12 new products to heat up your summer grillout

June 25, 2014
5 min read

Typically, when one thinks of the different seasons, the four obvious ones come to mind: fall, winter, spring and summer.  But for many, summer represents the start of the best season of all: grilling season.  According to Mintel’s recently published Grilling and Barbecuing US 2014 report, nearly 8 in 10 adults own a grill of some kind and six in 10 adults grill frequently (at least a few times a month).

With consumer expenditures poised to grow 18% and reach an estimated $657.3 billion in the US alone, coupled with the current focus on protein and rising popularity of the craft beer segment, there’s never been a better time to break out the plastic cutlery and portable cooler and have a summer grillout.

Below, we highlight a dozen new products from around the globe that will help make your summer soiree that talk of the neighborhood.

Pale Ale BBQ sauce

This product of the craft beer explosion combines the best of both worlds – beer and barbecue. Williams-Sonoma Pale Ale Craft Beer BBQ Sauce is a classic Western Carolina-style mustard sauce made with bottle conditioned live pale ale from Southern Tier Brewing Company. The product is said to sing with the brightness of three mustards: tangy yellow, spicy brown, and whole grain; and the complex hoppy taste of live bottle-conditioned pale ale. This product retails in a 14.5-oz bottle.

Chia Crisps

Capitalizing on the burgeoning popularity of chia, which has seen a tenfold increase in ingredient penetration globally over the past five years, Lesser Evil Chia Crisps – Southern Barbecue Black Bean Chips are all natural and free from milk hormones, gluten, cholesterol, MSG, trans fat, GMO, empty calories, artificial preservatives, flavors and colours. The baked crunchy, smoky sweet, charcoal fired chips are a good source of fiber, provide 4g of protein, contain powerful antioxidants and omega 3’s (ALA).

grilled pizza

According to Mintel’s Grilling and Barbecuing 2014 report, 23% of Americans grill less traditional foods, including pizza.  Mandia Ciboitaliano Cherry Tomatoes & Spinach Pizza is an imported stone baked Italian pizza, which has been handmade. The all-natural product contains no preservatives, artificial colors or flavors and retails in a 14.30-oz. pack.

two fat cows

Nothing quite says summer like ice cream.  Two Fat Cows Lime & Olive Oil Artisan Ice Cream from Australia is made with extra virgin olive oil and fresh lime, un-homogenized milk fresh from the manufacturer’s cows, which is gently pasteurized in small batches to retain its full fat and flavor, free range eggs and other handmade ingredients. It is free from artificial colors, flavors and preservatives. This all natural product retails in a 450ml pack.

Ranger Creek Brewing

Need a cold one to wash down all that barbecue?  Ranger Creek La Bestia Defavorable Belgian-Style White Spirit is described as Belgian beer distilled into an unaged spirit from grain and Texas honey, with fruit and spices.  It is said to be the first of its kind, an 80 proof spirit that is completely unique. A special distillation technique was employed to enhance the flavors of dark stone fruit, cinnamon and nutmeg.  The fig and plum in the nose give way to a soft peppery spiciness in the taste and fade into a sweet, malty finish.  This product retails in a 750ml bottle.

Victorian lemonade

For those who don’t care to imbibe in the stronger stuff, Fentimans Victorian Lemonade from Norway is described as a botanically brewed and slow fermented botanical lemon drink with ginger and herbal extracts. It contains infusion of selected botanicals. The gluten-free product is suitable for vegans and retails in a 275ml recyclable pack.

veggie bratwurst

For all the vegetarians at your grillout, Garden Gourmet Vegetarian Bratwurst from Germany is now available with a new improved recipe. The preservative free, roasting sausages are made from wheat and soy protein, and retail in a 180g pack containing three units.


Ketchup isn’t just for the kids, as Heinz Hot & Spicy Tomato Ketchup has been repackaged and is now available in a newly designed 14-oz. bottle. This product is blended with Tabasco brand pepper sauce and is kosher certified. This product can be enjoyed on chicken, burgers and hot dogs.

pulled pork pie

Hailing from Canada, the St Hubert Smoked BBQ Style Pulled Pork Pie makes something distinctly American (BBQ) into something a bit more European (meat pies).  It  can be prepared in a conventional oven for 55-60 minutes.

quinoa blend

The proteins may be the star of the show, but every barbecue needs some veggies too.  Archer Farms Steam-in-Bag Mediterranean-Inspired Quinoa Blend with Spinach, Garbanzo Beans, Red Peppers & Onions is seasoned with sea salt and olive oil and needs to be fully cooked by microwaved on high for five minutes. The premium product retails in a 10-oz. pack.

Cheese and Onion Burgers

With foodies potentially snapping pics of your creations and uploading them to be judged on social media, you’ll need something fancier than a regular burger. Marks & Spencer The Grill Summer of Flavour Cheese and Onion Burgers have been relaunched, now featuring a new brand name. This gluten-free product contains Cornish cove cheddar cheese and caramelised onions,  is ready to cook, and retails in a 454g pack.

sirloin beef steaks

When you need a main event to wow the crowd, you turn to a reliable standby. Chicago Great Steak Company Sirloin Beef Steaks have been repackaged in a newly designed pack. These ready to cook steaks have tenderness that has been enhanced with up to 19% solution, tenderized with bromelain. The USDA inspected product is said to be great on the grill, and retails in a 30-oz. pack that contains six steaks.

Amanda Topper is an analyst specializing in the food industry. She is responsible for writing monthly analysis reports providing strategic insight and consultancy across several categories from gluten-free foods and cheese to cereal and snacks.

Amanda Topper
Amanda Topper

Amanda Topper is the Director of US Research: Food, Drink, Foodservice, Flavors & Ingredients, responsible for overseeing all of Mintel’s foodservice offerings, as well as providing insight and competitive analysis across scheduled deliverables, and client and industry presentations.

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