Married men make healthier choices than their single comrades

October 30, 2009

Chicago (October 30, 2009)—‘In sickness and in health’ now has a whole new meaning. New research from Mintel shows married men are possibly… healthier men.
According to a Mintel survey of adult men, those who are married are more likely to have had a physical with a registered physician within the past year compared to their single counterparts (55% versus 35%).
In addition, Mintel found 88% of married men have health insurance coverage compared to 69% of single men. This suggests that married men are more likely to seek professional healthcare when needed.
“Having a spouse to confer with could also help men make the decision to seek out medical care when needed instead of sweeping the issue under the rug,” notes Molly Heyl-Rushmer, senior analyst at Mintel. “Single men are more likely to seek out medical solutions from alternative media outlets such as online blogs, magazines or books.”
Men’s leading health concerns change with ageOf the health conditions men are most concerned with, heart disease and cancer lead the pack. Forty-two percent of men of all ages surveyed by Mintel are concerned with developing heart disease and 40% with developing cancer. Meanwhile, older respondents, aged 45-54, have the most concern for developing a range of conditions including vision problems, strokes and high cholesterol (44%, 44% and 22%, respectively).
For younger males between the ages of 18 and 24, neurological issues, sexually transmitted diseases and diabetes are of great concern (26%, 34% and 37%, respectively).
Molly Heyl-Rushmer notes: “Youth is the time to address health issues. Younger people are more devoted to healthy living topics, so this is the time to instill the importance of maintaining healthy living habits as they age.”

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