Premiumisation and blending beauty benefits are keys to growth in Thailand’s oral care category

June 29, 2020

Thailand’s oral care landscape is quickly evolving with more and more consumers now interested in trying new dental care products and opting for premium options. The latest research from Mintel, the experts in what consumers want and why, reveals that one quarter (24%)* of Thais have changed their regular oral hygiene products in favour of premium options. Moreover, there is high interest among consumers in using products such as whitening strips (48%), and electric toothbrush (38%), orthodontics tools (32%), and premium brand toothpaste (28%).

Sirinar Puppachat, Beauty and Personal Care Analyst, Thailand, at Mintel, said:

“Thai consumers are minding their oral hygiene as part of maintaining personal appearances. This increased attention is giving rise to the premiumisation of oral care. While toothpaste is the most straightforward category to innovate premium ranges due to the lower product price and low adoption barriers, our research shows that consumers are interested in do-it-yourself (DIY) options like whitening strips, electric toothbrushes, and orthodontics tools such as inter-dental brush. Brands can tap into this interest for superior oral care products by offering a premium range of products and refreshing the brand’s image to be more premium focused. It is pertinent for brands to use ingredient and technology innovation to differentiate themselves from the competition and secure consumers’ attention.”

Blurring lines of oral care and beauty

Aesthetics in oral health are key concerns for Thai consumers, as plaque (66%) and yellowing teeth (59%) are top dental health issues, followed by cavities (46%), according to Mintel research.

What’s more, oral care is now becoming a part of the beauty routine. In fact, almost half of Thai consumers (46%) agree that good oral health is a reflection of beauty. Whereas, 49% of consumers agree that taking care of dental health is an important part of taking care of the appearance – increasing to 54% among consumers who work full time.

“Oral hygiene is becoming a priority for Thai consumers as it is an aspect of maintaining good personal hygiene. As such, consumers are now looking for more in terms of benefits and functions, thus opening up opportunities for brands.

“As we saw happen in the beauty industry, attitudes toward good oral health have not only shifted toward overall personal appearance but also contribute to social and emotional wellbeing. Moreover, Thais have a strong belief that well-kept appearances will lead to success and better opportunities in life. Consumers are looking for benefits beyond just whitening and anti-cavity. They rely on oral care products to give them the emotional benefit of confidence-boost.

“Brands can position oral care as part of a beauty regimen by connecting oral hygiene to personal appearance. Therefore, established brands, as well as those looking to enter the oral care space, should seize this opportunity to be the pioneer in blurring the lines between personal care and oral hygiene,” concludes Sirinar.

*Base: 2,000 Thai internet users aged 18+

Press interviews with Sirinar Puppachat, Beauty and Personal Care Analyst, Thailand, at Mintel are available on request from the Mintel Press Office.

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