn last year with more than a quarter of adults claiming to visit a burger or a chicken bar at least once a fortnight or more, according to Mintel.

Sunday Mirror: Horse meat worries hit baby food. A study by research firm Mintel shows that nine in 10 parents with a child under four feeds them homemade food instead of pre-prepared meals.

The Express: Going for gold: Women’s liberation on the rise thanks to fake tan? According to a Mintel report, people want them because they can’t afford so many overseas holidays; because they are more aware of the dangers of sunbathing and because of the influence of reality television. Towie and its perennially-tanned stars have a lot to answer for.

Campaign: Comparison adwar is about to get bloodier. Graphic.

Cosmetic BusinessA Cosmetics Spending Spree for the UK. The category was split evenly between beauty (48%) and personal care (52%) in 2012, but Mintel expects the beauty sub-category to post stronger growth than personal care in coming months to reach 50% of overall beauty and personal care spending in 2014.




Food & Drink Europe: Mint confectionery oral care claims rising, says Mintel. Around a quarter of recent product launches in the tablet confectionery category have made claims for breath freshening or oral care. Mintel explores the latest flavor trends and health claims in the most common sub-group: Mints.

Food and Drink BusinessLycopene Colour Replacement for Carmine Now Available for Food & Beverage Applications. A recently published Leatherhead – Mintel report showed that, in 2011, for the first time sales of natural colors overtook the sales of the synthetic/artificial colours. And, according to latest report from Innova Market Insights on natural colors, the strong growth from 2008 to 2012 of global product launches utilizing natural colours demonstrates the influence of various trends, such as natural and clean label.

Food Stuff South Africa: UK: What’s cooking in baking! Several key trends in the UK baking sector have been identified by Mintel: small is good, muffins are on the up, baking at home is growing, and just 6% of Brits haven’t eaten cakes and cake bars in the last six months, despite growing concerns about sugar, fat and cost!

Portugal Textil: Bebé real promove economia. Richard Cope, diretor de tendências na especialista em pesquisa de mercado Mintel, antecipa que o bebé da Duquesa de Cambridge terá um impacto positivo no consumo, que apenas aumentou 0,1% entre janeiro e março deste ano. «Creio que a maior oportunidade comercial será com os turistas», afirmou Cope, sublinhando um aumento de 13% na chegada de turistas em abril.

Bakery and Snacks: Plentiful opportunities for neglected 55+ snackers, says Mintel. Consumers over the age of 55 are not well catered for in the snacks sector despite huge market potential, says Mintel.

L’Observatoire des Cosmetiques (France): Cosmétiques Bio: le dossier. Une nouvelle étude du cabinet d’études Mintel parue en mars 2013 montre que 90 % des consommatrices chinoises urbaines ont tendance à acheter des produits naturels, pourcentage qui monte à 92 % pour les 30-39 ans et à 94 % pour celles qui ont les plus gros revenus.



MSN 中国浅谈素食的逆袭. 如果说上一次素食热潮席卷世界时打的是反思生活方式的幌子,那么,这一次它们走的是渐进的上层路线——从上至下利用高级餐厅和名人的影响力动摇更多肉食者。
的事情 在英国,据明特尔(Mintel)调查研究,无肉食品的市. In the UK, according to Mintel research, the market value of non-meat products has reached 700 million last year, $ 39 million pounds, the growth rate of the past five years has been 20%, is expected this year will be the same growth rate down.

Yahoo! Finance: The yellow commodity hotter than gold. Put it all together and mustard equals money: The condiment raked in U.S. sales of $508 million in 2012 – an 11% jump since 2007, according to Mintel, a market researcher.

华网: 中国成世界葡萄酒消费大国 China becomes one of the countries which consumes most wine. According to global consumer, product and market intelligence provider Mintel recently released industry analysis report: China wine market consumption capacity has now reached 842.4 million liters, totaling more than 46.3 billion yuan.

东方网中国成世界葡萄酒消费大国 未来五年消费翻番

Asia Food Journal: Europe Increasingly Adopting Stevia; Asia Still Dominates Market. “Whilst countries such as France, Germany and Finland had allowed a limited number of stevia products as early as 2009, 2012 was the first year that stevia was allowed to be used in a wide range of food and drink categories in all EU markets and manufacturers have responded with a huge increase in new product launches,” said said David Turner, Global Food and Drink Analyst at Mintel.


Isto É DinheiroPreço Afugenta _ coluna Clayton Netz. Uma pesquisa da subsidiária brasileira da Mintel, consultoria britânica especializada em inteligência de mercado, detectou, em entrevistas com 1.200 consumidores, que um dos principais entraves para o aumento da venda das máquinas de café espresso no País é o preço, tanto dos equipamentos quanto das cápsulas. Nesta semana, a filial receberá a visita do CEO Jon Butcher e do chairman John Weeks.

O Estado de Minas: Determinação para reduzir sódio e açúcar nos alimentos exige adaptações na indústria. Segundo pesquisa da Mintel, empresa inglesa especializada em inteligência de consumo e produto, 66% dos brasileiros dizem que ingerem frutas e vegetais diariamente e 22% afirmam que seguem uma dieta de baixo teor de gordura.

Aditivos IngredientesDeterminação para Reduzir Sódio e Açúcar nos Alimentos Exige Adaptações na Indústria. Segundo pesquisa da Mintel, empresa inglesa especializada em inteligência de consumo e produto, 66% dos brasileiros dizem que ingerem frutas e vegetais diariamente e 22% afirmam que seguem uma dieta de baixo teor de gordura.

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