This demographic group brings with them a wealth of opportunities for brands looking to engage with them – but understanding true Millennial behavior rather than stereotypes is key to capitalizing. Millennials are early adopters of technology and heavy users of online, social and mobile media. They also tend to have shorter attention spans and are actively in control of the content and marketing messages they receive.

Canadian Millennial v3

Mintel’s Jason Praw, Head of Canadian Research, will present at FFWD Advertising & Marketing Week on January 28th. In this interactive session, Jason will provide a look into Mintel’s Canadian consumer research, focusing on Millennials and their behaviors. Jason aims to provide an understanding of how brands and media can connect with the most intriguing consumer group since the rise of the Baby Boomers.

Can’t attend Mintel’s live session at #FFWD2015 in Toronto? Download the latest thought piece on The 5 Key Canadian Consumer Groups You Need to Know here.

Jason Praw is Research Manager Canada for Mintel. He has worked in market research and retail consulting for over 10 years and  is currently responsible for researching and writing reports on the Canadian lifestyle industry.