4 innovative beauty products to watch for in August 2020

August 18, 2020
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This month, Mintel’s team of global beauty experts spot innovations in color cosmetics that address new consumer expectations. Here are some of their top picks for August:

Multi-purpose wins

Multi-use products that do more with less are highly sought after.

BECCA Zero No Pigment Virtual Foundation

One of two launches in the new Zero Collection from BECCA, No Pigment Virtual Foundation uses Clear Light Blur Technology to diffuse light, blur imperfections and smooth skin’s appearance. It’s formulated with glycerin and hyaluronic acid to hydrate skin and help control oil for a transparent, matte finish. The product is made without any pigment, celebrating rather than masking skin and creating a universal product that adapts to all skin tones.


Skincare-makeup hybrid formulations have been on the rise as exemplified by the growth in product types like serum foundation, which provides multiple skin benefits and a more streamlined, time-saving routine. According to Mintel US research on color cosmetics, two in five female consumers consider skincare benefits an important feature of their color cosmetic products.

– Sarah Jindal, Associate Director, Global Beauty & Personal Care

Urban Decay Lash Freak Volumizing Mascara

This asymmetrical mascara wand is shaped to give lashes more volume and length by applying the maximum amount of product. Its rounded tip defines and separates even the smallest lashes, and is also ideal for applying mascara to lower lashes with no mess. Users are advised to apply the mascara in a zigzag movement from the base of the lashes to the tip, with the option to repeat for a more dramatic look. After application, the flat side is used to add lift and curl by pressing it against lash roots.


This innovation will appeal to the two in five US consumers who say they want to simplify their beauty and grooming routine, as the mascara wand also acts as an eyelash comb and a lash curler. This saves consumers not just money but also time, as the features of this wand are faster to switch between than three different tools.

– April Soller, Beauty and Personal Care Editor

Reuse and recycle it

Today’s conscious consumer looks for refillable and reusable options.

Milk Makeup KUSH Liquid Eyeliner

This liquid eyeliner features a removable and reversible tip to extend product life. Once the tip has lost its precision, the user is instructed to grab hold of it with a tissue or tweezers and gently pull it out of the packaging. The tip is then flipped and slid back into the applicator, providing the user with a second “good-as-new” tip, thereby extending the life of the liner.


As stated in Mintel’s 2019 BPC Trend, ‘Sub-Zero Waste,’ brands can innovate and get clever with upcycling concepts, refills and product-life extensions to remain relevant into the future.

In the UK, more than half of consumers who purchase makeup have reduced the number of products they typically buy over the past 12 months, specifically highlighting the need for brands to innovate and increase the life of their products, according to Mintel UK research on colour cosmetics.

– Lauren Goodsitt, Senior Global Beauty & Personal Care Analyst

Make it fun, make it easy

New formats reignite a functional category.

ONE/SIZE Go Off Makeup Dissolving Mist

This continuous mist instantly dissolves heavy makeup when sprayed on the skin. The product refreshes and soothes skin while removing makeup, infused with jojoba to calm skin and rosehip oils to brighten the complexion. The mist is intended to be sprayed in an O shape and then an S shape to ensure all areas of the face are covered. Once misted, the user can gently wipe all makeup from their skin.


In 2020, nearly half of US female consumers said they use makeup remover, compared to two in five in 2019, according to Mintel US research on facial skincare and anti-aging. Of the US consumers who currently use makeup remover, more than two-thirds use mass-branded makeup removers, while less than one in five use premium ones.

– Lauren Goodsitt, Senior Global Beauty & Personal Care Analyst

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