Ayisha Koyenikan
As a Global Food & Drinks Analyst, Ayisha provides insights to clients in Europe and around the world in the prepared meals and bakery sectors. She also leads Mintel's Summer Internship Programme.

Hot and cold temperatures offer opportunities for unique and exciting innovation in biscuits and crackers, propelling new usage and eating occasions.

Temperature and texture deliver new sensations

Signature Australian biscuit brand Tim Tam have collaborated with premium innovator Gelato Messina to create a range of gelato-flavoured biscuits in Australia and New Zealand. The biscuits are best served chilled to capture the true flavour of the gelato-inspired fillings. And adding to the experience, the packaging features colour-change technology which turns the lettering from white to icy blue in the fridge. On the other side of the thermometer, Mondelez International launched Cadbury Crunchy Melts in the UK last year. The chocolate chip cookies are filled with milk chocolate and can be microwaved for a truly melty gooeyness.


Encounters that appeal to multiple senses can provide consumers with escapes from the routine and stress of their lives, opportunities to make memories, or generate “like-worthy” social media posts, as explored in the Mintel 2018 Global Food & Drink Trend New Sensations. Texture and temperature work brilliantly together in this arena because changes in temperature can dramatically change the mouthfeel, flavour delivery and overall experience and enjoyment of eating a product. For Christmas 2016 and 2017, Tesco UK launched a pack of Heat to Eat Shortbread Stars, which include a sprinkling of sugar to be applied once warm. This moved biscuits to a planned, entertaining sharing occasion, where the whole pack would be eaten at once.

What’s next?

There is scope for further innovation with temperature in filled biscuits and crackers. The ice cream/gelato angle is one that can be extended, perhaps to formulations that can actually be frozen to really recreate the feeling of eating ice cream sandwiches/choc-ices in the summer. For savoury filled crackers, brands could explore the texture of a molten cheese centre to surprise and delight consumers. There are even opportunities for unfilled crackers, as ‘heat to eat’ crackers may work well with dips such as hummus or flavoured cream cheese.

Fairfields Farm Heat & Eat Handcooked Sea Salted Crisps: Served with a salsa dip, these crisps from the UK are designed to be microwaved in the bag for 30 seconds for a freshly home-cooked feel and new eating experience.

Cadbury Mini Rolls Neapolitan Flavoured Mini Roll Cakes: Inspired by classic ice cream flavours, these strawberry and vanilla creme-filled cakes from the UK can be enjoyed frozen for a tasty summer treat.