10 of the most innovative food and drink products launched in the Nordic region

July 14, 2017
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Natural claims, vegetarian ingredients and a growing interest in reduced-sugar product varieties are just a few of the consumer demands currently making an impact on the European food and drink market. From Balsamic and basil flavoured strawberry ice cream, to cheesy kale popcorn, we take a look at 10 of the most interesting products that have been recently been launched in the Nordic region.

Kolonihagen, Organic Strawberry Ice Cream with a Hint of Balsamic and Basil, Norway: Growing concern around sugar is putting pressure on ice cream sales in many developed ice cream markets, meaning that manufacturers are devoting more effort to ensuring products have real standout appeal. Offering both quality and an interesting flavour profile, this organic strawberry ice cream with a hint of balsamic and basil is made with A2 milk from Jersey cows that are 80% fed with grass.

Oatly, Strawberry & Elderflower Flavoured Natural Energy Oat Drink, Sweden: Swedish consumers are forecast to drink 4.3 litres of energy drinks in 2017 according to Mintel data and providing fresh inspiration for innovation, consumer demand for natural ingredients is growing. Aiming to make the most of this consumer demand, this strawberry and elderflower flavoured energy oat drink claims to be a source of natural energy.


Hoff, Vegetarian Burger with Tomato & Cheese, Norway: Consumers around the world are showcasing a greater interest in vegetarian foods. Norway is no exception, with 6% of food products launched in Norway in 2016 carrying a vegetarian claim, up from 4% in 2014 according to Mintel GNPD. Tapping into this trend, this 100% vegetarian burger is made of potatoes, lentils, tomatoes and cheese, with no gluten or soy.


Paulig Frezza, Finland, Mint Flavoured Coffee & Milk Drink, Finland: Chilled ready-to-drink coffee is growing fast, fuelled by a younger generation that has grown up on cold, refreshing drinks. Offering a rarely seen mix of flavours, this limited-edition product was launched for summer 2017 and carries a lactose-free claim.

mint coffee

Arla Protein, UHT Chocolate Flavoured Milk Drink with 50% Less Sugar, Norway: Chocolate milk has been given a new lease on life in its role as a post-exercise recovery beverage. This chocolate flavoured milk is positioned as a post exercise drink and is said to be made with 50% less sugar and 40% more protein than most other chocolate milk drinks.


Planet Organic, Hand-Popped Cheezy Kale Popcorn, Denmark: Kale has had the most notable ascent to ‘superfood’ glory, with an explosion of new food launches containing this ingredient over the last couple of years. This organic hand popped Cheezy Kale Popcorn is made with organic coconut oil that is said to be perfect for popping corn kernels.

Arla Ihana, Pink Lemonade Sorbet Style Yogurt, Finland: Frozen yogurt has been around since the late 1980s, with its popularity coming and going in waves. In the past decade, the dessert type experienced a strong boom and this Pink Lemonade Sorbet style yogurt by Arla Ihana adds an addition on this, as it can be served either chilled or frozen.

ICA Rätt Enkelt, BBQ Pulled Salmon, Sweden: Ease of use claims have increased in recent years and featured on one in eight food products launched in Sweden in 2016. Available in a ready to eat format, this BBQ Pulled Salmon is prepared in a traditional way using alder wood chips from Swedish forests, which gives it a rich, smoky flavor as well as making the fish tender.

pulled salmon

Dr. Oetker, Chocolate Popcorn Muesli, Finland: In the breakfast cereal market, new types of grains, and grain alternatives, have moved beyond the classic flakes and puffs in order to drive interest in the category. With crunchy popcorn and chocolate, this product gives a new twist on the classic muesli.

Palæo, Chili Trim with Apple, Lemon, Honey, Chili, Sweden: Retailing in a 60 ml bottle and designed to be taken in a ‘shot’ format, this cold pressed beverage ‘Chili Trim’ contains apple, lemon, honey, and chili.


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