Mintel to spotlight the latest in health and nutrition at Vitafoods Asia

August 30, 2018
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Mintel is pleased to be an Event Partner at the upcoming Vitafoods Asia event taking place 11-12 September 2018 at the Sands Expo & Convention Centre at Marina Bay Sands, Singapore. At the event, Mintel will be discussing the latest consumer trends, innovations and market developments in health and nutrition.

Here, we discuss some of the findings to be highlighted at Vitafoods Asia.

Guiding consumers through their health and wellness journey

Mintel research reveals that consumers across Asia Pacific are paying more attention to the kinds of food that they should or should not be eating.

For instance, over three in five metro Indonesians aim to eat more vegetables as part of their health and wellness plan, while almost half of metro Australians avoid refined sugar as they believe it is healthier for them to do so.

In response to this, we have seen initiatives rolled out by governments with the aim in helping consumers make ‘smarter and healthier’ choices, particularly through the use of symbols and food guides. It is expected that initiatives as such will play a more important role as a selection criterion in the near future.

Companies and brands, on the other hand, are empowering consumers with the extra knowledge to help in guiding their choices.

Uncle Tobys Oats Nature’s Mix Sultana, Apple & Cinnamon Oats (New Zealand)

For example, we are seeing brands including additional information about additives on product ingredients lists to provide transparency and reassure consumers about product safety. One such product includes the Uncle Tobys Oats Nature’s Mix Sultana, Apple & Cinnamon Oats launched in New Zealand which highlights ‘Some dried fruits  (sulphite to main natural colour and shelf life)’ on pack.

Rising importance of mental health

Across Asia Pacific, permission to enjoy treats or satisfy cravings are integral aspects of self-care that particularly address the stress relief aspect of wellbeing.

31% of Chinese consumers are interested in buying drinks with stress relief properties

Mintel research shows that close to a third of Chinese consumers would be interested in buying drinks with stress relief properties, while over half of metro Thai consumers say managing or releasing stress is an important factor for a healthy lifestyle. The same is happening in other parts of the world; one in five Brazilian snackers say snacking helps them to deal with stress while three in five US consumers of fruit ate fruit to satisfy their cravings.

Consumers, today, are no longer strangers to stressful, fast-paced lifestyles in this day and age. As such, relaxation has emerged as an important element of self-care, creating a need for products and services that provide relaxation or carry stress-relief claims.

Woongji Foods, Sajang (CEO) Gum and Sangsa (superior) Gum (South Korea)
Tohato, All Cranberry Plus Biscuits (Japan)

Today’s fast-paced lifestyles have driven innovations that claim in providing consumers some stress-relief. Woongjin Foods in South Korea, for instance, launched chewing gum products called ‘Sajang (CEO) Gum’ and ‘Sangsa (superior) Gum’ that are marketed specifically towards junior employees who struggle with South Korea’s highly hierarchical corporate culture, encouraging them to ‘chew away their frustrations’. Meanwhile, Tohato launched in Japan the All Cranberry Plus Biscuits which are made with 28mg of neurotransmitter GABA for stress-relief.


Visit Mintel’s Advice Centre at Stand 32 and learn from a range of topics that include the latest in consumer health and wellness as well as elderly nutrition.

Join Mintel’s Trend and Innovation Consultant, Anika Nafis, as she discusses the changing consumer behaviour landscape, highlighting the opportunities that come with consumers becoming increasingly aware of health and nutrition.

Click here for more details on Mintel’s involvement at Vitafoods Asia 2018 and register here for free.

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