Mintel in the Media – this week's highlights

September 9, 2011
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Fantastic week for Mintel media coverage this week as Mintel’s British Lifestyles 2011 report launched to the world on Tuesday in a blaze of activity across the UK and beyond.

The whole analyst team have been kept busy and we’ve seen some amazing coverage start to come through as a result. Highlights today include lead story in The Times – as well as high profile coverage in The Daily Telegraph, The Sun, The Daily Express and The Daily Mail as well as a variety of trade press and international coverage as far afield as the Times of India. In addition, Mintel information the nation from Swindon to Stoke about the British Lifestyles findings and comparing happiness by region from the British Lifestyles report with nearly 20 pan-Britain BBC radio stations took part, giving great publicity for us and the report across the country.

Our British Lifestyles Microsite has also been receiving some great feedback – with New Media Age including it as a site inspection piece, rating it 75/100 and commenting “”The design is fresh and colourful but also clean and uncomplicated, allowing the content to speak for itself. A brilliant and entertaining site, which is sure to drive report downloads.””

And it wasn’t just British Lifestyles which caused a storm in the media this weeks. Mintel’s Size Matters report made it BIG in a number of nationals. In the Sunday Telegraph Richard Cope was quoted as saying “”Shoppers quite reasonably expect 32 inches to mean just that. They are becoming increasingly frustrated to discover their sizes vary from fashion brand to fashion brand and from item to item.”” The story was followed up in The Sydney Morning Herald and Mail on Sunday.

Meanwhile, following last week’s story in the Grocer, Jonny Forsyth was quoted in the Daily Mirror talking about how supermarket beer price rises outstrip pub hikes. The popularity of pies was featured in The Telegraph while The Independent, talked about the popularity of homegrown produce at Spoga Gafa.

Finally, Cosmetic Design looked at how the UK cosmetics & personal care industry has weathered the economic downturn while The Independent, talked about how we’re buying fewer cleaning products and finally getting our hands dirty.

This week started off in the US with a great piece appearing in the New York Times about the ability of electric vehicle batteries to function as generators during a blackout, quoting George Augustaitis, Mintel’s own automotive analyst.

The amazing coverage continued with a Happi article using our data to discuss the use of Febreze in products other than just air fresheners–including sponges, mops and dusters. Meanwhile, Advertisng Age used our frozen novelties sales stats for a piece on the growing increase in consumer demand for full fat ice cream.

Later in the week the Indianapolis Star highlighted our numbers for the African American haircare market and Beauty Packaging referenced information from our Private Label Beauty report that found a quarter of women don’t know if their cosmetic products are brand names or private label. Rounding out the coverage, we were quoted in two separate Baking Business articles–one on consumer demand for natural baked goods and the other about salty snacks.

Closing out the week, Mintel’s Mashable series continued with a piece about how and why consumer choose a smartphone.

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