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Mintel in the Media – this week's highlights

April 19, 2013
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Mintel in the Media is a weekly review, bringing together a selection of the most high profile press stories showcasing Mintel’s data and analysis from around the world. Highlights this week include:


  • The Times: Wonka inspired creations spur on thriving Cadbury. Only 5% of the population has not indulged.
  • The Independent: Living on benefits: what would it take to survive on £53 a week? The most significant outgoing is on food. According to a recent Mintel survey, the average weekly spending on food by a family is £85.
  • The Sun: Captain Crunch. Price is n.1 factor for 65% of people buying chocolate, market researchers Mintel found.
  • The Independent (Ireland): Time for banks to become part of the solution. The Mintel consultancy recommends just such a course of action. In a lengthy report, it says: “It could be argued that, once the dust has settled, the Irish mortgage market will be ripe for a new entrant – one that can enter with a clean history and no ill-feeling between itself and consumers.”
  • CampaignFreixenet appoints Fold7 to UK ad account. Freixenet is the top-selling sparkling wine brand in the off-trade, according to Mintel data, with sales of £34 million in 2011 and a 9% market share.
  • The Times: £40m boost for cycle safety is criticised too little. Research by the analyst Mintel found that 41% of Britons consider themsleves to be cyclists an increase from 34% a year ago.
  • The Sun: Taste For Travel – Mrs Crunch. The booming popularity of world food means Brits are spending an eye-watering £1.4 bn a year on non British cuisine, according to analysts Mintel.
  • The Daily Express: Golden stars put millions in the saddle. Michael Oliver, from Mintel, said: “There is considerable momentum behind bikes, driven by sporting successes in the Tour de France and Olympics, rising fuel prices and higher public transport costs.”
  • The Daily Telegraph: Cycling boom driven by Olympics effect. The report, from the market analyst Mintel, claims that half of British men now cycle regularly. It also found that 53 per cent of Londoners use bicycles – making London the cycling capital of the nation.
  • BBC News: Broadcast: Richard Perks is a retail analyst at Mintel and he told me there are questions over the long-term viability of HMV despite today’s rescue attempt. It is great to see someone try, but I am sceptical. People don’t want to buy CDs the way they used to. They now stream films or buy things from Amazon.
  • The Sun: Cycling on a roll. Market analyst Mintel found half of Brits say it is too dangerous to ride on the roads.
  • BBC London: Broadcast. The retail analyst at Mintel says he’s still got doubts about the long term viability of 8MB despite the rescue plan to trouble is the demand for CDs and DVDs as for scared streaming on that the markets week
  • BBC Radio Scotland: Broadcast. Richard Perks, director of retail at a market researcher Mintel (said) he’s lied to the company’s plants and says their ambitions remain unclear there’s nothing in the hope the statement ready to indicate what they can do the trouble is that demand for CDs and DVDs is falling it’s going to streaming on that in the markets we can swap arm and CDs DVDs they take up a lot of space but for other prisoners the margin is sloan’s sales falling yelling came disaster then joined prince Charles.
  • Sky News: Sunrise. Richard Perks on M&S full year results.
  • China Daily (Europe): Nestle brews fresh investment as world savors Pu’er coffee. According to research firm Mintel, the Chinese mainland market for packaged coffee products has grown at a compound annual growth rate of 18 percent a year since 2007, and could rise another.
  • The Sun: Male Grooming keeps booming. The UK male grooming industry continues to grow, with reserachers Mintel predicting it will hit £6.1bn by 2014.
  • The Daily MailWould your hair look BETTER if you only used dry shampoo? Answer: Yes…shame about the ghastly pong though. Our writer put it to the test for TWO WEEKS. New figures from market researchers Mintel show that nearly one in four of us own a can of the grease-busting spray.
  • Insead: Clicks versus Bricks: The Battle for the High Street. But Richard Perks, retail analyst at Mintel, argues this is not a sign of terminal decline but that the high street is contracting and reinventing itself.  “The majority of empty outlets are in tertiary and secondary positions. + VIDEO
  • The GuardianHighland Spring now Britain’s favourite bottled water. Bottled water sales in the UK hit £1.5bn last year, with those aged 25 to 34 the biggest consumers. A recent report by Mintel said sales were likely to hit £2bn by 2016.
  • Cosmetic International: Chinese opt for natural ingredients. Consumer attitudes in China are reflecting a growing market demand for natural products. According to new research from Mintel, 90% of urban female consumers in China buy products containing natural ingredients. This statistic rises to 92% for 30-39 year olds and 94% of those in the highest income.
  • Brand RepublicRekorderlig targets success on the slopes at Snowbombing. The economy is difficult but a recent Mintel report is predicting 45% value growth, 23% volume growth over the next five years and Rekorderlig has one of the highest price points in the market so we see no reason for a slow-down.
  • The Times: Finally, it’s time to say good bye to skynny jeans. According to the market research company Mintel, the proportion of under-25s who bought jeans has fallen 14% to 64% since 2008, a reflection perhaps of the increasing popularity of jeggings and treggings.
  • The Financial TimesLights, cameras . . . nappies. According to Mintel, sales of baby durables in the US were $2.7bn in 2011.
  • BBC Radio 5 Live: Interview.
  • The Daily TelegraphWhy it is all going wrong for M&S clothing? Who is the M&S customer? Does anybody know? For decades M&S has prided itself on being solidly in the middle ground – not too cheap, not too pricey. But a study this week by market research firm Mintel shows that the average M&S shopper is adrift of the middle market and can now be defined as ‘affluent’.
  • The Times: Choc cross buns to be rescue of struggling M&S. According to analysis from Mintel, the market researcher, M&S risks lossing to Next its long-held position as Britain’s biggest seller of clothing.
  • The Internatioanl Herald Tribune: Good Food isn’t enough for Marks and Spencer. t could be soon be overtaken as Britains’s biggest retailer by revenue, according to the research firm Mintel.
  • Marketing WeekFood saves M&S as clothing sales slip again. John Mercer, senior retail analyst at Mintel says multi-channel is not a “panacea” to improved performance and the retailer needs to redouble efforts on improving the quality of its fashion ranges if clothing sales are to grow again.
  • Yahoo! FinanceMarks & Spencer ‘needs a female boss’. Earlier this week, analysts at Mintel warned that M&S’ position as Britain’s biggest clothing retailer is coming under threat. They said that Next’s revenues could overtake M&S’ clothing turnover if the companies current performances continue. According to analysis from Mintel, the market researcher, M&S risks lossing to Next its long-held position as Britain’s biggest seller of clothing.
  • Huffington PostWhat’s Really in Your Skincare Products? Research company Mintel, which produces an annual report on the natural and organic toiletries market, says, “Although consumers are keen to make the right choices when it comes to their own health and the wellbeing of the planet, they find the natural and organic toiletries market difficult terrain to negotiate, causing many to revert to making their product choices based on the tried and tested values of price or brand name”.
  • MetroThe benefits of taking a career break. Around a quarter of employers have a career break policy, with finance, insurance and public sector firms being the most open to the idea, according to research by Mintel.
  • The Daily TelegraphEx-Reckitt boss Bart Becht swaps Mr Sheen for coffee. Jonny Forsyth, global drinks analyst at Mintel, described coffee as one of few markets that has proved “recession resistant” in Europe and America. He added that there has been a good uptake of coffee pod machines that consumers use at home, adding the profit margin for the coffee capsules is high.
  • Yahoo! FinanceEx-Reckitt boss Bart Becht swaps Mr Sheen for coffee. Jonny Forsyth, global drinks analyst at Mintel, described coffee as one of few markets that has proved “recession resistant” in Europe and America. He added that there has been a good uptake of coffee pod machines that consumers use at home, adding the profit margin for the coffee capsules is high.
  • The MirrorHotels call last orders on minibar as guests complain of high prices. Mintel drinks analyst Chris Wisson said minibars, introduced in the 60s, were “rather a relic of the industry”


