Half of urban Chinese consumers are interested in purchasing new healthcare technology devices and services

May 17, 2021

Health technology is gaining traction as consumers look for ways to manage health concerns, including aging and stress. Latest research from Mintel, the experts in what consumers want and why, reveals that compared to smart watches and other healthcare tech products that are already easily available in the market, urban Chinese consumers are more interested in new types of healthcare tech such as smart home fitness equipment and fascia guns. Half (50%) of urban consumers say they do not currently own such products, but are interested in buying/downloading.

Furthermore, the majority of urban Chinese consumers show interest in purchasing DNA personalized health services (66%), downloading diet management apps (63%) and mental health apps (62%).

Catherine Liu, Health and Wellbeing Senior Analyst at Mintel, says:

 “The healthcare technology market in China continues to experience growth. COVID-19 has not had a serious impact on spending on technology and communication products. In addition, consumers in lower tier cities are beginning to have an appetite for new things that can enhance their health; this increase will make health technology equipment and apps more mainstream. Brands already in, or looking to enter, the space should consider expanding their brand or product line, or cooperating with other brands involved in DNA personalized health services, diet management apps and mind-body health related apps – all areas that consumers have indicated will be of interest in the future.”

Sleep quality and weight tracking are most desired

The two major types of health information that urban Chinese consumers most want to record are sleep quality (73%) and weight (73%). 

At the same time, Mintel research shows that among consumers who strongly agree that it is important for health technology products to have practical features, 71% are willing to share personal health data with their doctor/nurse to manage their health.

Catherine Liu explains, “According to Mintel’s 2021 Global Consumer Trend Health Undefined, technology is giving consumers more touch points to control their health. In terms of healthcare tech products, most consumers do not have major concerns about maintaining absolute data privacy. On the contrary, as our research shows they hope to share the data with people who can help them improve their health.”

Data simplification is a future area of competitive focus

Mintel research shows that 38% of urban Chinese consumers believe that data that is too complex to read affects their experience with the product. 

In addition, 12% of urban Chinese consumers strongly agree that ‘healthcare tech products that provide too much information can cause people to worry unnecessarily about their health’. Among consumers who are confident in their physical health and mental health, the percentage rises to 19% and 18%, respectively.

Catherine Liu concludes, “From the demand perspective, a large number of consumers who are confident in their own health hope to avoid receiving excessive information in the process of improving their health. From the supply perspective, current health technology equipment and apps on the market mainly emphasize how the products can collect tangible and intangible health data. However, the more information collected does not mean that such products can attract consumers to buy more. It is necessary for manufacturers of health technology products to use data, present data to users, and better find a balance between improving the physical and mental health of consumers. Data simplification may be an important innovation point in the future.”

For more information or to schedule an interview with our analyst team, please contact the Mintel Press Office at press@mintel.com.

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