Three refreshing examples of eco-friendly packaging

April 28, 2014
2 min read

Who says that earth should only get its proper due one day a year? We think Earth Day should be every day, and in that optimistic spirit, here are three examples of new package designs that allow you to help out the planet while quenching your thirst at the same time.



2012 Chardonnay Mendocino County Wine

This wine comes in a recyclable bottle that is 85% lighter than a regular glass bottle. The bottle is made out of a compressed recycled paper, printed with natural inks and the inside contains a recyclable sleeve like the one in the box of wine.








Aquabag Purified Water

This purified water comes in a recyclable pouch that is 90% lighter and more ecological than a plastic bottle.









Odwalla Chai Vanilla Flavored Soy & Protein Shake

This protein shake is now available in an innovative redesigned 12-fl. oz. bottle that uses up to 100% renewable material from plants and is recyclable.





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Viktorija Gnatoka is a global packaging analyst at Mintel where she is responsible for delivering packaging insights and actionable recommendations across multiple categories.

Viktorija Gnatoka
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