Single men everywhere, hang your heads in shame!

June 13, 2011
3 min read

What do you get if you cross a romantic that rivals Romeo with a digital and communications guru?… Mark Leadercramer, Mintel Account Director ANZ. In one swoop Mark has managed to melt the hearts of every lady across the land, especially the one closest to his own, and put to shame nearly every man that has ever existed. Mark “Romeo” Leadercramer has proposed to the lovely Justine via the medium that is Flash Mobbing. We’ve all seen Rick Astley roll and T-Mobile terrorise train stations, but the ability to harness, control and distort social norms to tell loved ones just how you feel is being lead by Mintel’s very own.

At the stunning location of Bondi, during a typical Sydney weekend, Mark and Justine went for a stroll. Unknown to Justine, Mark’s plans were already in place. He had organised for a choir of 45 singers to congregate at a specific location on the walk over to Tamarama beach. They waited for just the right moment to unleash their flash mob potential and struck up a rendition of “Let’s Stay Together” to create the perfect environment for Mark to go down on one knee and ask the big question.

I can’t do this work of pure romantic genius justice via the humble word so click on the link below to view the entire event in full glory. For those in touch with their emotional sides please be warned, a box of tissues should be to hand. For all male readers I’d recommend finding a way to conceal this viral piece of footage and keep it far away from the special one in your lives. Once they see this you’ll always be second best to Mark Leadercramer “the Lover”.

Now that we’ve got the romantic bit out of the way and you’ve either dried your eyes or banished every link, posting and comment related to this perfect proposal to the trash bin, it’s worth taking a look at how Mark “The Lady-killer” Leadercramer managed to create an event which escalated from a relaxing stroll along the beach to featuring on Australia’s Channel 7 news.

From a quiet stroll to making mainstream news:

  1. Find a bunch of people willing to be involved in a sophisticated plan – in this case: Soulfood.

  2. Rehearse the plan – the choir practised “Let’s Stay Together” by Al Green for two weeks before the big day.

  3. Leave nothing to chance – Mark exchanged numerous pictures of himself, his partner and the clothes they would be wearing with all involved.

  4. Ensure that a member of the choir works for the country’s major TV news channel, and is a sucker for big romantic gestures!

Mark also has the same impact and success with his professional relationships as he does with his personal ones. It turns out that a member of the choir was the Marketing Director for a potential Mintel client and major brand, and has subsequently rejoined the ranks as a Mintel client. The final thing to say is congratulations to Mark and after this performance it’s not only Justine who will be “loving you forever” but Mintel as well.

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