Packaging Design: 10 of the most innovative examples of packaging globally

April 8, 2014
4 min read

It doesn’t matter if it is food, drink, beauty or household, packaging is central to both how products are used and how they communicate benefits to consumers. Indeed, when it comes to sensory appeal, it’s not just the object itself that matters – but the packaging. We have selected some of the most innovative packaging innovations from around the world, examining how brands are responding to consumer needs worldwide.

1 – South Korean Dinoplatz Pop-Up Mascara is hidden in a beautiful pack designed by Hatori Sando. The unexpected pop-up city scape is part of a series of products that all feature dinosaurs at large.

mascara2 – It’s not just high end beverages that leverage stand-out packaging. US  Kemps’ Strawberry Low Fat Milk  used a highly shaped extrusion blow moulded HDPE bottle to create memorable shelf impact.

Cow3 – Less is definitely more for this stripped back pot of sugar. Rejecting the standard paper bag, the Spanish Soso Factory has created this practical design which would sit well with consumers as concerned with appearance as with the product itself.


4 – This range of make up products  from UK company Japonesque are said to have been inspired by the professional make-up tools used in Kabuki theatre in Japan. These beautiful compact cases each feature a unique random design so the consumer gets something truly personal.
5 – This packaging design from Kleenex was created in collaboration with the famous Brazilian artist Romero Britto. Targeted primarily towards modern, active women the new tube packaging is designed for use on the go. Perfect for using in the car or at home for beautiful display, the tube is made from cellulose paper pulp – thus making the product more sustainable as it does not contain plastic. An open-closure system keeps the tissues protected.
6 – Swiss Khortytsa ICE, Organic Absolute Quality Vodka lets you know when it’s just the right temperature to drink. Put the bottle into a chiller and it turns blue when it chills to below 5 degrees Celsius.
7 – US Amuse Mints created a new entertaining pack for their mints. Not only does the attractive packaging shape make the product more desirable, but it also brings an element of convenience. Thanks to the flip flop strips it is easy to open the metal tin, which very often is inconvenient due to tight lid closure.
8 – From the USA, Ineke Floral Curiosities Scent Library Eau de Parfum features a limited-edition collection of scents, each with its own “library card” for reference with the scent description. The book like design creates a beautiful way to discover the scents and is a perfect hook around which to pull in heritage inspired graphics.


9 – Wine bottles tend to end up in the recycling bin, but perhaps not this one. Designed with a full body decoration and a simple and easy to remove label, this bottle from South African Rupert Wines can be instantly re-purposed as a vase, an oil container, a water jug or whatever your imagination allows.

Chenin Blainc

10 – The only thing square about this wine is the bottle! California Square 2012 Chardonnay from USA Truett Hurst is a West Coast original, packaged in a striking square bottle that features embossing, paper labels and silk screening directly onto the bottle for a very sophisticated look.

California square

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Benjamin Punchard is Global Packaging Insights Director at Mintel. Benjamin holds significant experience in conceiving, conducting and delivering quantitative and qualitative research and has worked with the leading multinational packaging companies to provide strategic market recommendations. Benjamin is regularly invited to present at global conferences and trade shows such as HBA Global Expo and The European Packaging Summit. Benjamin’s packaging analysis regularly appears in both national and trade media worldwide.

Benjamin Punchard
Benjamin Punchard

Benjamin is Global Packaging Insights Director, creating insightful analysis to enable packaging companies to grow and brands to maximise the power of their packaging.

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