10 innovative food and drink products launched across the globe

10 innovative food and drink products launched across the globe

August 8, 2018
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Food and drink innovation in 2018 continues to be influenced by flavour extremes and the impact of social media in spreading visually stimulating and fun concepts. From spicy candies to pink soups and DIY cheese kits, we highlight 10 innovative and surprising food and drink products launched recently across the globe.

Cultures for Health Real Cream Cheese Kit, US

Cultures for Health sell cultures that allow consumers to make at home fermented foods and drink, from kefir and vegan yogurt to kombucha and sourdough. This product makes a soft and mild-tasting cream cheese by just adding milk. More than the product itself, it is the experience of making the cheese that should appeal to consumers, particularly experience-seeking Millennials.

Soulfull Desi Masala Muesli, India

A ready-to-eat muesli made with multi grains and a spice mix including coriander, turmeric, cumin, fennel, fenugreek, black pepper, nutmeg and red chilli. The muesli is said to taste good with Dahi curd, a variety of yogurt popular in South Asian countries.

Tohato Masho Umedusa Sour Potato Snack, Japan

Providing consumers with fun, punchy flavours and memorable tingling sensations, these extra sour potato snacks feature plum extract. Mintel’s analysts were pleasantly surprised when they tried them in the London office!

Skittles Sweet Heat Bite Size Candies, Canada

Also tickling consumers’ taste buds are these fruity Skittles with a spicy kick, available in the following varieties: Sizzlin’ Strawberry, Fiery Watermelon, Blazin’ Mango, Flamin’ Orange, and Lemon Spark.

Unif Rock Salt and Cheese Milk Tea Drink, China

Cheese tea has boomed in the last couple of years, moving from the streets of China, Hong Kong and Taiwan to Western destinations such as New York and London. This product takes the concept of cheese tea and translates it into a ready-to-drink format. The milk tea contains selected Denmark cheddar cheese and purified Himalayan rock salt, which gives it a slightly salty taste.

Jérôme Pinky Organic Unicorn Soup, Germany

This vegetarian organic product represents a fun new direction for the soup category, with a vibrant pink hue and a fun cartoon unicorn on its label. It taps into Mintel’s Trend ‘Eat With Your Eyes’, which highlights how food companies have an opportunity to create products that engage more senses than just taste. The pink shade is natural and comes from beetroots and carrots.

Pimp My Salad Byron Bay Cashew Parmesan Topping, Australia

This product is made to be sprinkled onto a dish like consumers would handle Parmesan cheese. It contains a finely ground combination of cashew nuts, sunflower seeds, kale, lemon peel, and Himalayan pink salt, making it suitable for vegans.

Rise Brewing Co. Seasonal Nitro Blood Orange Coffee, US

Companies are offering more experimental and experiential coffee drinks to consumers. This product combines nitro and sparkling with an unusual flavour profile for coffee: citrus. The drink is said to be sweet, creamy and refreshingly smooth.

Verival Organic Broccoli Porridge with Pine Nuts, Austria

While the presence of vegetables in breakfast cereals in Europe has been on the rise, it is still rare to see vegetables and savoury flavours featured overtly. This range of organic porridge stands out for its bold use of savoury ingredients, such as broccoli, fried onions, leek and tomatoes, encouraging new usage occasions. It is positioned to be equally suitable for breakfast, a light lunch, dinner or as a side dish.

Kettle Discoveries Salted Caramel & Double Cream Potato Chips, UK

These hand-cooked crisps are part of a new range of flavour combinations inspired by food from near and far. The launch represents an attempt to bridge the gap between salty and sweet snacks, with the crisps positioned for “adult couples’ at-home evening entertainment.”

These products have been selected from Mintel’s Global New Products Database (GNPD). To find out more, get in touch!

Chris Brockman
Chris Brockman

As EMEA Research Manager, Chris oversees the Food & Drink Analysts in Europe, while focusing on the latest innovation, market shifts and trends in the bakery category.

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