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June 29, 2012
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We topped out at 100 degrees this week in Chicago and this week’s press coverage was just as hot, as things kicked off with a great interview fielded by new products guru, Lynn Dornblaser. Lynn was interviewed by National Public Radio for an article about the kosher foods industry. She was quoted as saying that “there is a feeling by many consumers that kosher is somehow better, more wholesome.”

Next up, The Detroit News quoted heavily from our most recent Camping and Camping Equipment report for a story about a possible resurgence of camping at Michigan state parks. The report, which included a quote from Senior Lifestyles and Travel Analyst Fiona O’Donnell, suggests that camping has been on the decline because many families see the activity as being too much of a hassle for a family vacation.

Meanwhile, our data on the men’s toiletries market was referenced in a Los Angeles Times story that was reprinted across the country in publications like local favorite, The Chicago Tribune and Natural Foods Merchandiser sought out our opinion of the future of the baby food industry for a quick piece about the top gourmet baby foods.

Also of note, MediaPost Marketing Daily highlighted our sports intelligence for a piece about licensed apparel. According to Mintel data, almost half of sports fans (44%) will not wear team-branded clothing unless it bears the name of their favorite team.

Another big win this week came when our insight was included in three separate Drug Store News articles. The first used our teen and tween beauty consumption figures (61% of 9-11-year-olds want to wear more makeup than their parents allow), the second story examined the energy drinks market and the third discussed the possibility of the teen demographic becoming a burgeoning target in underarm care.

Over in the UK, it was a fantastic week for technology, as the press snapped up our latest digital cameras research with extensive coverage across the UK nationals. Starting with the Daily Mail and the article “Do smartphones spell the end of the digital camera?”. The piece talked about how sales of ordinary devices have plummeted 30% in five years, quoting Samual Gee, Mintel’s Technology Analyst who said that “while smartphone picture resolution is lower than that of the best digital cameras, many people would not be able to tell the difference in the images.” He added: “Camera manufacturers must choose to either invest in a web service that complements captured photos or video, or to focus on including new, innovative hardware capabilities and modifications, to retain consumer interest.” The story also made it to The Telegraph and the Mirror which also quoted Sam who said: “Although smartphone cameras do not typically match the quality of output of dedicated devices, the technology is consistently improving, as the quality of camera image output becomes too high for consumers to reliably distinguish between competitors.” There was further coverage in the Metro and the Scotsman both of which quoted Sam.  

It was also a fantastic week for our finance research with The Telegraph quoting Mintel in an article about millions being unclaimed in ‘lost’ savings accounts. Previous research by specialists Mintel suggested that there was at least £12 billion of shares from privatised companies that had never been claimed. That means the dividends on these shares have also been left unpaid. The same story was featured on Yahoo! Finance.

On to fashion, The Independent on Sunday talked about how “Jigsaw goes for the Kate effect ”. The Duchess of Cambridge has been credited with boosting Britain’s faltering economy by £1bn, according to Mintel, such is the strength of the Kate effect.

It was a great week for beauty too and Mintel was extensively covered in the high profile Times supplement “Raconteur.” Research included the “Blemish balm boom and timeless allure of lipstick” quoting Mintel forecasts that the colour cosmetics category will grow by 31% between 2010 and 2016, NPD forecasts that the value of sales will hit £1.42m. In the same supplement there was an article on the “Pampered groom” and  “Beauty clicks in cyberspace” which talked about how Mintel reports that online beauty has more than doubled in size between 2005 and 2010 to an estimated value of £420m. In  “It’s time for skin care to get personal,” Mintel was quoted as estimating there have been 3,190 skin care products launched in the UK during 2011 alone and in “Divide and rule the beauty age gap,” Mintel reported that 61% of girls aged nine to eleven would like to wear more make up than their parents allow, and 33% aged 9 to 17 wear mascara every day.  Meanwhile, Brand Republic quoted our hugely popular cosmetic surgery report in  “What brands should know about the Alfa-Maintenance Woman.”

Still with beauty, the Sunday Mirror talked about teeth trends and how Cosmetic Dentistry is growing at a rate of around a third year on year according to Mintel.

Mintel was then called to comment on an article about PwC’s sustainability report in Packaging News. Our Senior Global Packaging Analyst, Benjamin Punchard, welcomed the report. He told PN: “I’m pleased that there seems to be a consensus that the term ‘sustainable packaging’ has had its day. It meant so many different things anyway that the claim has perhaps become just background noise.”

Following on from our hugely popular biscuits report, the Daily Mail reported how the custard cream is the “Cream of the crop!” as Britain’s youngsters turn to traditional biscuits despite new temptations on offer. Senior Food and Drink Analyst Alex Beckett said: “The youth of Britain is growing up immersed in digital media, text-speak and cutting-edge gadgetry but this doesn’t mean they don’t appreciate a good old-fashioned Custard Cream. They may lack TV support or big-name brands, but the humble Bourbon, Malted Milk and Custard Cream are cherished by teens and students.” Also quoting Alex, The Sunday Times followed up with the same story, The Daily Star, Bakery and Snacks, and Consudel in the Netherlands. While in South Africa Food stuff quoted David Jago, Director of Innovation and Insights at Mintel, who said given the obesity epidemic, “weight management is the single most important health and wellness issue facing the nation.”

Finally, over in Ireland, The Irish Independent talked about how Irish retailers have much to learn from ‘category killer’ IKEA. The UK-based research company Mintel calculates that IKEA has 9.6pc of the market share, despite only having 18 stores in the UK. It has also found that more than one-third of British families have bought items from IKEA in the past three years and more than two-thirds visit the shop more often than they go to church.

Over in Europe, Finanza e Mercati, the Italian newspaper dedicated to the financial and economic world, featured our analysis on P&G cuts, quoting our Senior Household Analyst, Richard Caines. Still in Italy, male grooming and in particular suncare was featured twice in the news agency ANSA, then in the daily national paper L’Unita’.

In the meantime, in France, Agroalimentaires News quoted our successful research on private labels launches overtaking branded for the first time in 2011 in a piece titled:  “Royaume-Uni : plus de lancements sous MDD que sous marques nationales”.

Our US male grooming research was used in Gulf News  which talked about how Men’s grooming is one of the fastest growing segments in the beauty business. Chicago-based research firm Mintel forecasts that sales of men’s toiletries will hit $3.2 billion by 2016, up from an estimated $2.6 billion this year and $2.2 billion (Dh8.04 billion) in 2006.

Still with beauty, in Oman, the Oman Tribune quoted our US hair data in Natural Glory. More and more black women are opting to wear their natural hair and discontinue use of relaxers,” says a 2011 Mintel report showing that from 2006 to 2011, the sales of relaxer kits dropped 17 per cent to $38 million. The trend is “expected to continue,” the report states. 
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