4 innovative beauty products to watch for in December 2020

December 15, 2020
4 min read

Mintel’s team of global beauty experts track product launches that address new consumer needs. This month, they spotlight products that support keeping facial skin, hair and nails healthy and moisturized.

Soliscia Face Mask Infused with Copper and Moisturizer

Soliscia Face Mask Infused with Copper and Moisturizer is a double-layered face mask that contains copper and shea butter to prevent redness, irritation and ‘maskne’ and is washable. The face mask features fibres infused with antimicrobial CuTec copper and moisturising shea butter to moisturise skin for a youthful look, reduce facial contamination and offer anti-inflammatory and healing properties. The washable mask’s shea butter content is effective for up to 20 washes.


Per Mintel’s 2019 BPC Trend, ‘Sub-Zero Waste,’ brands will win consumer loyalty through simple eco-friendly solutions to waste, such as reusable PPE. COVID-19 has also accelerated Mintel’s 2030 BPC Trends by triggering the development of safe, sustainable, effective solutions. In the US, three-fourths of adults are now wearing a face mask in public. This reusable mask would appeal to half of adults interested in wearable face masks that deliver beauty benefits and nearly three-fourths of personal care consumers who want products made with sustainable materials.
(Launched in August 2020)

– Diana Alves Costa, GNPD Beauty Innovation Coverage Manager

Symbiome The One Restorative Cream

Symbiome The One Restorative Cream is a microbiome-friendly, radically minimal formulation that uses only three ingredients: water, Croton cajucara (sanoma) leaf oil and lactobacillus ferment. Croton cajucara (sanoma) leaf oil soothes sensitive skin, protects against oxidative stress and resets the skin microbiome; lactobacillus ferment moisturizes skin, supports its barrier function and evens skin tone. The sustainable process does not use heat, giving it a lower carbon footprint.


Mintel BPC Trend, ‘Back to Basics’ highlights an interest in simpler products made with fewer ingredients. The careful, intentional selection of ingredients will appeal to almost half of US female beauty product users who are paying more attention to ingredients, while the minimal formula will also appeal to a third of users who avoid products with long ingredient lists.
(Launched in November 2020 in the US)

– Patrick Dahn, Beauty Innovation Research Executive

Bubble Level Up Balancing Moisturizer

Bubble has created a set of seven science- and plant-based products designed for and with teens. The Balancing Moisturizer goes on easily with a lightweight feel, yet offers rich moisturization. The product spotlights the facial care favorite niacinamide and budding star hemp seed oil to fortify and reinvigorate skin.


The clean brand delivers on teen’s basic skincare without the ‘irritating’ extras. It actively engages with the community to learn about their specific needs and desires. Three out of five US Gen Z (18-25 yrs) women agree the clean claim is important when choosing a beauty product with nearly two out of five following beauty brands on social media. In addition to the products, the direct-to-consumer brand offers a fun “skin school” online that covers ingredients, routines, skin conditions, acne as well as knowing your skin type.
(Launched in November 2020 in the US)

– David Tyrrell, Associate Director, Global Skincare

Nails Inc’s NailKale Superfood Nail Oil Capsules

Nails Inc’s NailKale Superfood Nail Oil Capsules is nail oil that comes in pre-dosed, biodegradable, single-use pods. Borrowing the concept of single-use skincare capsules, these are to be broken open for just the right amount of serum to support the cuticles, hands and nails, minimising product wastage.


This product aligns with Mintel’s 2019 BPC Trend, ‘Sub-Zero Waste,’ which discusses how consumers will continue to focus on considerately packaged products but will also be drawn to brands that focus on reducing waste. Mintel Trend, ‘Hungry Planet’ highlights the growing awareness around environmental impacts and how brands continue to explore the use of alternative materials.
(Launched in September 2020 in the UK)

– Sharon Kwek Si Ling, Associate Director, Southeast Asia, Beauty & Personal Care

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