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Most consumers have them; many have grown during the global pandemic. From indulgent food and drink to enticing gaming and gambling, vices have been a part of human history from the very start. In this episode, Mintel analysts discuss what makes a vice so ‘bad’, its impact on cultures and mental health, its role in entertainment and emotional release, as well as what brands must do to help consumers balance between extremes. While vices make for good (bad) headlines, they also provide catharsis, security and community. Listen now to find out what that means for consumer and companies today.


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Edward Bergen (host)
Global Food and Drink Analyst


John Poelking
Senior Gaming Analyst, Mintel Reports US


Marcia Mogelonsky
Director of Insight, Mintel Food and Drink


Jonny Forsyth
Associate Director, Mintel Food and Drink