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September 16, 2011
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After the huge splash British Lifestyles created in the media last week, the coverage continues. Starting with the happiness barometer, in The Independent Andrew Martin spoke about how “”There’s nowt so happy as Yorkshire folk.”” Meanwhile, the Scottish Daily Express, talked about how Scots are on the path to contentment.

Still with British Lifestyles but on to travel Travel Daily News spoke about how British Lifestyles had revealed that foreign holidays are increasingly the domain of well-off consumers. Finally, news that the UK alcohol market is set to shrink made it in to Drink Business.

On to the big shopping story of the week and the opening of the new Westfield shopping centre. Mintel’s Richard Perks was called in to comment on a number of high profile TV and radio stations including BBC News and London Tonight.

Starting with the BBC Richard Perks answered whether bigger really means better when it comes to shopping malls. Other radio interviews which aired Richard’s comments include Smooth Radio which spoke about a mixed reception for the new Westfield complex, StrayFM and South Breeze FM. Meanwhile, Mintel’s views on the opening were also featured in Yahoo News.

Still with shopping, the Daily Mail spoke about Sainsbury’s hi-tech price matcher and used Mintel’s research which shows that four in five shoppers were switching to budget food stores or own-label products because of rising prices.

We also had some great broadcast coverage on BBC Radio 4 You &Yours, which featured Mintel’s Michelle Strutton talking about greeting card sales. Also on BBC Radio 4 You &Yours, but this time commenting on sell by dates, Mintel added less than a fifth of people are looking for more information on packaging.

To tie in with our presence at Beyond Beauty, this week we released men’s grooming research which has gone down a storm in Europe and particularly Germany. Starting with Special Chem which spoke about how skin care products are driving the European men’s grooming market, the story also made it in to Cosmetic Design. News of the report made it to Kam City and Dnews and Cossma and Mens Health in Germany. Still with beauty, but this time women’s beauty, the Daily Mail featured Mintel’s research in an article discussing how lippy continues to defy the downturn.

On to kids, and those who refuse to leave the comfort of their home. The Irish Independent spoke about how parents are postponing retirement as children move home, while the Telegraph talked about another concern – the cost of dieing.

Mintel’s latest pizza research made it in to Marketing which featured a quote from Alex Beckett, while the BBC used Mintel’s US and UK cleaning data.

It was a week of twos in the US press office, as our data and analyst commentary was included in two separate articles in three different publications. First up, Food & Beverage Packaging quoted our Non-Chocolate Confectionery report in great detail in the first article they published using our data and included our condiment sales numbers in the second.

Next in line, Beverage Industry used a comment from Mintel’s Fiona O’Donnell to discuss what’s ahead for the private label market while the other quoted global drink analyst Sarah Theodore on the increasing popularity of coconut water.

The last of the trio, Baking Management, referenced our outlook of the pizza retail industry and in one article and consumer interest in fiber-enhanced foods in another.

Also on the food front, one of our foodservice experts–Kathy Hayden–was asked by Fast Casual to comment on fall flavor trends and oatmeal’s versatility and Prepared Foods highlighted our projections for growth in the prepared cakes and pies market.

Meanwhile, Drug Store News used Mintel data to point out that health could be a factor in consumer preference for single-serve snacks and used our survey data to illustrate American interest in healthier snack options. Additionally, Saveur Magazine referenced our knowledge of US restaurant menus for an article about the popularity of chicken fingers.

Continuing the week’s coverage, our beauty analyst Kat Fay was quoted in a Women’s Wear Daily article on cosmetics spending habits while Time Magazine included our intelligence in a piece about the connection between lipstick and the health of the economy.

Closing out the week, our Mashable series continued with a piece about the persistence of the PC and The Atlantic used a quote from Susan Menke in an article about the impact of the recession on Baby Boomers, Millennialls and Gen-Xers. Lastly, Daily Finance used our shampoo and conditioner sales numbers and Nutraceuticals World referenced our anti-aging data.

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