Mintel in the media – this week's highlights

September 2, 2011
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“A bright week here at Mintel for media coverage and our phone has not stopped ringing with media interested in Mintel’s expertise – which ended up in a variety of interesting pieces on both national and international high-profile publications.

Firstly, Mintel’s data was used by the BBC for a piece on the EU ban forcing UK consumers to phase out their incandescent 60W bulbs in favor of energy-savings ones. The end of a luminary love affair.

Ever heard of a Man-Grow? Man-Grow is the latest pyjama craze – an all in one sleep suit, like the one worn by newborns – just launched by Selfridges. Will this make an impact on the British nightwear market? You can read the full story covered by the Express with a comment from Mintel’s Director of Retail Research Richard Perks.

Mintel’s data on the nightwear market was also highlighted again this week with regards to the Man-Grow story covered by the Independent. Moreover, the Independent extensively used Mintel’s findings on school wear for a piece on school uniforms and their popularity among British parents. The same can’t really be said the same for those who have to wear them…. Mintel discovered that almost half of 11- to 14-year-olds believe that school uniforms are “”stupid””.

Our Director of Retail Research Richard Perks was also quoted by the Daily Mail on the effects of riots on the British economy. Meanwhile, the Express quoted Mintel’s research on domestic cleaning products for a piece on “”autumn clean””, with September apparently replacing April as the time to clean up our homes. In addition, the Mail on Sunday used our data on the baby toiletry market for a piece on former Apprentice star Saira Khan’s skincare firm.

As for international recognition, the week kicks started with our report on Fashion: Size Matters! hitting the lines again, this time cited by Vogue Italia. While in Russia and Germany, World Book and News and Wallstreet online, mentioned our school wear report. And in Brazil, the BBC Brazil quoted Mintel in a piece on youth beauty.

On the other side of the Ocean, lots of interviews this week in the US press office. Leylha Ahuile was interviewed and quoted in a piece that appeared on about the intricacies of Hispanic marketing while Kathy Hayden was interview by Chicago’s own RedEye and asked to give her opinion of the increasing popularity of sweet tea at restaurants.

Nica Lewis was also quoted in a Global Cosmetic Industry article about green cosmetics and Andrew Davidson’s comments appeared in Smart Money where he commented on the increasing value of credit card rewards.

Meanwhile, our research on men’s cleaning habits in the home was highlighted in Quirk’s Marketing Research Review and MediaPost Marketing Daily used data from our recently published Cause Marketing report.

A Natural Foods Merchandiser article made use of our insight into the spices and seasonings market and the News & Observer referenced our frozen yogurt data–a topic that has been very popular this summer.

Keeping up the food coverage, HispanicMPR quoted information from our Ethnic Foods report, while FoodNavigatorUSA printed some of our GNPD numbers and Nutraceuticals World sought us out for a piece on functional beverages.

Closing out the week, Mintel Comperemedia data appeared in Kiplinger Personal Finance and articles and Happi Magazine used GNPD product launch numbers to illustrate the growing popularity of facial skincare products that offer UV protection.”

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