  • South China Post: Guzzle chocolate while you can. Consumers in China spend more than US$1.1 billion (HK$8.54 billion) on chocolate annually, and researcher Mintel predicted the market would grow 11 per cent from 2010 to 2014.
  • New Zealand HeraldStorm rages over UK welfare cuts. The most significant outgoing is on food. According to a recent Mintel survey, the average weekly spending on food by a family is £85 ($154).
  • Hindustan Times: India: rice king. Mintel, a consumer, product and media intelligence company, found through its research that India is leading the way in the packaged rice market across Asia.
  • Australian Food News: Peanut butter a ‘rising star’ in UK’s sweet spreads market. Sales of peanut butter in the UK are on the rise, according to new market research from Mintel, leading the global market research organisation to label the spread a ‘rising star’ in the sweet spreads market.
  • BFM: Broadcast: Matthew Crabbe on what businesses in Malaysia can do to capitalise on Chinese consumers.
  • Asia Food Journal: Gaining Traction. Nirvana Chapman discusses how basil and chia seeds are helping more and more companies to create innovations in their products.
  • Forbes (India): Kraft Foods’ Cookie Crumbles. “Irene is looking for someone to blame on gum,” says Marcia Mogelonsky of market research firm Mintel. “They’re not doing enough innovation.”
  • Food & Bev AsiaMarks & Spencer full year results pre-analysis. Marks & Spencer full year results pre-analysis. Mintel’s brand research shows M&S continues to enjoy very high levels of consumer trust – above the levels seen by Debenhams and John Lewis – suggesting that improving the product offer would prompt a bolstering of performance in the short term.
  • Beijing ReviewIs Coffee a Threat to Chinese Culture? “Café chains only really began to appear in China in the late 1990s, and have since grown very rapidly in number,” Matthew Crabbe, Director of Asia-Pacific Research at Mintel, said in a company press release. “Meanwhile, the teahouse sector has struggled to find a response in terms of a successfully organized, branded, franchised chain—remaining focused on either tourists or low-spending older people looking for traditional places to relax and becoming less relevant to younger Chinese consumers.


