Beauty Supplements: Taking root with 53% Indians for hair health and 75% for holistic health; 32% seek interesting formats

September 18, 2021

Hair care and hair health has been a primary concern among Indians. According to Mintel’s Global New Products Database (GNPD) India’s anti-hairfall shampoo market, at 12%, is among the top in the APAC region. Mintel’s latest research states that 53%* Indians are interested in hair fall prevention and more than half the Indians (53%) lean towards healthy hair claims when taking beauty supplement products. In fact, 13 out of 25 (52%)** Indians who faced hair loss/ damage in the last six months, addressed the issue by consuming VMS.

Tanya Rajani, Beauty & Personal Care Analyst – India said:

“COVID-19 has increased anxiety levels, with concerns about general health, wellbeing and appearance prompting more interest in vitamins, minerals and supplements. The prevention of hairfall and healthy strong hair are a big focus for Indian consumers. While the market is crowded with anti-hair fall shampoos and conditioners, there is ample space for supplements to enter and grow. There is a strong consumer interest in hair health, which makes the hair supplement space an area ripe for growth. As hair loss/ damage is aligned with beauty propositions, brands can leverage it to introduce customers to the segment. They can demonstrate to consumers how hair supplements are the natural next step after topical remedies. Brands can offer supplements for specific needs and ages to help consumers navigate through their journey.”

Beauty inside out and holistic health
The narrative of ‘beauty inside out’ is strengthening its foothold among Indian consumers.
Three fourths of the population (75%)*** agreed that consuming vitamins, minerals and supplements regularly helps in achieving overall health and wellness. More than 10 in 25 people (28%) intend to start using more beauty supplements in the next 12 months. According to Mintel’s GNPD, VMS product launches with skin, hair and nail claims topped at 23.6% between June 2020 and May 2021, since it plateaued in 2018 at 17.2%. GNPD also shows that 52% of new beauty supplement launches in 2020 also have a functional effect on the immune system, up from 35% the previous year.

Tanya Rajani, Beauty & Personal Care Analyst – India said:

“The increased interest in wellbeing solutions from the beginning of the pandemic has made it a good time for brands to acquire new consumers and push for health benefits in beauty supplements. As consumers better understand the impact physical and mental health can have on their outer appearance, there is increased scope for brands to introduce ingestibles that meet physical and psychological needs. The market will see brands launch ingestibles and topical products crossovers as the inside-out beauty proposition prompts more Indians to consume more supplements. Brands can formulate supplements that can provide benefits in various areas and not just beauty on the surface. Brands must keep the consumer’s interest first and provide ingestibles / supplements that can boost immunity and health. This pre-emptive consumer thinking will create great opportunities for brands. It is important that beauty supplements provide multiple benefits for consumers to gain from them.”

Familiar formats and ingredients
Familiarity plays a significant role in helping consumers ease into the world of beauty supplements. About one third Indian consumers (32%) would be interested in taking beauty supplements offered in snack/sweets formats. For nearly half of Indian consumers (46%), taste is one of the important factors that would encourage them to try vitamins, minerals and supplements. For 41 in 100 Indians (41%), familiar ingredients are one of the important factors that would encourage them to try VMS.

Tanya Rajani, Beauty & Personal Care Analyst – India said:

“With the pandemic keeping people home and outdoor activities to a minimum, many consumers are seeking comfort and newness in food. Supplements in snackable forms, as well as interesting flavours, can contribute to this search. Brands should strive to engage the consumer by balancing between familiar ingredients and exciting formats such as snacks, yogurts, drinkables etc. This will help consumers find supplements more relatable and convenient to consume. Brands should break away from the medicinal imagery (tablets, etc) and look at formats like organic drinks and effervescent tablets. Brands can explore the potential of locally popular fruits and flavours such as Indian gooseberry, kesar, badam pista, mango and tulsi or starters.

*3,000 Internet users aged 18+, July 2020
**3,000 Internet users aged 18-65+, Feb 2021
***3,000 internet users aged 18+, March 2021


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