National Cycle to Work Day – Britain’s two wheeled commute shifts up a gear

September 4, 2014
Less than a minute

This National Cycle to Work Day comes at a time when cycling in the UK is more popular than ever. With a 14% increase over the last five years in the sales of bicycles, as the market has grown from £639 million in 2008 to £754 million in 2014, more and more of us are identifying with the sport than ever before.

When it comes to cycling to work, 28% of current cyclists in the UK say that they usually ride to their place of work, up from 25% who said the same in 2013. With 35% of Brits describing themselves as cyclists, cycling could continue to pedal forward for some time to come.

Below we take a more in depth look at cycling across the UK.

0255 Cycling infographic v26

Michael Oliver is Senior Leisure and Media Analyst at Mintel. Having worked with Mintel for over two decades, Michael has worked across many research industries, including food and drink and retail. As a key industry spokesperson for the leisure industry, Michael has most recently been approached by the national media to discuss the state of the nation’s theme park, music festival and cycling industries.

Michael Oliver
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