  • USA TodayCoffee grinds fuel for the nation. Mintel, a Chicago-based market-research firm, reports that the single-cup coffee market has exploded from $103 million in sales in 2007 to $11.8 billion in 2012.
  • Time MagazineLatest unavoidable fast food buzz words: the rise of crazy, premium, snacks. Well, surprise, surprise, a study conducted by Mintel for BurgerBusiness last year reported that usage of the word premium on restaurant-chain menus has soared. By its count, there were 138 “premium” offerings on chain menus last year, compared with just 69 in 2007.
  • Huffington PostChicken passes burgers on QSR menus. For decades a burger and fries have been the fast-food paradigm but data compiled for by researcher Mintel show that that’s no longer valid. Chicken sandwiches have surpassed beef burgers in number on QSR menus.
  • Bloomberg BusinessweekSafer spring cleaning. “Currently, just 13 percent of housecleaners agree strongly that environmentally friendly surface cleaners are as effective as conventional cleaners — but there is opportunity for natural cleaners with disinfecting power,” Mintel said in a release.
  • The Denver Post: Plus-sized fashion branches out as designers cater to curvy girls in pursuit of style. Still another 2012 survey, this time from Mintel, found that plus-size customers prefer to shop in a store with a plus-size department but that also carries non-plus-size clothing, such as a department store. And that finding went across all income groups.
  • Happi MagazineIs what’s hair today…gone tomorrow? Mintel notes that 16% of US adults report some usage of a dry shampoo in the last year. Across the UK, Spain, France, Germany and Italy, usage is relatively similar to that of the US, but peaks in the UK, where nearly a quarter (23%) of women are engaged in the segment.
  • NutraIngredientsUSAThe forgotten vitamin: K2 has not even begun to realize its potential. Despite the “far-reaching consequences,” the number of dietary supplements launched containing vitamin K remains small, according to data obtained this week from Mintel.
  • Happi MagazineBreaking barriers. Different ethnicities shop for different types of skin care products, noted Mintel in its report, Impact of Race/Hispanic Origin in Facial Skin Care. For example, Hispanics and Asians are the most likely to use a range of eye care products, particularly those that help treat the visible symptoms of aging; while black respondents are the most likely to report being loyal to one brand of facial skin care, from cleansers and moisturizers to anti-aging products.
  • Bank Systems & TechnologyInstant issuance: a game changer for banks. Consequently, debit card marketing is on the rise according to Mintel Comperemedia – creating more competitive pressure. It is reported that financial institutions mailed out 42 million direct mail offers last year, up 6% from 2011.



  • Diario de Pernambuco: Sorvete tipo exportação. O fato é que os nordestinos estão cada vez mais consumindo os chamados sorvetes premium, linha formada por produtos mais sofisticados e com um preço maior. Segundo uma pesquisa realizada pela Mintel, 12% dos habitantes da região já têm esse hábito.
  • Meio & Mensagem: Estudo recente realizado pela Mintel apontou os maiores desafios para tornar a categoria mais popular entre o gênero feminino.
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