Jennifer Zegler
Jenny Zegler is an Associate Director of Food and Drink at Mintel. Jenny blends her trends expertise with food and drink topics such as health, formulation, sustainability and premiumization.

Since before green eggs and ham, surprisingly-colored food and drink innovations have been something of a novelty for manufacturers. Today, however, technicolor launches are becoming a legitimate marketing tool for not only innovative start-ups, but also for mainstream brands to make packaged products worthy of consumer praise and social media posts.

Color is one of the most significant visual cues that contribute to the sensory appeal of food, as explored in Mintel’s 2016 Global Food and Drink Trend, Eat With Your Eyes. While flavor has long been the focus for innovation, our more visual and share-focussed society calls for innovations that are boldly colored, artfully constructed and sometimes just cool.

With the latest launch being a bright blue wine, we’ve looked at this as well as 8 other products launched around the world over the past year that embrace every color of the rainbow:

It is important to note that the long-term prospects of technicolor food and drink may be reliant on formulations that also appeal to larger food and drink trends, such as the clean label trend. While some consumers may be drawn in by the colors themselves, others are likely to examine the ingredient statement to ensure that the formulation matches their personal ingredient preferences. For many consumers, these preferences include an expectation that food and drink will be free from artificial ingredients, including colors, as observed by Mintel’s 2016 Global Food and Drink Trend, Artificial: Public Enemy Number One. Thus, technicolor food and drink that are made with natural colors could have a longer lifespan than those that rely on artificial ingredients to create the documentable, share-worthy products.

Mintel will be exploring the “Eat With Your Eyes” Trend with an interactive experience during the Institute of Food Technologists (IFT) 2016 conference in Chicago July 17-19. If you are attending the show, stop by Mintel booth #4953, July 17-19 from 2 p.m.-4 p.m., to taste products and learn more about the growing importance of appearance in global food and drink launches.

Jennifer Zegler is a Global Food & Drink Analyst at Mintel. She joined the Mintel Food & Drink Platform after her tenure as a dedicated Beverage Analyst on the US Mintel Reports team. She researched and wrote many of the category reports with a focus on both alcohol and non-alcohol segments and packaging. During her career, she has also written for several food and packaging magazines covering the US snack food, bakery, confectionery, meat, and packaging industries.