4 Innovative beauty products to watch for in April 2021

April 27, 2021
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Mintel’s team of global beauty experts track product launches that address new consumer needs. This month, they spotlight the products that relate to protective masks.

Scent for Good Inner Peace Mask Spray

Source: Scent for Good

Scent for Good Inner Peace Mask Spray is an environmental fragrance that is designed to be sprayed on the outside of face coverings. Made of essential oils of fresh amber and clean musk, it’s said to negate unpleasant odours and hide the olfactory triggers associated with environments such as hospitals to ease the mind, create a sense of comfort and joy, and help one breathe easy in a place often filled with anxiety.

On Trend:

Covid-19’s long-term impact on mental health provides an opportunity for aircare brands to use aromatherapy to meet renewed demand for self-care and stress relief. In fact, per Mintel Trend, ‘Mood to Order,’ consumers look to personal care products to relax and feel good with themselves. In the US, three in five aircare consumers who used aircare more often in 2020 wanted to create a pleasant atmosphere, as well as half of consumers that wanted to improve their mood, and two in five for wellness benefits.
(Launched in February 2021 in the US)
– Diana Alves Costa, GNPD Beauty Innovation Editor

By Terry Hyaluronic Hydra-Concealer

By Terry Hyaluronic Hydra-Concealer is a concealer featuring 87% skincare-based formula, responding to new face makeup habits. It contains hyaluronic acid to moisturise, soothe and plump the eye area, and horse chestnut seed extract to improve micro-circulation and the appearance of dark circles.


Wearing masks triggers the need to find solutions to build face makeup with adapted products outside of foundation. Foundation-free looks are already trending in South Korea and Japan, where the use of concealers becomes an alternative to foundation to correct and even skin tone. As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, one-fifth of French women are wearing less makeup and/or coverage products, so hybrid products that focus on care will give more value for money – and reason to purchase – to consumers. This is a necessary shift in prestige beauty brands’ offering, as analysed in Mintel Beauty Trend, ‘Beauty [Re]valued.’
(Launched in January 2021 in France)
– Margaux Caron, Global Beauty Analyst

Source: Celderma

Celderma Undermask

Celderma’s Undermask is a cooling and soothing patch designed to be worn under a facial mask. The patch is designed to be sufficiently covered by a facial PPE mask, allowing access to skin so that it can be managed throughout the day. Claims to be effective in preventing troubles caused by facial mask-wearing, with Allantoin and tea tree to calm skin, and hydrogel for an instant cooling effect.


Wearing a PPE face mask is mandatory in public places around South Korea, and soothing, anti-irritation skincare has seen a surge in popularity. This product would appeal to South Korean beauty consumers seeking convenience, as detailed in Mintel Beauty Trend, ‘Beauty [Re]valued.’
(Launched in March 2021 in South Korea)
– Hwa Jun Lee, Senior Beauty and Personal Care Analyst

Officine Universelle Buly Scented Stickers for Masks

Source: Officine Unniverselle Buly

Officine Universelle Buly Scented Stickers for Masks is an instant, premium solution to fight against mask breath. They are single-use scented stickers to be applied on face masks to provide a pleasant smell. Features notes of peppermint, lemon and eucalyptus, described as a ‘galvanising, sanitising trio’ and leveraging an olfactory rendition of cleanliness.


As analysed in Mintel Beauty Trend, ‘Beauty [Re]Valued,’ small, ingenuous luxuries that provide new reasons to splurge will drive reinvention of the luxury sector. This trend responds to more than three in five French consumers who are always on the lookout for things that make their life easier. It offers a complement to oral care products by providing a long-lasting improvement to breath issues when wearing face masks. Prestige and luxury brands are maintaining price integrity while offering entry-level, logo-driven products consumed as collectibles and by offering small luxuries during times of hardship.
(Launched in March 2021 in France)
– Margaux Caron, Global Beauty Analyst

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