5 Stories From The Great White North (Winter 2019)

January 29, 2019
4 min read

While Mintel coverage is featured in media publications around the world, we are sharing a few stories from Canadian media that focuses on consumers, industries and markets. These stories discuss North American consumer sentiments, behaviors and purchasing habits from the unique perspectives of Mintel analysts.

1. Big Juice under pressure from high-sugar backlash

Mintel Associate Director, Food & Drink, Joel Gregoire Source: CBC

The Canada Food Guide has an invaluable influence over consumer’s shopping and meal habits, dictating what’s healthy and in what quantities. For years, scientists equated drinking half a glass of juice to eating fruit. However, consumers are buying juice less, citing the high levels in sugar as the reason. The backlash against high-sugar sodas has been well publicized, and now consumers are turning their attention to conventional fruit and vegetable juices. (Read more…)

Joel Gregoire, Mintel Associate Director, Food & Drink said:

“A significant share of Canadians already disassociate juice as having the same benefits as fruit. If you look over time, attitudes towards sugar have hardened.”

2. New plant-based burger to compete in expanding market

Maple Leaf Foods subsidiary, Lightlife Foods is joining the ranks of plant-based burger market giants such as Beyond and Impossible. The new patties are expected be on shelves in U.S. and Canadian retail stores by the end of March. Unlike its competitors that rely on venture capital, Lightlife has the resources of meat producer and conglomerate, Maple Leaf Foods Inc. to help sell their veggie-based products. (Read more…)

Billy Roberts, Mintel Senior Food and Drink Analyst said:

“Consumers may realize the product is healthier for them and their family, but when it boils down to it they’re probably going to go with the thing that tastes better or they’re more familiar with.”

3. Global Consumer Trends featured

Mintel’s 2019 Global Consumer Trends were featured in Strategy Magazine with a piece that centered on “What’s shaping consumer behaviour in 2019?”

Strategy Magazine said:
“Over the next year, Mintel expects these forces will see consumers begin to “treat their bodies like ecosystems,” as a result of increased focus on wellness. Moreover, consumers will begin to put themselves more on display, in an effort to nurture their digital personas, creating an environment in which everyone is scrutinized (and making employee social media training all the more important). At the same time, the increased connectivity will lead to consumers feeling more socially isolated.” (Read more…)

Download Mintel’s 2019 Global Consumer Trends here.

4. Low-calorie ice cream a healthy indulgent hit?

While the ice cream industry may be declining in Canada, the influx of low-calorie, low-sugar ice cream such as Halo Top and Coolway have experts and industry insiders believing they have found a niche product that appeals to health-conscious consumers. (Read more…) 

Joel Gregoire, Mintel Associate Director, Food & Drink said:

“Low-sugar treats “absolutely” present an opportunity. Creating an ice cream that is a bit more permissible to eat any time during the day, not just in the evening when tired adults look for a reward from a tough day, can be a way to drive sales.

What makes companies like Halo Top and Cool Way stand out is their focus on quality ingredients and indulgent flavours, while still managing to limit calorie and sugar intake.”

5. “Elevated Convenience” a food trend to watch

Mintel’s 2019 Global Food & Drink Trend “Elevated Convenience” was highlighted in a La Presse article about food trends to watch. (Read More…)

La Presse said:
“We do not just order a meal or groceries on our cell phone: we compare prices, we look for producers and we shop for sales. Deciding to eat better, we’re still overwhelmed, so we’re looking for “food quality restaurant in a format ready to eat,” said Mintel.

Download Mintel’s 2019 Global Food & Drink Trends here.


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