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May 4, 2012
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The week got off to a great start in the Chicago press office with a profile of our Attitudes Toward Sodium report and press release on HispanicMPR, as well as an interview with beverage expert Garima Goel Lal for a Convenience Store News story about the energy drinks category.

Other great coverage was garnered by last week’s press release on University Foodservice that quoted Foodservice Director, Eric Giandelone which continued to get the media talking. The story was covered by QSR Magazine, Restaurant Management and Food Management. Giandelone’s comments on an independent restaurant chain expansion were also sought out by The Times-Tribune.

Next up, MediaPost Marketing Daily used our single-cup coffee consumption data for a story about Nespresso’s first-ever US television ad campaign and The New York Times referenced our healthy snacking figures in a piece about Newton’s new cookies.

Meanwhile, Nutraceuticals World highlighted our numbers on female allergy-sufferers, Convenience Store Decisions referenced our Attitudes Toward Convenience Store Shopping report and Grocery Headquarters included insight from our latest Household Cleaning report that found 42% of consumers would be willing to pay extra for any product that makes cleaning faster.

In other big news, Amy Ziegler, global personal care analyst at Mintel was quoted in her first press release where she discussed the future of the deodorant and antiperspirant market. The story got great media attention, and was picked up by Happi, GCI Magazine and Cosmetics News, just to name a few.

Closing out the week in the US press office, our Marcia Mogelonsky was quoted in a Convenience Store Decisions piece about the chocolate industry, Lynn Dornblaser’s presentation at the FMI Conference was covered by Supermarket News and Prevention Magazine used our dishwashing stats: it seems 88% of household was some dishes by hand, even if they have a dishwasher.

Over in the UK press office, we started the week with a boost of caffeine, our latest coffee research was featured in the Daily Mail in “What’s in your daily coffee, and what does your cup say about you?” Market research from Mintel predicts that by 2015 our habit will be worth £1bn a year – and will include an increasingly bewildering number of obscure varieties.

Breakfast was high on the agenda this week and Mintel’s Marcia Mogelonsky was quoted in a number of high profile publications discussing the acquisition of Weetabix by Bright Food. The story was featured in The Times, WSJ, The Guardian and The Australian.

On to drink of the alcoholic variety, Mintel’s Jonny Forsyth was interviewed on Bloomberg TV talking about the rise and success of the micro brewing community. With beer sales continuing to decline in Western Europe, many pubs are being closed, Jonny spoke about how the major breweries are seeing a huge decline in the Western market.

One week on from our pasta press release and The Daily Mail featured our very latest pasta data in “Big appetite for Scratch – the ready meals that aren’t quite ready.” A survey by market researcher Mintel last week found that young people were still finding it hard to cook simple items such as rice and pasta. Quoting Alex Beckett, Senior Food Analyst at Mintel, said: ‘It appears the efforts of some of Britain’s best loved chefs to make cooking easier and more accessible have gone rather off the boil. The same research was also featured in This is Money.

Our social media research is proving to be a big hit with the media, this week’s beauty and social media research featuring in AOL Money and Deadline News quoting Mintel’s social media expert Alexandra Richmond. The same research was featured WGSN, Cosmetic Design Europe, and GCI Magazine.

Still with beauty, our nail research continues to gain high profile coverage, this time featuring in the Mail on Sunday in Fashion at your fingertips: Follow the celeb trend for making your nails as inventive as your outfit. Madonna, Lady Gaga and Rihanna are all fans of making their nails as inventive as their outfits and now, according to market research by Mintel, sales are predicted to rise by 35 per cent by 2015. The same story was featured in the Irish Daily Mail.

Meanwhile, exactly one year on from the royal wedding both The Sunday Times and The Sun quoted Mintel’s £1 billion Kate figure.

On to slightly less glamorous things Popsop quoted our white goods research saying how according to Mintel, more 18-24-year-olds than 25-30 or 35-44-year-olds rate the cooker as one of the most important electrical devices.

We finished the week with some great coverage for our consumer payment preference press release – with analysis from our Head of UK Financial Services research Toby Clark – in the Metro which spoke about how most of us shun contactless cards. A cashless society may still be a long way of, a study shows – just one in 20 Britons has used a contactless card. The story featured in The Sun, Talking Retail and Marketing Week.

Over in Spain, our chocolate expert Marcia Mogelonsky was quoted in La Informacion. While in India, our functional drinks data was used in the Times of India the functional drinks segment is worth more than $9 billion (approx Rs 47,200 crore) in the US alone, according to market research firm Mintel.

Finally in the Philippines Yahoo! Finance featured our research in an article titled “Reminders That a Cookie Goes Beyond the Fig. “Still, marketing a cookie as both a healthy option and marketing it to boomers is somewhat counterintuitive. When asked if they considered 22 different types of snacks healthy, only 9 percent of consumers said they considered cookies healthy, a tie for last place with potato chips, and less than those who consider chocolate (13 percent), ice cream (12 percent) and meat snacks (12 percent) to be healthy, according to Mintel, a market research firm.

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