Top 10 product launches heating up the World Cup

July 3, 2014
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As the World’s attention remains firmly gripped on the World Cup ( although by how much is perhaps dependent on how well certain countries have fared so far), many consumers have been enjoying the matches with refreshments to fuel their support. Indeed in Britain almost one in five (17%) World Cup spectators say they like trying out food and drinks to match the teams playing during the tournament.

As seen in the selection below, whether it’s the use of Brazilian flavouring, football focused packaging or patriotic designs, the launchpad of the tournament has kicked-off an appetite for innovation and limited edition products.

We take a look at the innovations targeting the tournament:

USA – Lemon Creme Sandwich Cookies


Oreo’s new lemon flavoured cookie takes on a Brazilian zesty taste and updated graphics to celebrate the World Cup. With a third (34%) of Americans saying they are likely to buy a new flavour of a familiar product, this product appeals to both soccer fans and also consumers interested in a traditional product with a twist.



Singapore – Cola Flavoured Carbonated Soft Drink




As well as being an official sponsor of the tournament and launching ‘The World’s Cup’ marketing program, Coca-Cola has been repackaged in a limited edition, soccer-ball shaped for the tournament.





UK – Brazilian BBQ Steak Flavoured Noodles




With a third (32%) of Brits claiming to be interested in trying Brazilian products such as food and or drink from Brazil, Pot Noodle’s eye-catching Brazilian flag packaging design and peppered steak flavour perfectly appeals to the British World Cup supporter.




Japan – Butter Soy Sauce Popcorn



This limited edition product from Japan draws the allegiance of the nation’s World Cup supporters as it features the JFA logo to support the ‘Samurai Blue’ Japan Team, and is said to be suitable for snacking whilst watching football.






Russia – Classic Premium Beer




Sibirskaya Korona Klassicheskoye Premial’noye Pivo (Classic Premium Beer) has been repackaged for the 2014 World Cup in Brazil, to support the Russian football team. Sport partnerships allow consumers and fans to show support for their home teams through consumption – so this product stands out on the shelves through its patriotic design.





Belgium – Rioooo Sauce




Belgian consumers are forecast to spend €185.5 million on table sauces in 2014. In a competitive sector, this special limited sauce launched by Manna taps into consumer demand for Brazilian flavours with tomatoes and herb. The label also celebrates the tournament featuring a football pitch and the Brazilian flag.





Australia – Brazilian Kick Sports Drink



Powerade is conventionally marketed as a sports drink, but the brand has introduced the ‘Brazilian Kick’ flavour and the World Cup logo to promote its consumption during the tournament. The isotonic drink claims to be scientifically formulated to hydrate fast by replacing essential electrolytes and fluids lost in sweat.





Canada – Extra Virgin Olive Oil



Showing the breadth of sectors innovating to incorporate the World Cup – Colavita’s Extra Virgin Olive Oil has been repackaged in a new 750ml bottle shaped as a football, featuring the Brasil 2014 logo to highlight the World Cup. Canadians bought 98,000 tonnes of Olive Oil in 2013 and soccer supporters could be drawn to this innovative packaging design.





Switzerland – Brazilian Feijoada Crackers



The Swiss are predicted to consume 4.9 million tonnes of biscuits (cookies and crackers) in 2014 and Dar Vida’s Brazilian Feijoada Crackers have been launched as a special edition power snack with Brazilian Feijoada note. Using seasoning based on the national dish of Brazil, the snack claims to be ideal for the football intense times of the 2014 World Cup.





Brazil – 2014 World Cup Trophy Shaped Milk Chocolate



Whilst the rest of the world has become inspired with Brazilian flavours – Brazil itself celebrates the prestige of the tournament. The Garoto Trofeu de Chocolate da Copa do Mundo da Fifa 2014 Chocolate ao Leite (2014 World Cup Trophy Shaped Milk Chocolate) retails in a 300g pack and takes on the trophy shape. Over a third (36%) of Brazilians say they are eating more chocolate than they did a year ago – suggesting this category is prime for innovation.

David Jago
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